9 Tips to Create Your Online Programs that get SOLD Out!

This is a time that business owners need to remain open and Adapt!

 We will all be going through uncertain times now, due to the coronavirus. Things will need to be put in place to take our offline businesses to online. I remember having several conversations with other business owners, recently at different networking events.

They go like this - "My business is an offline business and couldn't possibly go online" OR  "Yes I simply don't have time to develop online courses" OR "I simply don't know where to start so I will get around to it some day".  Have you heard this conversations, or maybe have even said these before.

You Have Choices Still ........

Well now there simply is no option, if you want your business to thrive. Being an entrepreneur is not a easy role to play.  What will keep your business variable, is to take an active approach. We will all become uncomfortable over the next few months. You can choose to approach the situation with "I hope this will disappear"  or "Okay I need to take action today, lets get stuck into it".

The outcome is going to be determined by your approach. Remember that everyone will be online, and your potential customers are sitting at home, bored to death, watching TV and doing the social distancing thing. 

What a great way to develop your digital skills along with some amazing online assets that will add huge value to your business, even when we come out of this situation.

Don't make the same mistakes as others

The biggest error people make when starting out with hosting virtual events and building online programs,  is to not commit to learning how to do it WELL first. 
To run a successful online event requires a strong grasp of the platform you're using, good strategic steps to keep your audience engaged, and the know-how to resolve any tech issues. Fist you need to approach this strategically, not tactically.
 Don't leave your event or programs to chance, this training with  one-on-one coaching support,  will give you the confidence to know you're running the best online events and programs  out there!

The Top 9 Tips to Create your Online Courses


 Plan and Understand the Technology that will be needed

Understand how all the technology will integrate with each other. What pieces of software do you need to build, launch and deliver your courses.  The saying goes start with the end in mind.

When I first started out in my business 19 years ago, I wasted so much money whilst I tried many different types of software. Here is a video that will give you an overview of how all the technology 

integrates with each other, and my recommendations. -  


 Firstly You Don’t Have to be the Expert

A common mistake that some entrepreneurs make is that they believe that they are not the expert. This is a mindset issue, and one way of dealing with this is to remember the beginner.

You only need to be one step in front of the market that you will be supporting. Ask yourself, can you teach and coach your audience who are entry level. Just starting out.

Remember you have your talents and life experiences that you have been through over the years.  Know and be passionate about what you are going to teach and ensure that you keep on developing your own skills as you gain more confidence.


 Ensure Your Course Idea has A Market that will Pay- Research your Market

Don’t spend months and weeks around designing your courses, and then no-body buys. Have you done that before?

Find out what your market wants first. Speak to your existing clients and send out surveys to your social media. Do research first before you invest all of your time in development. The big question is there a big demand for your services? Know if your Market will Pay – grab your free download here.

The main three things you want to be checking for are:

  • Are people talking about it?
  • Are people advertising it?
  • Are people asking questions about it?
  • Is there a gap in what the competition is offering?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘yes’ and your idea is similar but different to what is already out there, then you have a course idea that has a chance of being a winner.

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 Create Clear Learning Outcomes

The information that you have surveyed your connections with, will identify their problems or pain points. How will your outcomes solve these problems? Your outcomes are based on the essential research.

Ensure that you state clearly with your outcomes, how your course is going to help them. If there is any confusion, then they simply will not BUY.

Learning outcomes clearly explain, with measurable verbs, what the learner will be able to do, know and feel by the end of your course.

  • What skills will they be able to demonstrate?
  • What new knowledge will they have obtained?
  • What feelings will they have moved away from or to?
  • What problems will your Course solve?

Only create your outline, then start to market it. Once you set a date and you have enrollments, then create your content. Just stay ahead of your delivery promise and use feedback from you students to ensure that you have a powerful course that meets the issues of your audience.

Most of your time is spent on marketing and not development.


 Create your Irresistible Offers

This is where you unpack your course and list all the value that you add along with your course content. Ensure that you add a lot of perceived value by adding in other digital assets that you have already created.

Other ways to add value is providing support, community and one-on-one coaching to ensure that your students are supported through the whole process.

What are the gaps, that your competitors are leaving open within your market? Pack your offer with lots of value.  Creating Irresistible Offers is the key to stand out from your competition and not be competing on price alone.

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. Determine the Most Engaging and Effective Delivery Methods for Each Lesson

Now it’s time to decide on the best way to deliver your content.

You need to be aware of the different principles of adult learning, learning preferences and all of the different ways that you can deliver your training to really make sure that your training is as engaging as possible.

  • Will you have videos, reading content, activities, audio content?
  • What type of visuals will you have?
  • Will you have community learning areas?

You need to make sure that you have a balance of visual, audio and practical methodologies so that everyone is engaged and provided with the optimum learning experience.



 Filming, Recording and Editing your Online Course

This is the production phase.

By now you should have a thorough course plan, all of your content together and know exactly how you are going to deliver each element of your online course.

Now it’s time for the fun part – getting on camera.

Of course how you deliver your training is entirely dependant on what your audience will prefer to engage with and what method delivers your learning outcomes most effectively.

However, at present the most effective method of delivery is video.

This could be ‘talking head’ video which is when you are in the shot on camera.

You could also have ‘green screen’ talking head videos.

This means that you are recording with a green background behind you – where you have a green screen, you can have anything behind you during the editing process. It could be a video behind you, animations, or just a still image. I use the green screen so that I can have my PowerPoint slides up behind me in the post editing phase this is great for my more classroom type training

Another method is called screen casting which is when you are recording your computer screen – you can choose to include a webcam type video of yourself on top of this.

Green screen with my videos.

This allows you to quickly cut edit replace your green screen, fix your sound, add logos, text and pop-ups to your videos; save them as an mp4 and then upload them to your online learning system.


 Setting up your course platform

Now it is time to house your courses on a platform giving access to your enrolled students. There are a lot of platforms out there already. Such as:

  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • LearnDash
  • Thinkific
  • Learnworlds
  • Kajabi
  • WizIQ

If you do a google search you will probably find more. The problem with using these platforms are:

  • You are always paying ongoing membership or monthly fees
  • You have not got control over your digital assets – If they change conditions or close – You will lose all of your work
  • Read the fine print – some of these platforms such as Udemy doesn’t allow you to market to your students

It is always best to have full control over your own assets, therefore I recommend you use a page builder on your website that accommodates online course material. I do this with Thrive apprentice which is stored and build on my own website.

 This reduces ongoing costs  and you have no restrictions.

 Launch and Ongoing Marketing

If you think the work is over now that you’ve completed on your online course think again now the real work begins!

Too many course creators make the mistake of thinking that once their course is created, they now have an income stream. Remember to add extra value and give your audience a teaser of what your are offering.

  • Will you run early bird discount promotions?
  • Will you run BETA Launch groups?
  • Do you have a content marketing plan that will sell your online courses?
  • Will you run ads?
  • Do you have a list to market to?
  • Can you partner up with influencers?
  • Will you run an affiliate program?
  • How will you use social media?
  • What Bonuses will you add?
  • What will you give out FREE as a teaser to your audience?

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About the Author

I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out.

My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback,

I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

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