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Busy Women: Do you ever feel overwhelmed or simply lose focus when achieving your  goals?

Success Driven Women - 5 Day Habit Reset Lab

Discover your  4 step future roadmap  that will smash-through any limiting beliefs whilst applying good habits that will fast-track your success towards any goal.

These principles that I teach can be applied to any goal in any area of your life. You just need a wiliness to commit and start along your future path letting go of the past.

5 day habit reset program

Join the 5 Day Habit Reset Lab

No matter your goals, the 5 Day Habit Reset Lab  offers a proven blueprint for improving--every day. Lee stemm reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad habits, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to towards more focus and increased productivity!

The 5 Day Habit Reset lab will reshape the way you think about progress and success, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your habits--whether you are in a business looking to gaining more clients, or simply an individual who wishes to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or achieve any other goal

Say NO to New Years Resolutions - You know that they simply don't work!

Go Deeper than simply Goal Setting - Habits will support your Goals

During this 5 Day Habit Reset you will be receiving a  daily email  and activity to make 2021 your best year.

 Not only in your business but  also your personal  life!

Daily Video and simple task to complete

Each day presents you with 86,400 ticks of the clock. You get to decide  how many of them matter to you. Staying motivated and focused on what is important to you instantly changes your approach within your business. Your daily video's will keep you focused whilst having fun.

Daily Journal  Insights

Record your daily insights whilst tracking your achievements and  monitoring your progress during your 5 Day Habit Reset, and feel motivated to continue to focus on your next milestone! Whenever an idea comes to your mind, you can write it down in your journal. You can then revisit these ideas later on to look for new links, form conclusions or even get a fresh business idea!

Habit Reset Starter Pack

Your starter pack includes 20+ pages of EVERYTHING you need to know to create new business habits. Get ready for your checklists,  and  daily tips on how to build on your strengths whilst smashing through any habits that are taking you off track.

Work through your 5 Day Habit Reset lab at your own time  

Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)

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 Work through the Course in Your own Time

With over 15,500+ Coaching Conversations

Hear what others say 

I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and was looking for direction, clarity and confidence. I now am able to work more effectively and to think completely differently how I manage and implement my activities. She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phrase of growing my business. I also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.

Natalie Forder / Lost Kiwi Designs

“If you are a biz owner and want to increase your sales and profits then the  course is for you. Since engaging with Coach Lee and implementing the habit reset program,  l have in less than 30 days gained so much clarity, confidence, and direction for my Virtual business. While my business is moving forward l can say that working with Coach Lee has opened my eyes to the gaps l had in my marketing strategies”

Anna O'Reilly  //  Virtual Assistant Services

I have been part of Lee's Inner Circle Mastermind Group and it has been an incredible experience. The productivity maximizer sessions combined with the Think Tank Clinic Mastermind sessions are adding tens of thousands of dollars to my productivity  increase. I highly recommend Lee's programs and is a must for any entrepreneur who is serious about growing and scaling their business


Brenton Butler  //  Cloud Staffing Global

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 5 Day Habit Reset Start?

You can work through the course any time and if you need to ask questions, please reach out via email to us and we will answer your questions

How Much Time Per Day Do I Need To Allocate?

I recommend that you spend around 20 minutes per day to gain the most out of this program.

Can this information be used in Personal Life as well? 

Yes it can be used for any area of your life, including career. Simply focus on the habits in the context of your goal 

How Long do I have access to the material? 

You will have access to the material for 1 week.