3 Characteristics For A Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Develop a Winning Mindset

Losing confidence will immediately stop you from stepping into the unknown territory as you will want to remain safe and secure in your comfort zone. However, to grow and move your business forward, we need to do things that perhaps make us uncomfortable. But there are also times when you need to rest and hit the reset button.

Having a winning entrepreneurial mindset and approaching your business challenges will certainly change your results, and create more progress and momentum within your business. 

In this article and Podcast I will be covering the 3 characteristics for a wining entrepreneurial mindset.  

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Supporting online business owners to maintain a winning mindset and to grow a thriving online businesses, through connection, open discussions and support. You don't have to go alone. We are here for you

Does this sound like you?

 It is easy to sometimes lose your confidence as an entrepreneur, but the key is to quickly recognize what is happening to you and to have the ability to manage your thoughts when things become difficult. 

Losing confidence will immediately stop you from stepping into the unknown territory as you will want to remain safe and secure in your comfort zone. However, to grow and move your business forward, we need to do things that perhaps make us uncomfortable. But there are also times when you need to rest and hit the reset button. 

These last few months have been challenging for me as an entrepreneur, and there were times that I thought about going and getting a 9 - 5 job. I have been recovering from two operations within 3 weeks to remove a BCC cancer from my head, and my confidence was low. But then I remembered why I decided to start a business back in 2001. And maybe I just needed a couple of months off to re-evaluate and rest up. That is certainly one of the sabotaging strategies that I use, and that is to keep pushing forward instead of resting. Many of my community members said, “lee, stop and rest,” and they know me well. There are times when you need to stop and rest as well.  Having the self-awareness to quickly recognize when you avoid doing something is your first step to quickly getting back on track. Otherwise, you may just let your dream as a business owner slip through your fingers. 

And that would be soul-destroying, as I know that we as entrepreneurs have huge investments in having a thriving business, both financially and emotionally. And this is why today I am speaking about embracing the entrepreneurial mindset that will keep you going during those tough days that pop up at times.

Find out more about our memberships

Supporting online business owners to maintain a winning mindset and to grow a thriving online businesses, through connection, open discussions and support. You don't have to go alone. We are here for you

3 Characteristics for a Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset 


Maintaining a positive mental attitude 

Now I want you to know that we can’t be positive all the time. However, it is important to notice when you are starting to spend more time being negative than positive. And when you start to slip into that negative mindset. 

As I mentioned earlier, it is certainly difficult to remain positive when you are not reaching your business expectations, especially if you have been doing so much work and not getting traction in your business. And we watch the influencers within our industries, and we think we have to be like them. But you may have forgotten that they are in a different stage in their business than perhaps a new entrepreneur is. They have all their own war stories to tell you and have gone on their own hero's journey to get to where they are today. 

What works for me is to focus on what I have control over and let go of what I don’t have control over. We have control over the actions and processes in our businesses. However, we don’t necessarily control the outcomes, as we can't control people buying from us. 

This is a tough one as some of us like to always be in control all the time, which is impossible. Let’s explore a couple of human needs here that will always override our values if not fulfilled. Many entrepreneurs have heaps of variety every day in what we do. Variety is not the issue. However, security is the real issue here. This is where we might retreat into our comfort zones to gain some more security. As entrepreneurs, we gave up the security of having a regular paycheck that shows up in our banks each payday. And we do need some security in our lives. So, where can you get more security? Stop and think about this question?

We can have more security by having a loving partner who is always there to listen to us and support us. Another way may be to have a place to live where we find security. Keep track of our expenses and be mindful of our budgets.  Belong to a community where you feel safe and secure in expressing yourself openly. A community that has your back and understands what you are going through. I call these people your go-to people, with who you have fostered a strong relationship. 

My family has never been supportive of my business, and I don’t have a partner. But I belong to powerful communities that give me the security of a safe environment to express myself freely. If it wasn’t for my community, I would be a mess, and of course, I have my coach to turn to. We all need someone to talk it out with, and you don’t get that from passively listening to podcasts and videos. 

Connect with others and give unconditionally, and you will be surprised to see by giving first how much others will give back to you in return.  Hang sound with positive people and stay connected with those further along the path of entrepreneurship.

Number 2 

Intrinsic Motivation  and Desire that drives you

Knowing your WHY is the thing that will keep you going, and that is why it is so important to know the reason why you started your business and how you want to serve others. Do you know your values, and do you make business decisions aligned with your values?. I get invited to many business opportunities that are not aligned with my values. You probably have experienced this as well. Often I get social media messages about earning more money if I  take up their offer. And they can be relentless at wanting to speak with you. 

Those people forget that money is not normally the driver of entrepreneurship. Our motivational driver is what can we achieve by having a successful business and who we serve along the way. 

Reading your vision statement or exploring your values daily will keep you motivated in your business. Take a moment and write down your values and why they are so important to you. Read your vision statement and remember the WHY you started your business. Talk to your community members about your WHY and purpose. Knowing your purpose increases your self-worth and gives you a more meaningful life. And living your purpose certainly gives you more mental and physical health.

Answer these Coaching Questions to Discover your Purpose

Here are a couple of coaching questions for you to tap into your purpose :

  • What do you do that gives you energy, and you lose track of time?
  • When you last felt truly happy, what were you doing?
  • When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

If your business is the answer to those questions, then tap into that energy when things are tough. And know that you are on purpose and have chosen a more meaningful life that takes courage to follow your heart.  I like to listen to guided meditation to remind me of my purpose, and there are plenty of free meditations on YouTube that goes through vision and values.

 I would recommend listening to inspirational music, meditation, or some of your mentors regularly to remind you of your mission and vision. We all need to be inspired as well as be inspiring.

number 3

Tenacity and the ability to learn from your mistakes

This is the ability to be persistent and resilient. It is never giving up and keep taking those small steps towards achieving your goal. I believe that whenever you take action, you will always win. You will be successful or be learning. We all make mistakes, and if you are not making mistakes, you are probably staying in your comfort zone. 

A friend of mine said that if you have no problems, you have no big goals to strive towards. Confidence comes from taking action and not playing safe in your comfort zone. Set your deadlines in your business and keep them. Remember to self-evaluate your results, make the changes, and then take action again.

 Nothing is more stressful than having an idea and not putting it into motion. Or waiting for someone else t give you permission or approval first. I see so many people in my communities asking for others opinions trying to get everything perfect before taking action.  

One of the skills that all entrepreneurs need to use is quick decision-making. Opportunities come, and they go, and I am sure you don’t want to regret missing out on one that can give you more business momentum.

Nothing will be perfect, and through taking action, you gain so much experience within your craft that will give you more confidence as a successful entrepreneur. Communities want to be guided by decisive, courageous, caring, and inspiring leaders. If you hold back and doubt yourself, others will pick up with that energy and move on to a more confident leader to follow. A good saying that I remember is “to fail quickly, and Learn fast”-  Strive for excellence, not perfection.

 Starting up your own business and running your own company may be the most exciting, rewarding, positive thing you’ve ever done. It may also be fraught with challenges, self-doubt, and worries. That’s normal. Learning how to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset and develop key characteristics linked to success will help you build a thriving business.

In summary

  1. Maintaining a positive mental attitude
  2. Know your intrinsic motivational drivers and desire
  3. Tenacity and the ability to learn from your mistakes

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