Empowering Women in Leadership Coaching

Igniting your Purpose, Passion, and Impact

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  • Challenge the Status Quo 

Many women remain silent and avoid difficult conversations losing confidence and respect within the Workplace and Business.

 I coach women in Leadership by using a transformational approach, developing their awareness, whilst building on their skill-sets, combined with a growth mindset to handle difficult conversations that lead to your next promotion or business transition. Be recognized as an Authentic Leader that follows your principles of leadership and personal power. 

Life is too short to fade into the background.

Many women who are quietly spoken often feel like stronger personality types immediately discard them.

 Today it is becoming more of a problem, as we work from home using online platforms to deliver our message. The art of having conversations is slowly disappearing, and the feeling of being disconnected is increasing. You may be feeling isolated, misunderstood, or being left behind. 

It is much easier to hide today instead of speaking up until it becomes so painful that you must take action. How much pain do you need to experience before you decide to do something about it?

Current Coaching Programs

We'll help you find your power and elevate your presence at work.".

Women Leading Gracefully  

5- Week Coaching Program

Delivering Critical Conversations with ease, whilst mentoring and inspiring teams

How to Lead Gracefully as a confident, authentic, and successful woman in leadership (5-week coaching program) Igniting your purpose, passion, and impact whilst confidently voice your ideas and perspectives as a Team Leader. Be seen and recognized as an authentic impactful leader.

5 Day Mini-Course - Conversational Mastery lab.

This 5 Day short course will guide you through the proven process to have that important conversation as an authentic woman. Each day you will have a short video with a coaching activity worksheet. 

Included in this course is the step by step script to prepare for your conversation. And a bonus group coaching mastermind session is included lead personally by Lee 

Empowering Women Inner Circle Club Membership

Empowered Women's Inner Circle Membership provides you with an exclusive supportive community that embraces your uniqueness as an empowered woman 

The Empowered Women’s Inner Circle is a hands-on, step-by-step coaching & online training with a community of like-minded women who will support you along the way. This community will give you the tools and strategies to smash through any self-doubts whilst taping into your strengths, which will lead to better and higher-level career opportunities for you.

Online one-on-one Personal Coaching 

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Looking to fast-track your results within a career or business? Maybe you are thinking about transiting into a business or turning your hobby into a side Hussle.  Grab yourself Breakthrough Call with Lee, and let's have a conversation

5 day habit reset program

self paced 5- day habit reset lab course

No matter your goals, the 5 Day Habit Reset Lab  offers a proven blueprint for improving--every day. Lee stemm reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad habits, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to towards more focus and increased productivity!

The 5 Day Habit Reset lab will reshape the way you think about progress and success, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your habits--whether you are in a business looking to gaining more clients, or simply an individual who wishes to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or achieve any other goal

Access your FREE resources below

Free Guide and Coaching Activities: Handling your Emotions & Approach  During Difficult Conversations
Apply these advanced coaching strategies that will immediately change the way that you interact with others during difficult situations. 

Discover the 3 secret principles that will build your confidence and speak up with conviction, clarity and composure. Work through your coaching activities to gain new insights and deeper understanding.

FREE live masterclass


Join the Next Webinar and Learn how to Change your approach  around having critical conversations  whilst controlling your emotions before and during those  conversations

Women In leadership : Introducing: 3 Proven Steps to Handle Difficult Personality Types at Work

Lead your next conversation that sparks energy and motivation. Learn the 10 Difficult Personality Styles and adapt to each style as an authentic woman in leadership. Smash through any self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from having those critical conversations.
You will also receive extra resources simply by being part of my online community to empower you as the woman in leadership.

Turn your Hobby into an Online Business

 There is no better time than today to start your own business. Move into becoming your own boss. Chat to Lee about your business idea and explore your next step to make this idea into reality. Design the business that leads you towards your lifestyle driven by your purpose, passion, and impact.




"There is an element within all of us that respond deeply with People who level with us - Unleash your Confident Voice - Let's get started! "

Some of My Clients Transformation Success Stories...

Looking for Transformation as an Empowered Woman?

Book in a time and let's chat online. I have many different packages available for you to choose them. The first step is to see if I can help you, and if you feel that I am the right coach for your transformation.

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The main benefit I gained from working with Lee was that my colleagues saw the changes in my management style. My communication was more clear and confident. I gained a clear picture as to what type of leader I aspire to become. I was able to put my values into action within the company.

Kylie Mitchell - HR Talent Manager & Trainer 

 I lacked confidence in a new role within the company. The results that I achieved from working with Lee were:

I gained a clear picture of how I wanted to lead others within the company.

I have become more empowered at work, which allows me to leave my work at work instead of taking it home.

My bosses have recognized that I am definitely a stronger person who starts up for myself.

Letitia Van De Berg - Principle DFM Accounting


Do you take on Personal Clients?

Yes I take on Personal Clients. However you will need to complete an application form .  I do limit my personal clients to only 10 at a time. This allows me to spend time with you, ensuring you achieve your goals and transformation. Simply reach out and we can discuss this further 

Do you have a Community Support Group for Women?

Yes I have an Empowered Women's Inner Circle Club - We meet once a month online and have open discussions around that month's selected topic around business, leadership and personal empowerment. Let me know if you have any further questions. 

Can you help Women to Transition into their own Business?

Yes, this is one of my passions. You see I have been in my own business since 2001. I will work with you to see what is needed to get the results as an entrepreneur. This will fast track your success so you don't have to spend ages learning all the ropes. Experience is far more impactful, then gathering information. Reach out and let's have a real conversation

Do you run Programs for Teams?

Sure. Most of my work is online and I often am called into conducting online meetings, discussion groups for teams that work remotely. Especially today connection is essential with more women working from home. I would highly recommend that all companies that want to be better than good, to look after and value their people.