4 Steps to Discover Dream Clients

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Often I get asked by new entrepreneurs online, "where to start?"
Before we can launch successful online courses, we need an audience who are waiting for your next program release.

And to build this audience known as our Ideal Clients we need to know who we want to serve, and how to attract them to us. I certainly not into 'pushing marketing', and want my audience to seek me out. Hustling simply does not appeal to me.

Knowing who your dream clients are is certainly a great place to start. Find out in this podcast your 4 simple steps to attract those clients into your business.

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Online Marketing Simplified is a weekly podcast, where I  educate and inspire you as an online course creator to create and launch your products and services. You will find some simple step-by-step formulas to help you attract your audience, Stay engaged,  set your launch online marketing strategy & timelines in place, so you can confidently build a thriving online business In the show notes, you will find a link for further resources that are mentioned during the podcasts, and if you have any questions and want to get answers from me you can click on the ask me anything link in the show notes below

CLICK HERE Grab your worksheet to understand your Dream Cleint at a deeper level. The key to knowing the answers to these questions is through listening to the convesations of your dream client or ideal avatar. Download here and take your time as you determine the characterstics that are deal breakers. 

Show Notes

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Common Questions Answered

Q) How do attract your dream clients?

A)  Here are a few Bonus tips

  • Be authentic and take a stance against those anti-dream clients. You want to repel them so you have more time to spend with your dream clients
  • Know your deal breakers. Mine is certainly aggressive people, who want immediate results, and have no personal awareness
  • Write out a list of anti-dream clients - Those characteristics and behaviors that are certainly deal breakers for you. 

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Many online course creators simply don't know where to start, or feel frustrated and overwhelmed with so much free information available on the internet. We provide your course launch framework that keeps everything simple giving you the exact next step to focus on in your business.

So you can build a thriving online business that gives you the freedom and a lifestyle that energizes you every day.

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