Create & Launch Online Courses Made Easy 

Exclusive Small Coaching Cohorts ( you will never be left behind , we bring back the personal touch)

Leverage Proven Launch Frameworks that work!

We keep it simple just follow your step by step processes gain more progress, clarity and direction

  • Launch Framework made simple
  • Set your Launch Date
  • Personalized attention

Join our Next 30 Day Challenge- Building your Audience

Many  online entrepreneurs are doing the right things to create a successful online business,

 but they are focusing on the wrong order. Which leaves them with courses that  don't get sold-out. 

Or the new entrepreneur who simply doesn't know where to start. 

It becomes so much easier when you have a pathway to follow, instead of jumping around without making progress

Ditch the overwhelm, confusion and distractions, and take the 30 day challenge that makes everything easy

You only need to put aside 15 minutes a day  and  take those baby steps along your success pathway 

Life is too short to put off taking action!

Get it Launched! Online Courses & Memberships

Many online course creators simply don't know where to start, or feel frustrated and overwhelmed with so much free information available  on the internet. We provide your course launch framework that keeps everything simple giving you the exact next step to focus on in your business.  So you can build a thriving online business that gives you the freedom and a lifestyle that energizes you everyday. 


I know what it feels like to get your hopes scattered

once again by BS Marketing

I know what it is like to get your hopes up as you pick yourself up from the floor to keep going in business. It can be a roller coaster ride, especially when you have had your hopes crushed yet again. It takes time to be successful in business, and there is so much BS marketing out there promising instant success if you do this one thing.

I can promise you that you can launch successfully if you have support that encourages you to never give up!

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have  launched an online course, but didn't get  the results you expected?
  • you may want to build a thriving online business, and simply don't know where to start.
  • You discard your idea and are left feeling disappointed in yourself, as you jump from one idea to another
  • Perhaps you have even purchased courses previously, and have not completed them, or taken action
  • You want to turn a side hustle into a business, to make more income and still keep your job. 

Beware of the Hype and BS Marketing that promise you instant success

You need a lot more than empty promises and hot air 

You need a Plan & Support

What if you finally got your courses launched!

It is so much easier when you have ....
 A step-by-step launch framework plan & support that will walk you through every aspect of creating a course for people that’s irresistible, valuable and — most importantly — profitable.
& That’s exactly how we support you to GET IT LAUNCHED!

Welcome to Aspiring Course Creators Academy

Online Courses & Coaching Cohorts


Courses & Coaching Cohorts

Welcome to Aspiring Course Creators Academy
Scroll Through and see our current online couse and coaching cohorts  for the aspiring course creators

Introducing ACCAM 

( Aspiring Course Creators Membership)

Connect | Transformation | Results

ACCAM - Aspiring Course Creators Online Membership

  • Connect with others for guidance & encouragement & gain new insights
  • Personal & Business Transformation as you take inspired action
  • Sense of belonging  as you engage into live discussions & masterminding groups

Get it Launched

6 Week Intensive Create & Launch Online Courses

Beginner's Kick Starter Coaching Cohorts 

& Training

Get It Launched !

6 Week Intensive Create & Launch Online Courses

Beginner's Kick Starter Coaching Cohorts & Training

  • Follow Step by Step RoadMap as you ditch overwhelm & Confusion and be the confident action taker 
  • Combining training with small live coaching-cohorts - Never be left behind as you know exactly what to focus on 
  • Tech walk through videos - We have covered everything for you in this training, including 4 extra weeks for implementation support

 Self Paced Mini-Course

Start & Build your Email Subscriber List

30 Day Challenge

 Self Paced


Start & Build your Email Subscriber List

30 Day Challenge

  • Go through the 5 stages of list building
  • Easy to follow roadmap  providing you with the confidence  knowing exactly what to focus on  with your list building
  • Simple 5 minute daily videos with actionable steps to immediately apply within your business

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Lead with Confidence


Leading Remote Teams & Communities

Lead with Confidence Membership

Supporting Entrepreneurs to lead remote teams & communities 

  • Know how to hire, select and keep your highly effective team engaged
  • Handling difficult conversations as a leader is a skill and a necessary art
  • Inspire your team & communities into action as a powerful communicator

I don't enroll you into a course and leave you stranded!

I provide coaching support  and encourage you along the way. 
I care for you and keep the personal touch so you keep moving forward in your business
  • Join the small coaching cohorts that gives you the personal attention that you deserve. We never leave you behind. Never be in large groups again trying to get your questions answered amongst the masses. 
  • Follow our create and launch step by step framework made simple. Proven launch strategies that work. Ditch the overwhelm and frustration and become the confident action taker.
  • Gain laser focus as you make more progress knowing what to focus on next in your online business. 

Let's Discuss the Aspiring Course Creators Academy 

lee stemm life coaching

Call Me - +61 414 86 3355

Ask your Questions

I like to connect with women entrepreneurs and if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed  and would like some help, then give me a call and let's chat - Ask your Questions & I will Answer

Find out how I can help

You may feel like you need a bit more information as to how I can support in around launching your online courses. Give me  a call and find out 

Take Action and Commit

Looking to take action and get started. Then let's chat and show you how quickly you can make progress within your business with my support

A Little about me

I started my Coaching and Training Business in 2001. Gosh as I am writing this  I am realizing that I have been in business for over 20 years. And I have had some amazing experiences working with CEO'S and Senior Team Leaders of large companies, Solo Business Owners, and Individuals from all different walks of life. They all had one thing in common, they wanted more and were ready for CHANGE. 

I have the unique ability to quickly help you to break down your thoughts until it exposes how they drive your behavior.  Some other strengths that I have are:  I am a good problem solver, resilient, great listener, action taker, disciplined and care for all of my clients, with a willingness to go the extra mile. You will always feel heard, supported, and inspired to take action/

Having the Qualifications:  Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, Facilitating Women's personal development retreats and Community Builder.

Customers served! 100 Client Coaching Hours!

What my clients say ...


Great introduction to get your online business started

Lee contacted me directly

The program gave good advice on how to get your online business started, explaining fully what is involved.

Insight into marketing strategies and processes; how to increase your sales funnel; social media plarforms to promote your business; good tips on software options.

Lee has a wealth of knowledge she shares openly and in a very practical manner.


Attended Conflict Mangement for New Leaders Program

I found the conflict management course professionally delivered and the content well presented. Having the live Q + A Coaching call allowed me to gain some of my own personal insights into the program. Everything is the program that was promised, was delivered, exceeding expectations.

I value professional development and continuous learning. I remember a conversation I had with one of my leaders in the past, who recommended to develop myself further, to go onto a conflict management course. Being a person of action, I followed through with his recommendation

If you are looking for a well-rounded course, that combines training and coaching, then this is the course for you. Lee’s approach is insightful, knowledgeable and exceptional. I have used other training companies who have lost that personal touch and attention. You will have this my doing her courses.

As I have a busy work schedule, being a Fly-In contractor, having the ability to work through the modules at my own pace was invaluable. Also simply dialing into the live coaching sessions, allowed me to have access immediately. Some of the insights that I gained were: • To respond without reacting in situations • Scripts and Templates to help me to prepare for important conversations • To focus on the type of leader that I inspire to become

Having access to Lee to ask questions and discuss areas that I am striving to develop further

Adam Butler - Construction Superintendent – Oil & Gas

Providing Training and Coaching for Teams

Statutory Authority

Lee’s style is very welcoming and inclusive and she has a massive amount of tools in her tool belt and was able to adapt and change sessions according to the need of the class.

Lee was able to capture some employees who were struggling and provide a safe and secure place for them to communicate as part of the sessions.

Lee's flexible and agile approach to learning. Lee is a wealth of knowledge.

Leanne Lorena HR Senior Manager QLeave

Lee worked with me with my Business - I grow more confident and Stepped into my Business

“Coaching with Lee has been a huge learning curve for me. I was confident in my skills and my passion for what I wanted to do, but had no idea of how to start in a professional way. Lee has been invaluable in showing me each step along the way. She has helped me implement the foundations of what I know will be an exciting and successful business. She keeps me on track and accountable which is not always comfortable at the time, but without her guidance I would be nowhere. She is calm and focused and an incredible person with a wealth of knowledge gained through her own experience. She is very real and down to earth and totally supportive at all times.”

Terri Cooper Real Estate Trainer, Coach and Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Worked with Lee as my coach - Amazing Insights and Business Growth

High Performance Coaching has helped me grow my business. She has been encouraging and has given me ideas to increase my customer base. She has many strategies for any type of business. I highly recommend High Performance Coaching.

Selena Fogg Business Owner Texas America

What I learned from Lee

I joined the circle because productivity, focused action, is something I knew I could get better with. I value my time and wanted to find tools and methods which might help me to maximize my use of it.

I received many benefits from being in the Inner Circle. Lee's productivity sessions kept me accountable to really focusing on tasks which would move my brand, my business forward, and furthermore, stating what I was going to be working on followed by checking in gave me permission to tackle a single task with laser focus for a set period of time, which in fact improved my productivity. Lee also gave me information about tools which helped me consolidate my tips, tasks, and lessons learned in readable, easily accessible formats so that I got more organized and on track. And perhaps my greatest takeaway, as a task oriented person, was to give myself permission to strategically plan my work, my vision, and my message and have it easily accessible for both reference and modification as needs and situations changed.

Honestly, if you are a person with great ideas and a great work ethic who struggles with feeling scattered and disorganized, Lee can truly help you. She has years of experience, she's done the legwork finding tools that work at many different price points, and makes herself available to help you chart your business course in a way that gives you time back and let's you do your work around your life, and not the other way around.


As a New Business Onwer I needed Guidence, Clairty and Direction - Lee my coach was amazing

I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and was looking for direction, clarity and confidence. I now am able to work more effectively and to think completely differently how I manage and implement my activities. She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phrase of growing my business. I also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.

Natalie Forder Founder Kiwi Designs

I Worked with Lee as My Business Coach

“If you are a biz owner and want to increase your sales and profits then the E-Learning course is for you. Since engaging with Coach Lee and implementing the E-learning challenge l have in less than 30 days gained so much clarity, confidence, and direction for my Virtual business. While my business is moving forward l can say that working with Coach Lee has opened my eyes to the gaps l had in my marketing strategies”

Anna O’Reilly Virtual Assistant Services

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