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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs to Grow and Scale with Automation and Teams

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Ditch the Hype Marketing.  Gain Rapid Results Strategically 

As a business savvy women in entrepreneurship, you know a successful  business is attracting the right dream clients and team..

But you are seeing all the BS online around in just a few weeks, you will have a 7-figure business.

And when you join these magical programs,  and you don't even work with the person who is promoting. 

Leaving feeling disappointed as you start to realize - THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT successes

The best way to stand out from the noise online, is to be yourself and speak from your heart.

Attract your Dream Clients by following our Courageous Entrepreneur Success Pathway

Cut through all of the overwhelm, confusion and BS 

What is Strategic Marketing?

Many business owners get caught up in tactical marketing before they take time to go through a strategic plan. This means they will chase many shiny ideas such as "I will do social media content" or "I will start up a podcast". And the list goes on. I think you are getting the idea.

The problem with this approach is that you will take a long time trying to work it out. And along the way you will waste money and time, and perhaps even give up the idea of having a successful thriving business online. 

Strategic marketing is the actions you take to attract an audience to your business. You aim to get people interested in what you have to offer and share content with them to help them decide to do business with you.

However, since marketing helps you attract people to your business, it’s essential to know how to attract them, and even more so who the people are that you want to attract to begin with. Without this critical information, it will be challenging to be successful in your marketing processes.

I work with you personally to develop your strategic plan prior to any tactical strategies. After all it is essential that you become business savvy enabling you to make better decisions that will save you money and fast-track your business success.  You will be shown the secret behind the scenes information that will completely change the way you approach your business marketing. 


Lead with Confidence Memberships

Imagine being in a highly motivated community that is there for you. Gain more  Clarity, Direction and Focused Action while surrounding yourself with others who are on the same pathway.

You will gain new insights and solutions around any existing challenges, through the power and collaboration of masterminding and open discussion meetings.  

Never feel isolated again, and be in a membership that focuses on action and accountability. We have your back and are your go-to people ,

Personal Coaching 

Coaching immediately increases your conscious awareness of the habitual habits that you may be doing automatically. Therefore it increases your  conscious awareness. 

To achieve fast-results you will need to have a growth mindset and a wiliness to do things differently. .

 To be able to take the insights that you have gained through the coaching and apply them into your daily activities.  Take action and  embrace your own Personal power. 

Discover the Secrets  that Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know; when building  An Online Business; without phony unrealistic promises and the BS.

Coaching and Training Inner Circle . 6 Week Support

 let's start at the very beginning of developing your online business, and go deeper into understanding what your market is really looking for. Avoid common mistakes that new business owners make when transitioning online, and create your marketing strategic plan and drive traffic to your services and programs.

Complete Course Directory 

A Little About Lee

Lee is a Qualified as a Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, and Community Builder.

She started her business in 2001 and is driven to teach woman entrepreneurs to become business savvy, build. lead with confidence and grow thriving online businesses. With over 20 years experience she has build a reputation of a change agent, working holistically with her clients. 

She believes in the more you invest into yourself, the more you will earn. Lee will bring to you the latest strategic strategies that are working! She is mentored by the top online entrepreneurs available, and believes in  power of having your own coach. Therefore she brings this knowledge and experience to her clients, so they can fast-track results and achieve a fulfilled lifestyle.

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+61 414 86 3355

What our Clients Say

Dianne S

Senior Leader - Public sector - Australia

"Dianne Re-gained her Confidence as a Leader with a challenging environment and is now preparing to transition into another role"

karen G

sales team leader - New Zealand

"Karen was struggling with sales team members who were not following her direction. She has just gained a new role in another company and it is perfectly aligned to her values. She knew what she was searching for, and had the confidence to put herself forward"

Renatta L

Team Leader - Community Services - New Zealand

"Renata avoided those tough conversations, and the team simply were not acknowledging or respecting her. She started to have those difficult conversations in just 4 weeks. Renata was a newly appointed leader and is enjoying her role again."

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