Attracting Dream Client or Ideal Avatar

Attract your Dream Client or Ideal Avatar

When you attract your dream client or ideal avatar you will speed up the success within your business . In this article I will be discussion my opinion  between dream client and ideal avatar, and some steps to help you attract your dream clients. Also I have included a worksheet for you to go through a few deeper questions, as when you know who you don't want to work  with, you will gain more clients, increased clarity and energy as you take more focused action in your business.  

Have you ever stopped and though about what is the difference between a dream client or ideal avatar?

When you serve your dream client or ideal client, you will always feel energized, and they certainly are a joy to coach. Over the 20 years as a coach, I certainly have had clients that were not a joy to work with, leaving me feeling exhausted and mentally drained. Have you experienced that as well?

You don’t want to attract your opposing dream client into your business. Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? With your dream clients, you can use this 20% of your available market, who are your dream clients.

What is the difference between a dream client and your ideal avatar?

I am glad you asked this question.  The difference for me is that you will drill down deeper into the characteristics and behaviors that your dream clients display instead of just ideal avatar. When you know your ideal  avatar characteristics, you can then drill down even deeper to find your dream client.

However, they both go hand in hand. And the other main difference is you tap into who you want to serve. It is like peeling an onion; you go through this exercise deeper, resulting in more clarity.

I feel more connected when I associate myself to my dream client instead of just my ideal avatar. Everyone has their own preferences of course. 

The Problem

When you try to serve everyone than you will serve no-one.

Benefits to niche down: 

1. Stand out from your Competitors

2. Gain Visibility

3. Grow your business quicker

CLICK HERE Grab your worksheet to understand your Dream Cleint at a deeper level. The key to knowing the answers to these questions is through listening to the convesations of your dream client or ideal avatar. Download here and take your time as you determine the characterstics that are deal breakers. 

Example of a dream client characterstics

Some traits of my dream client and ideal avatar characteristics may include: being on time, being open to gaining new insights, trusting my guidance as a coach, and being an action taker willing to make mistakes. How likely is it I find clients that fit all of those qualities? However, when I List out the characteristics I don’t want to work with, it gives me more clarity. I look for these traits when I work with new clients or avatar.. 

 Doing your  dream client and avatar work often will deeper your understanding to serve and connect with authenticity.

What is the advantage of having a dream client or ideal avatar ?


  • You walk away feeling energized from each session 
  • They are chasing you and hunting you down to work with you 
  • They become your ambassador and edify you to others
  • They are active in your communities and participate
  • Get to seek out their advice to ensure your keep  your eye on the ball
  • They lead others within your community and are givers. 

Why is it important to be specific on who I want to serve? Won't I miss out on opportunities?

Many new entrepreneurs try to serve everyone. And you probably can, however when you become generic, your messaging also becomes generic, and you will not stand out of the noise on social media or grab the attention of your dream avatar client.


  • If you try to serve everyone, you will end up appealing  to no-one
  • When you have generic conversations, you will not connect with anyone.

Dream client  or ideal avatar work enables you to resonate and relate as you create captivating content that speaks directly to them. And you will create a product or service that is personal, specific, and relevant to that particular person.

  • You will uncover your dream client avatar's problems and pain points, creating content that solves and speaks to their immediate needs.

  • And you will create the experience that will immediately connect with them to build that trust factor with ease. You become relatable and show that you care.

How do I attract my Dream Client or ideal avatar?

Your market research is crucial for success. Many people quickly skim over this part of building their business. However, cracks will appear if you create a house with weak foundations. You don’t want this to happen in your business, as it will slow you down. But if you want to have online business success than you do need to be noticed by your dream client or ideal avatar. 

  • Start with getting very clear on that person you would love to serve. Perhaps you have a client that is already a dream client.
  • Then you could ask that person a series of questions.
  • You can use my Create your dream client avatar downloadable worksheet  PDF file, which will give you a good understanding of their needs. 

Action Steps:  Identify & Understand your Dream Client  or Ideal Avatar

Step 1

Join FB community groups that your dream client avatar belongs. Start to add value by commenting and helping, not promoting yourself. Just add value. Remember, they will seek you out

Step 2

Create captivating content : Your message is on point and speaks directly to their pain points and challenges using their language. 

Step 3

Take a stance and be very vocal about what you are against. Repel those hostile dream clients. Which is a good thing as you will stand out. Remember you can't serve everyone

Step 4

You consistently show up and add value to your communities. Often people will observe and you think that they are not paying attention. I want to let you know my friend, they are certainly watching. 

Before you go - Remember to Grab your FREE Attracting your Dream Client Coaching Worksheet

CLICK HERE Grab your worksheet to understand your Dream Cleint at a deeper level. The key to knowing the answers to these questions is through listening to the convesations of your dream client or ideal avatar. Download here and take your time as you determine the characterstics that are deal breakers. 

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