Hi I'm Lee 

On this site, I share everything that you need to know around creating & launching  online courses, leading your teams with confidence, and to attract the right clients, who are aligned with your values, who  are a joy to serve. (without sacrificing your life as you take control over your business)

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There are no overnight successes

It takes time to build a thriving online business &  there are no magic pills for instant success. However you can certainly save time & money by being guided and applying the latest proven business strategies 

Here I coach you to focus on building your entrepreneurial skills  & resilience 

Your Approach will Determine Success

As a coach I will also help you to break down thoughts until it exposes how they drive your behavior.   Plus share with you my 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in the trenches

I support you at many different levels, holistically so you move quickly forward

Freedom vs Money 

I am driven as an Entrepreneur who cares for my clients. Maintaining the high personal touch over just making money. And only work with clients who energize me.  Having freedom to work with my passion and  clients who are fully committed  to their business success 

If you are a  action taker & are serious about your business  

This is the right place for you !

Here are some things about me ...

  • Founded my Coaching & Training Business in 2001, and am passionate about my clients transformation as they achieve more. 
  • Co-facilitated first 10 years as a counsellor & coach on 3 day weekend retreats as they unshackled their past & stepped into new possibilities as empowered women. 
  • 2010 was invited into the corporate world to coach and train senior leaders, as my private client's managers where recognizing how they started to lead with confidence within the workplace. I was humbled to work with top leaders who trusted in me
  • 2016 was a tough time for me, as I was diagnosed  with cancer and had my nose completely removed. 6 Operations in one year until the complete reconstruction was achieved, by the amazing plastic surgery team at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. thank you
  •  2017 after the operations I went into depression for one year. Unable to function as my well established business started to spiral down. This was my lesson around the importance of having a business and not just a self-employed job.  It was heart breaking.
  • 2018 after a lot of sole searching, I made a decision to start up a online business, and to get really clear on who I wanted to serve. This was a tough time as I had to learn so much around marketing, technology and to deal with my own doubts as my own expectations & comparing myself with ohters would leave me disillusioned yet again.
  •  Today I am always mentored by the top online entrepreneurs in the world, and I bring to you all the latest strategies to create & launch your products or services. I learned the secret sauce as I studied under their watchful eyes. That it takes time to build a business, and everyone has a story of struggle and disappointment. And the reason why they are successful is due to they never gave up, kept on educating themselves and surrounded themselves with mentors and communities.
  • Oh and if you speak with me ask me about my horse story, how as a young child I was socially award, and my white horse showed me that others do at times believe in you, sometimes more than yourself.  That is the power of community and great leadership. 

Article Writer & Publisher

Past Certified Coach - 2005.

Mentor - Sisters for Sisters Program

My Basic Philosophy around business success is all about developing  your skills

Highly successful businesses  are created by highly skilled, highly effective entrepreneurs. Tips, hacks and tactics can only go so far - There is simply no substitute for experience and being in the trenches. Without action, information is just that. Success comes from taking action, resilience and  being disciplined.  I apply this philosophy in everything that I do in my life, including 30 years as a martial artist , 20 years as a transformational coach, and 4 years as a highly regarded course launch wizard, and it serves me well.

The question is are you ready to master the art of having a successful online business?

What is GET IT LAUNCHED! all about

Focusing on the right strategy at the right time within your online business, will instantly remove overwhelm that leads to procrastination. I see so many people purchase programs, and never complete those programs or implement the strategies into their business.  And the worse part is  they simply go out and purchase yet another course, and the same pattern continues, just like ground hog day.
And it is not their fault, as there is so much BS Marketing out there , saying that if you apply these simple strategies, you will instantly have your courses sold out, with a thriving 6 figure income. Success comes from learning new information, but it is about taking action, measuring the results and making the appropriate changes, that will certainly give you the rewards for you efforts.

Knowing the latest strategies and techniques is not enough. Most entrepreneurs fail and it has nothing to do about knowledge. Instead it has everything to do with the mindset traps that stop them them keeping the momentum going in their business. 

You can not be successful in business, without developing the characteristics of highly effective entrepreneurs. 

This is why you will find on this website powerful strategies of how to approach your business, with the right mindset.  And this is why I personally work with my clients on all levels. The Get it Launched programs focuses on taking consistent action, using the principals of coaching and leadership. This is why the groups are always small, so you can have personal attention, and not left abandoned after you purchase a course.  I found that when group sizes become too large, you often become a number, and are left behind.

It is so much easier to make more progress,  having someone who you are accountable to, and I practice my talk, as I always have my own personal coach,  while sharing with my clients the latest proven frameworks, to make being an entrepreneur easy and to ensure you are organized, so that your business doesn't take over your life.

 Put in place the right strategies, find the right team to help you as your business grows, and live the launch lifestyle that allows you to connect with your family and friends, enjoying those hobbies that you love to share. 

Here are some of my posts to give you a good idea of how I approach Launching Online Programs

 check out our 

Latest Articles...

How I transitioned into my Business - No Business Sense at All

I was working in a job that I hated, and it was a very challenging environment to work in.  I glanced up at the clock, with my running shoes already on my feet waiting for that second hand to tick over, wanting to get out of there as quickly as I could.  Every day I would cry as I was bullied by others within the company, and my confidence was spiraling down.  Being mentally exhausted, I knew that i had to do something about this. And at that time I had a personal trainer, as i was a fitness junkie, and very competitive. I had won a couple of Australian tiles  in martial arts and body building, so it was something that I loved. At this point of my career, I was very vulnerable, and one day my personal trainer asked me to go into busyness with him. He knew that I hated my job, as I was always complaining about it to him during our sessions. 

I was so excited and handed in my registration immediately. This was going to be the beginning of my new life, I would be a personal trainer.

Six weeks past, and I could sense there was something wrong. You see I handed over all of my superannuation payout and gave it to my now business partner. But something was wrong, and I could feel it. He came to me and told me that he didn't want me as a business partner, that I was ugly, and that I wasn't someone he wanted around. At that moment my confidence spiraled, down and I was walking around in a fog. I had handed over all of my superannuation which was round $100,000 with no contracts, nothing. I had trusted him and now I had no job, no money and no business sense.  I cried for a week, and knew that I had to take action, which lead me to starting up my own personal training business - Fitness Achievers. 

Emotional Awareness - What the Heck is that about!

One thing that i have always had and that was resilience, vision and discipline. I picked myself up and started training private clients of mine in the local gyms. Back then you would just pay a small fee and you could use their training facilities. 

I remember training Maureen, and one day she stopped and asked me "Why are you always so angry"? This really took me back, as i never even realized that I was. Maybe it was all of the unexpressed anger from by ex business partner. Then she handed me a personal development brochure and recommended for me to attend . it was interesting as I thought I really needed something, as i was really unhappy.

Here I am doing this full on 3 day retreat to empower me to stand up for myself. And I fell in love with personal development, and quickly realized the importance of personal power and speaking up for yourself. Gosh if only I knew about this before I handed over all of my superannuation. So a career change was in order, and I studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology  to become a Counsellor.   

Counsellor Coach & Co-Facilitator - Exciting new Career 

Everything I put my mind to , I do well. I am not naturally gifted, but I have discipline, resilience and always an action taker. I quickly excelled in the personal development arena, being offered co-facilitation roles, and through father training gained qualifications as a Master Coach ( in 3 coaching groups) , Master NLP Practitioner ( in 2 training centers) an quickly built up a reputation as a transformational coach. Back in 2001 coaching had just arrived in Australia, and I found a lot of managers who were unhappy in the workplace, were seeking me out for coaching. 

This was an exciting time of my career, being invited into different coaching schools as their head trainer to be the coaches trainer and mentor. I never had to market myself, as word and mouth had placed a lot of opportunities in front of me.  And this is how I transitioned into the corporate arena. 

Managers started to notice the increased confidence and personal power, in my private clients, within the workplace. I was invited to coach senior leaders and middle mangers. Became a presenter and now  I have been in business for 15 years and never worried about marketing. Life was good and I loved my work. And then I found out that I had skin cancer on my noise and needed a complete noise removal and reconstruction. My worse nightmare had became real. And I was devastated.  

On the Road to Recovery 

Overnight my business spiraled down, and in 2016 , I had my noise completely removed, and underwent 6 operations in one year, until the reconstruction was completed. And I was depressed and simply couldn't get out of bed. I felt what it was like to lose a thriving business overnight due to the fact that really it was a self-employed job.  And after 2 years, I finally decided it was time to come back to what i love doing. And that is helping people, and watching them break through barriers, towards self empowerment. To shine in their brilliance and achieve anything that they wanted to. And this was my own personal journey to learn about strategic marketing and how to build an online business. I found the top online entrepreneurs, invested 4 years learning, being mentored and putting  everything that I learn into my own business.  And I share all of this information with my clients. Including my ability as a transformational coach to be able to break down thoughts until they expose how these drive your behaviors. Combining both strategies and mindset ultimately creates entrepreneurs who are fearless and successful. 

Freedom to do what I want to everyday

It is normal that when you step into unfamiliar territory to want to know everything first before you start your new journey. But let me tell you, it doesn't work like that. As you don't really know what you want until you experience what you don't want, or what you do. You have to take action and a leap of faith to be courageous to put everything on the line.  To pick yourself up one more time, and never giving up. And there will be a time that you will be indecisive.

I experienced that myself as I wasn't sure who I wanted to serve. I wanted to serve everyone, and that doesn't work. You can't serve everyone and I had to make a decision. Will I serve leaders within corporates or women in entrepreneurship. It was tough, but I choose  entrepreneurs who have the vision and the heart to chase their dreams. Who have a big purpose to fulfill and are willing to take a stance for what they believe in. Who need guidance, support and inspiration, knowing  that I have their back and walk beside them, as I cherish their vision close to my heart.  

I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out. My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works. 

 Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback, I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

Are you ready to build a thriving online business?

Book in for a connection call and let's see how I can help you 

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