February 18, 2021

Talking Points & Summary

Point 1

Many people know how to set goals - However they don't follow through

We all have and set goals for many different reasons. It may be a whim you know because we know that successful people set goals. However have you stopped to strengthen your inner-game that drives all of your actions?

Your Thoughts directly influences your emotions, which leads to behavior then of course actions and results. 

Becoming emotionally associated with your goals will give you that resilience to keep going when things get tough. 

point 2

Ask yourself WHY this goal is important to you

Here is where understanding your values and having a desire to follow your values will impact your results. Do you know your values and take time out to align your goals with your values before your start taking action.  Knowing how your personal values align with your company's values will assist you in understanding WHY you are in your current role and how you are a valued leader.

Your values guide your behavior in any difficult situation. There are your moral compass that keeps you on track.

point 3

Modelling Yourself and Better Decisions

Knowing what type of leader you are striving towards keeps you focused on continually improvement and a growth mindset.

Who inspires !  What other leaders have you come across that really made a difference in your life?

Take time to reflect on how they handle difficult situations and ask yourself - What would they do in this situation?

Taking time out for self-reflection is essential to gain new lessons from your mistakes 

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Point 4

Increased Confidence

Values give you structure which provides the feeling of stability and safety. 

Your values give you a inner framework to base your actions on. Which increases your self-esteem and certainty

Stability and safety is an essential need for every human being.

Your needs will always over ride your values - Therefore having your basic needs fulfilled builds confidence

How do you fill your need for stability and safety? 

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