5 booster Emails to increase subscriber engagement

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Increase Subscriber Engagement

Discover how to increase email subscriber engagement by designing 5 Booster Emails that is designed to serve your audience, build authority and strong relationships. It is not about how big your subscriber list is! It is what you do with your subscribers, and how you create an amazing experience that immediately positions you as their go-to entrepreneur in your industry.

In today's podcast I will be discussing why each email type is important to your audience and how to design the "quick win"  email with my step-by-step process

Access your 5 Email Booster Templates that Immediately increases engagement with your existing Email Subscribers !

Discover the 5 different email boosters, why they are important, when to send them, and your step-by-step design of each one. 

Creating the Subscriber experience that will position you as the go-to person!

Have you heard of the saying that the money is on the list? This means that when you have a list of subscribers who have indicated that they are interested in what you have to offer, you can easily build a relationship with them which will convert them into becoming clients.

I believe that this statement can be misleading because I know that many entrepreneurs are focused on generating new subscribers, however, they don’t spend as much time engaging with their subscribers. 

My belief is that it is not how many subscribers you have on your list, it is what you do with them. And that is why I spend a lot of time using automation to create engaging welcome onboarding sequences that build trust, authority, and relationships.

Now I have certainly made this mistake myself, and when I first started my business, I didn’t want to do any marketing at all. I was relying on word of mouth, and for many years I was struggling in business and just surviving. One thing that I am certain about that is the importance of building your subscriber email list, and I wish that I had started that back in 2001. 

It takes time to build your subscriber list when you are doing it organically, through connecting on social media. Therefore it makes sense that you want to create an amazing experience for your subscribers, so they turn into clients and raving fans. 

And that is exactly what this podcast is about today. I am going to share with you, in my opinion, the top 5 booster emails that are high in relationship and value for your audience.

After I started building my list, I learned from the best how to convert even more visitors into email subscribers. I experimented with a number of different tools and campaigns to increase conversions even more, and after a couple of years, I started to see anywhere between 100–300 people joining my lists every single month, with just a $10 per day advertising budget..

You may notice that all of the top online entrepreneurs use paid advertising to speed up their list-building process. However, if you are on a tight budget you can also build your list organically with a small budget like what I do. Make sure you are always building your subscriber list, so you have an engaged audience waiting for your next service or product release.

Here are your 5 Top Booster Emails That Immediately Engage Your Email Subscribers 

Grab your note taking device and let's get started?

  • Give them a Quick Win  
  • Engaging Story Telling
  •  Give Away Free Resources
  • Share Success Stories of your clients or communities
  • Content Upgrade Bonus

You may be thinking when should I send these emails out, and why are they so valuable to my audience. So let’s go a little deeper in the email booster - Give them a quick win Everyone likes to make progress quickly, especially if they are feeling STUCK, and they have turned to you for guidance. 

This quick win should be around something that you teach, and it comes very early in your email automation sequence. Having the ability to achieve this quick win within around 10 minutes will immediately build trust and authority with your subscribers. This is just a small baby step to move them forward.

Why is it important

Because they will start to associate their emails as something that is valuable as they have

already experienced a quick win. Their belief that you can help them is increased, and most importantly they start to believe that they can achieve what you are offering.

You give them hope, especially if they have been STUCK in this issue for a long time. Most of us are always drawn to getting results quickly, and just one small point could completely change how they approach their challenges

When should you send this email

I like to send this email at the beginning of an automation series. For example, if they have downloaded a file from me, then I will send it within the second email, which would be within 2 days of downloading. Giving them enough time to go through the downloadable prior to receiving the small win email.

Include a call to action

The call to action in this email is for them to take a specific action that is mentioned in the quick win. I want them to see how easy it is to get results when they are guided by me. You may also get them to share their wins with others, which then provides social proof that edifies that you get results

5 Steps to Design your Quick Win Email Booster


Listen to What your Audience is Needing! 

Take a moment and think of a small win that can be achieved quickly that is related to your downloadable. It also needs to align with where you want to take your subscribe. This is known as the customer's journey, and it is always related to your audience's biggest challenges

Step 2 

Break it down into small chunks

Break the win down into tiny steps, and showing examples is always good. People like to see the progress that they are making, and they want things to be simple and easy to follow. Keep it simple

Step 3

Always Include A CTA

Make sure your call to action (CTA)  is very clear. And only one CTA per email. What do you want them to do? Only have one CTA per email. 


Review all Emails before Sending

Review your email. Ensure everything is working and all links are functioning. Then hit the send button

Don't Make this Common Mistake

Before I go today I want to speak about a huge mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make when they are creating their free offer to build a subscriber list. And that is they give too much information that overwhelms their audience. When your audience becomes overwhelmed, then they also experience confusion and end up taking no action at all. 

Keep your information short and concise and break down the information into manageable steps. And as they are now subscribers on your list, you can also continue to add value by providing amazing content that is aligned with their needs. That is right the more you know your audience, the deeper relationships can be formed.

Reflect on these Coaching Questions

  1. What is a quick win that your audience and achieve immediately or in around 10 minutes?
  2. How does your free offer downloadable, align with your paid courses and memberships?
  3. How will you drive  your visitors to your free offers?
  4. Will you use organic  or paid list building? I recommend both.

Access your 5 Email Booster Templates that Immediately increases engagement with your existing Email Subscribers !

Discover the 5 different email boosters, why they are important, when to send them, and your step-by-step design of each one. 

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