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Never look at a blank screen again

Getting your messaging nailed down will determine how successful your online business becomes. Now you don't need to be an expert copywriter, you just need to know some basic tips that will get your ideas onto the screen. In this podcast you will discover these simple tips, that will immediately get your keyboard tapping, as you ideas flows out naturally onto the screen. 

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Never look at a blank screen again!

 Have you ever stared at a blank screen for ages, not knowing where to start when designing a message that resonates with your audience?   You know the importance of having a good headline and hook, and you spend ages trying to come up with ideas. Perhaps you are starting at the wrong place, and in this podcast today, I will share with you 5 tips that will get your fingers busy on the keyboard, putting your words on the screen that flow naturally. 

Learning a new skill takes time, and the only way to develop these skills is by taking action and observing the results. This is the same with copywriting, and I am certainly not a professional copywriter, however, gone are the days that I have found myself staring at a blank screen, not knowing where to start. And you will find copywriting is so much easier when you follow a few simple tips that I will be sharing with you today.

Every sentence you write has to serve a purpose to get readers hooked – you only get one chance to create the right impression and be purposeful at what you write.

 Readers look for quality information and personal insights that lead to transformation..

Being a good copywriter understands all this and creates awesome copy that provides the right information and the transformation that your service/product will provide. 

Knowing how to create the necessary tone and encourage your audience to take necessary action is the key.. For example, let’s t explore some elements of a website:

An About You page is informative, while the products page is meant to sell.

When you hone your copywriting skills, you will know the difference in how you write your content between these 2 pages and speak to your audience accordingly.

Many copywriters mistake simply stating facts about their business and the facts. this is ineffective as most audiences expect personalized content.

You are giving your consumers a peek into your brand and showing them why they should invest their time in reading your message.

 Picking copywriters because they are cheap or popular ultimately defeats this purpose. An inexperienced copywriter who doesn’t understand your niche is the same as creating your content by following Google templates. They may work sometimes, but often; it can be disastrous. I certainly had experienced this myself, as when I first started my business, I outsourced my website to contractors, and the design and copy certainly didn’t meet my expectations. Today I do all of my design and copywriting that I have learned by spending years in the trenches, working with the top online entrepreneurs in the world, and being in the trenches. And I started probably the same as you, feeling like I just wanted to outsource it and focus on my zone of genius. But when you are first starting out in business, you may be in the same position as what I was in, where you had limited funds to use, and you weren’t in the position to hire a good copywriter. 

This is certainly an important topic, as your copy is more important than your design work. And I know many entrepreneurs focus on the design instead of getting their message nailed down.

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Here are the 5 tips for beginner copywriters

Tip 1

Experience and taking action are more important than learning a copywriting degree.

Often I hear entrepreneurs say I just need to take up a copywriting or journalism degree to become a better copywriter. Academic courses to improve your copywriting skills focus on education, and unless your want to become a professional copywriter, it may not be the right direction to take. I know that most degrees take a few years to complete, and you may cover many topics that are not essential for you to get traction in your business.

Stop and think about what is your purchase to learn copywriting.  I know it is about designing copy that emotionally resonates with your audience, so they become clients.  As I go through these 5 tips, you will see more effective ways to quickly get your copywriting out there that builds a thriving online business. After all, it is not about the degrees that you hold; it is about the results you get. 

Tip 2 

Master short copy before Long copy

 Keep it short as you start to engage with your audience through your email automation sequences and landing pages. Make it easy for yourself as you start to hone your copywriting skills. You probably already know that having a strong, impactful, and intriguing headline will determine if your audience will stop and read your copy. And this can be a sticking point. I recommend leaving your hook or headline until after you have written the body of your message. As most of us know our subject well. And it allows us to prevent the curse of staring at a blank screen. Like this podcast that I am doing today, I started my copy with the 5 tips before looking at the headline or the introduction. Give it a try, and you will be surprised at your progress when you write about something that you can talk about forever.  

Tip 3

Use the 80/20 rule

 This means that before you start to do your copy spend 80% researching that topic. Get to know your audience, understand want they are looking for and how you can give them the solution to their problem. I can not stress this enough, the more you understand your audience, the easier it will be to write great copy that resonates, leaving them wanting to know more.  I spoke more about getting to know your dream clients and how to repel those who aren't in a previous podcast ep10 - 4 Steps to attracting your dream client - There is also a downloadable worksheet found in that episode's show notes. Your research will always be ongoing and is something that you need to spend around 80% of your time, and once your copy is nailed, you will see more people enrolling in your courses and services.

Tip 4

 Write in a way that you would speak to a friend. Make it conversational.

This is where the academic writing needs to be ditched if you want to get your customers to buy and connect with your message. I want you to imagine speaking to just one person and having a personable conversation. Speak directly to that one person that you are thinking about. I have a picture behind my computer with all the attributes of my ideal client, and when I write my copy of thinking of that person. In fact  thinking about you right now. Sure add your tips and valuable information that will guide your client towards their own goals, but also be the person that inspires them into action. The guide can show them a simple plan for their success. Someone who understands them.

Tip 5 

Using your swipe files

 Now, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and you will find great copy everywhere on the internet by the influencers within your industry. Study those influencers who are rocking it and notice how they write. What type of writing patterns do they use? Look at how they transition into each paragraph and the type of language they use. Grab yourself some 3 ring binders and whenever you find a great copy, keep it to refer back to. This is about improving your copying by reading great copies and working out the patterns.

Good copywriters keep years of research in binders to observe the copywriting patterns that get results. You can find this information by signing up for free offers from others within your industry and start to observe the email sequencing that you receive. Look at sales and landing pages and start to notice the copy flow, and the elements that they include on these pages. And all of this is the 80% rule of doing your research before starting your copy.

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