Welcome to be your best podcast. My name is Lee and today's topic is on six pillars of self esteem. The information is based upon the author, Nathaniel Branden published this the six pillars of self esteem. So what is a true meaning or self esteem? Lots of people that I've trained and coached with. 

Think it's just about confidence person, much more than confidence. As you can see a point in front of you. It's, it's about being competent and, and the competence is strengthened through the following, having realistic and accurate self, self appraisal, understanding what's important to you and have that as a compliment that you strive towards overcoming adversity and bouncing back from failures.

 So all of this is about self esteem. It's about, you know, it's about having a self assurance and self confidence of yourself. So self esteem doesn't mean about being loud and outrageous.

All of that. Sometimes that's actually referred to as false self esteem, as well it is having quite confidence and having the ability to achieve the achievements that you want to achieve in life without limiting yourself on moving forward. So the six pillars of self esteem in front of you, we are only going to cover the first three into those podcasts, and we'll be doing the last three in next week's podcast as well.

So the three ones we're focusing on in this, in this podcast is living life consciously, self acceptance, and self responsibility living live consciously. I'm a big believer of continuing to educate yourself, have an active mind, rather than a passive mind understanding what is your purpose? You know, what's going to get you out of bed every, day and motivate you and drive you towards excelling towards, being empowered towards having those accomplishments as worthy goals that you want to go towards as well.

You know, know yourself, know, you know, what are your values? What are your beliefs? What are your needs and what are your feelings have a strong sense of personal development and have an expanded awareness as well. Being able to respond to situations, and not to react to them, you know, become a student as well as a teacher. So learn information and then pass that information onto others.

This is really important and helps you to understand it better. And also you're giving back to other people as well know, and find out, what, what's the purpose in life. And people send me what, I don't know what my purpose is, but sometimes we just got to stop. We've just got to have stillness in our life and maybe sit at a waterfall, go to the park, take a journal and just start ask yourself those important questions of what's important for you.

But the main thing is always remain flexible and not to be rigid about your beliefs, understand what your beliefs are, make sure they don't limit you, but don't install your beliefs upon other people.

The second pillar is self-acceptance. So self esteem is something that we experience and self-acceptance is something that we actually do. So by doing, we're actually demonstrating our self esteem. Self-acceptance can inspire you as an individual. It can move you forward. Now it helps you to stand up for yourself and to stand up for, for who you are.

And if people are trying to pull you down or they're not treating you appropriately, it's about not tolerating, that, that behavior from anyone else as well, standing up for your rights, it's having a willingness to experience rather than dis-own self. So start to experience yourself and self-acceptance is a precondition of precondition of change and growth, acceptance of mistakes, and learn from them.

Acceptance. Doesn't always mean that you like what is happening in the situation. However, it means that you can experience it without denial or avoidance.

So a fact is a fact, and that's what it is, but a self-acceptance it's about experiencing it. So third one we're moving into today is self-responsibility. So why do people not take responsibility and how do they demonstrate not taking responsibility?

So when people reject self-responsibility, they just don't want to see what's going on. Yeah, they were afraid of look into too closely. It's the old ostrich with the head in the same, same tree they don't want to know. Um, and they find situations that they're put into where they have to look into themselves and see what's going on.

 And they find that very confronting. They like to blame other people and, and outside forces. Uh, so they shift the responsibility from himself to things that they haven't got any control of. Anyway, cause at the end of the day, if you've got, if you don't take self-responsibility that you have no control, you have no control of what's going on in your life and you have no control of what is happening.

Then you actually give up freedom. It's so much easier to blame others than to accept responsibility. It's easy not having any, any goals and I'm not having any future plans shows no responsibility, lots of people I speak to, they don't do goals because they don't want to have any responsibility of actually achieving them. So take self responsibility.

 So our next topic is the last next week is last three. Pillars of self esteem will be exploring self awareness, self, assertiveness, and living on purpose. Motivational quote to finish up with is to establish true self esteem. We must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negativeness in their life. So be your best. And I look forward to seeing you again next week, take care.

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