3 Reasons Why Online Courses Fail ( and how to succeed)

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3 Reasons why online courses fail ( and how to succeed)

Have you ever thought about, Why your online courses fail, and how you can succeed?

In today’s article,  I will be talking about the top 3 reasons why online courses fail, and how you can succeed.

Have you ever created a course putting in hours of work, energy, and time, and all you hear is crickets? You know that you have a lot to offer and you are highly skilled in your industry, but nobody enrolls in your courses. Leaving you feeling dishearten, and feeling like you are not made out to be an entrepreneur.

The Problem

There is so much free information on the internet, than it can be overwhelming for the inexperienced online entrepreneur.
And you don't know what questions to ask, if you haven't been in the trenches.

Often left trying to listen to many options and becoming confused. 

Has this happened to you?

You watch others who are less experienced than you getting so many more enrollments, and you wonder why it is not happening to you. You may be asking yourself” when is it going to be my turn “and as you go home your partner asks you how was your day.

 You break down in tears again and speak about how disappointed you are. That night you lay awake unable to sleep, as you feel completely hopeless about what to do next. You know that you have to do things differently, but don’t know where to start.

Today in this podcast my friends I am going to talk about 3 reasons why your online courses fail, and how you can succeed.

So stop the podcast and grab your notebook out, and let's discuss these three important factors that drive success.

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3 Reasons why online causes fail ( and how to succeed)

Reason  1

Many entrepreneurs lack focus getting distracted easily. They are never short of ideas and often jump from one idea to the next. This creates stress, overwhelm and often projects are started and never completed or released. You can have good ideas, but if you don’t take action then they are simply an idea that will never drive your business forward.

Often I hear statements like “I have been so busy today, it was crazy”. And as a coach, when I ask what did you achieve today - Often I hear back “I don’t know, I was just so busy

What do you focus on every day?

How do you spend your time each day as an entrepreneur will differently determine the progress that you make in your business? I know there was a stage that I would distract myself when I was stepping into unfamiliar territory. I was able to do this by going down to my local coffee shop and having coffee and cake, instead of disciplining myself to start that task. It was my sabotaging distraction, and I was looking for relief through emotional eating. And things had to change. Now I still have my coffee and cake, but now I wait until I do my favorite strategy to keep me focused. Then it is absolutely okay for me to reward myself with coffee and cake, instead of using this as a distraction

How to Succeed and Improve Focus

  1. Set Focused Blocks - Use timers and schedule blocks where you only focus on one task  ( I like to use 60 minute blocks)
  2. Get up from your desk for a 10 minute break when the timer goes off ( must do) you can always come back to the same task and set another block
  3. Hold off your rewards, until after you have completed your focused time blocks
  4. Remember no distractions - turn off email notification, phone, close your door - focus absolutely on that one task

Reason 2

Bogged down by Technology

gosh, I don’t know how many times I see posts for HELP in my communities around technology and how that overwhelms entrepreneurs who are just starting out. I know it can be daunting at the beginning, but it is like any skill, once you understand and learn it, things change instantly.

I think the issue here is that the new entrepreneur thinks they have to do the same, as an entrepreneur who is in a different stage in their business. For example, if you see the technology that an experienced entrepreneur who has been in business for decades, is using, you may think you have to use the same. But you forget that you are in a different stage and you have to take smaller baby steps. In fact, you have unrealistic expectations of what you think you should be doing in your business.

But I want to let you into a secret. They didn’t start out that way. In fact, when I first started my online business I used to use my mobile phone as my video recorder and I had a laptop. Sure I had an email provider but I only used the basic features.

Today it is different now I use more technology but I took my time to learn the basics and to develop my skills and confidence with technology. It is like everything break it down into small chunks and work at your own pace.

how to Succeed with Technology

  • Start with the basics, knowing that all you need to start with is your phone, computer and a email provider ( keep it simple)
  • Use the software support team ( I always select 24 /7 chat support)
  • Take baby steps and reach out to your support team ( after all they want your business)
  • Google is your friend ( search goodie for issues and watch step by step videos )
  • Upgrade your technology when you are confident and as your business grows.

Reason 3


I remember watching a Kevin Coster movie “Field of Dreams”. Where he hears this voice in the middle of the night saying, Build it and they will come!

He kept waking up hearing this voice and was driven to build a baseball field almost his crops on their prosperity. He dug up all of the crops on his prosperity that was the area of a baseball field. His wife and friends thought that he had gone crazy, and I just couldn’t understand, why a farmer would dig up their crops to build a baseball field. And of course, one day as he got up early in the morning he noticed famous baseball players on his field playing the game. Nice movie.

However in reality that doesn’t happen if you want to build a thriving online business. I wish it did. You have to attract your audience first before you can offer your courses or services. Not only do you have to attract your audience, you also need to add value, build trust, show authority, and communicate in a way that resonates with them.

This foundational work absolutely needs to come prior to any course development. Because when you know what your audience wants and are prepared to pay for, building your course is easy, as you adapt it to their specific needs.

I made these big mistakes when I first started my business in 2001. I knew nothing about marketing and just kept on creating courses. Sure I got a few sales, but nothing that really grew my business. And when a course failed, I would simply just create another course.

I learned that this was not the right way to approach my business. Hence the last 4 years I have been mentored by the top online entrepreneurs in the world, and these strategies I use in my business every day, and I teach them to my clients. And I am always spending time getting to know my audience, as the more I understand them, the easier it is to be relatable and create messaging that they will resonate with.

How to Succeed Finding a  Audience

  • Take time out weekly to do your market research and understand your audience's needs and challenges
  • Schedule weekly focus blocks and become determined   knowing your audience
  • Conduct deep dive interviews and have live conversations with your audience
  • Run surveys and polls to find out exactly what they want
  • Download the FREE Workbook - Discover your Dream Clients  below and work through the coaching questions

CLICK HERE Grab your worksheet to understand your Dream Cleint at a deeper level. The key to knowing the answers to these questions is through listening to the convesations of your dream client or ideal avatar. Download here and take your time as you determine the characterstics that are deal breakers. 

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