I'm  Lee Stemm


I stepped into my own business in 2001 and I had absolutely no business sense, when I first started.   Believe me I have probably made all the mistakes anyone can make being an entrepreneur.

Which leads me to my cause to empower women in business or to transition into their own business to smash through any limiting-beliefs, whilst providing them with the right business strategies and tools that will fast-track their business goals. Create the  lifestyle that is based on your  purpose, vision and values, which will give you a more meaningful life. 

Since I started my business I have had many memorable opportunities which have pivoted and shaped by business to what it is today. My first business was a Personal Training, then I moved into Counselling  which transitioned into Coaching and Training. Along the way I also gained my qualifies as a Master NLP Coach which gives me the deep tools that create long term change. Having a powerful mindset  enables  you to take  positive action towards your goals, whilst building your confidence to excel and fast-track your success.

I was invited into the corporate world  to work with their leaders, through the results of  my private clients. My private clients were showing up in the workplace being more confident, speaking with conviction during meetings, challenging the status quo, more clarity in their decision making,  and in general having a more positive  attitude,  which was noticed by their  managers and their teams. The ripple effect was that the culture became more inclusive, motivation and engagement levels soared and this lead to their career advancement and recognition within the company.

Over the past 4 years I  have been online with women transitioning into business.  I bring to my clients the latest online marketing strategies  and  guidance  to what is their next step.   Having and following their success  road map  gives them more clarity, structure whilst fast-tracking their results.

 I remove all the myths about having an online business and I teach my clients a thing I call "Business smarts". This enables them make better choices within their business instead of trying to work it out themselves, which takes a lot of time and money. 

Whilst I am a coach and trainer I am always a student. I use the latest up-to-date online business strategies by being mentored and working with the top online entrepreneurs in  the world.  And I share all of these strategies with my clients, which ensures  you will always implement the latest relevant strategies that work!

Career Highlights

Gained ICF ( International Coaching Federation) Qualifications

Back in 2005 I was honored to gain the qualification of PCC ( Professional Certified Coach) . This was a  an intensive process involving being tested, assessments, having over 500 hours of coaching spread over 25 clients, completing assessments of coaching knowledge, evidence of completing training programs and providing recorded coaching sessions to assess my expertise. 

It was a good starting point, however I decided not renew by certification at the time due to personal reasons. However it was an  accomplishment  and it started my coaching journey.

Lead Coaching Facilitator and master coach for Insights and Real Education Coaching Schools 

As a keen student I gained qualifications in three different coaching schools. These were Coaching Matters, Newinsghts and Real Education. Totally over 2 years of intensive training in the three different coaching systems.

I was invited to Facilitate and Mentor new coaches who were enrolled into this schools. This was a very rewarding part of my career as I become the trainer of coaches whilst also supporting them to build their coaching practice. 

Supported Women in Experiential Workshops  & Gained my Counselling Qualification with the Australian College of Applied Qualifications

I gained my qualifications as a counsellor at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and for  approx. 10 years I would  co-facilitate and support women in 3 day experiential workshops around personal power. Gestalt therapy was the foundation of letting go of self-limiting beliefs and creating a powerful identity as a women who can achieve more and be more.   Most of the activities were based on native American rituals such as vision quests and walking their new path with purpose, joy and direction.  

30 Years of Marital Arts  - Instructor and 3rd Dan Aikido

Over the 30 years as a marital artist i gained the qualifications of 1st Degree black belt in Rhee Tae Kwon Do, Tao Ti Ching kung Fu, Aikido Ki Society and 3rd Degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido.  I also gained my instructors certificate with Yoshinkan Aikido.

For three years I run after school aikido lessons at New Farm State School. My focus with the children were to teach harmony and to be kind to each other. I had a young boy in one of my classes who was bullying the children in the playground.

After 12 weeks of training his parents came to me, and told me that I had completely changed the boy's focus from bullying to being a boy that harmonized and showed kindness.  That I had changed his direction and now they could see a future for him.

We have powerful minds and when you work with the whole person, then magic happens. 

Online Business Strategist and Mindset Coach

Gosh I have had so many achievements throughout my career, and you will see how it is normal for any business to pivot as we get more clarity around our purpose and vision. 

Over the past 4 years I have been online working with amazing women all over the world. I have studied with Russell Brunson ( click funnels and e-marking), Jeff Walker's  ( launching online courses) private launch club, Mark Bowness building social media online tribes, Don Crowther Webinar Funnel Programs and many more.

My own personal investment with really understanding marketing and the strategic positioning under it over the past 4 years has been in excess of $80,000 . And I bring all of this knowledge and experience to you as your business online strategist. 


Business Success Path

Business Foundation Strategy
Business Content Strategy - Build your List
Business Marketing & Launching Strategy
Business Scale & Growth Strategy
Client Retention Strategy

-Anna O'Reilly

If you are a biz owner and want to increase your sales and profits then the E-Learning course is for you. Since engaging with Coach Lee and implementing the E-learning challenge l have in less than 30 days gained so much clarity, confidence, and direction for my Virtual business. While my business is moving forward l can say that working with Coach Lee has opened my eyes to the gaps l had in my marketing strategies”

-Natalie Forder

  I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and was looking for direction, clarity and confidence. I now am able to work more effectively and to think completely differently how I manage and implement my activities. She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phrase of growing my business. I also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.