making difficult conversations easy.

Empowering Women at Work Have  Difficult Conversations

Stop Tolerating not being taken seriously and  being spoken over by strong personality types.

Making  Conversations Easy

Increased Confidence

Be Heard & Seen as an Empowered Woman

How would your Day change if .......

You had the confidence to put across your ideas and opinions as an empowered Women at work or in business? To be listened to and respected as a Woman that handles difficult conversations, with confidence and ease, knowing exactly what to say, whilst guiding the conversation towards your desired outcome?

Does this Sound like You?

If you answer YES to at lest two of the questions, then it is time for things to change.

Wishing that you could feel calmer and more productive at work. At times do you feel disrespected when the aggressive person in the office interrupts  and speaks over you. 

Knowing that they are resistant to  your point of view, just because you are a woman.

  •  When you put forward your ideas, they are shoot down immediately
  •  You are excluded from important conversations
  •  You are feeling that there is resistance to follow your instructions
  • You try not to have difficult conversations as you hope that things will just work out
  • You start to doubt your ability and capabilities within your role
  • Others do not seek out your opinion within the company

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lee stemm life coaching

Many women avoid having difficult conversations at work or in business.
Often talked over and having their ideas quickly discarded.  Speak and be heard with conviction, confidence, and empowerment in your next difficult conversation. ”

LEE STEMM  - Master Coach | Trainer | Business Strategist

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