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Time is one thing that we never get back. Many people simply lose focus at work, resulting in low productivity which leads to stress when you try to cramp everything in at the last moment. You may also lose opportunities within the company as they simply bypass you as the go to person

If you are leading the team than this issue is magnified even more. As an empowered woman at work it is important firstly to lead by example and secondly to inspire others to do the same.

Have you ever been at work and looked up and thought to yourself where has all the time gone, and then gone home and reflected on the day? Left thinking about what did I achieve today? Then the next day just seems to repeat itself.

There are so many distractions that take you away from the task on hand, so let’s explore a way to boot your focus at work.

We all know that it is important to plan right? This is a strategy that has been passed on by one of my own mentors and I have found it simple and effective.

In your next stand up weekly meeting ask all of your team members including yourself this question. “What are the three biggest activities will you be focusing on this week?”  

Now you are gaining commitment and once they voice out the activities, then the whole team knows exactly what each other is working on for the week. The power of accountability now is executed.

They write out their 3 biggest activities that they were working on at the meeting and then you collect them. Once something is written down than the commitment level is increased. You then hold them accountable to achieving these activities by asking them to deliver a brief weekly report on the progress of these activities.

Ensure you take time to follow up by either acknowledging their efforts or working with them to become more focused. This then leads to a valuable insightful conversation.

 Be the Empowered Woman at Work who speaks with conviction, confidence, and clarity.

Action Take Away Step

step 1

Gain Commitment and Accountability 

At the beginning of your next meeting ask the following question

"What are the three biggest goals that you will be focusing on this week"

step 2

Gain Commitment

Ensure each team member writes down their activities and hands them into you on a piece of paper before leaving the meeting

step 3

Hold them Accountable

Follow up and ensure that these activities are completed by the end of the week. If not then have a real conversation around how you can support your team member to improve focus at work

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I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out.

My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback,

I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

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