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Are you wanting to gain more clarity, direction and focus?
Less Learning - More Doing !

Women in Business: Are you wanting to Transition into your online business or gain more clients in an existing business?

Launch, Grow and Scale Your Online Courses and Memberships

Become a Founding Member and be in a community that understands and supports you as your business thrives online!

Do want to launch, grow or scale your business? Follow our success pathway with a community to support you along the way

Launching, growing and scaling a business can be scary. It can be overwhelming when there is so much information freely available on the internet. The issue is not about having the information, the issue is not having the right success pathway to follow. Especially if you are a new business owner and you haven't got the business savviness yet! Which comes from being in the trenches!

Extra pressure around creating consistent income to support your business will occur. And doing business by yourself can become lonely, leaving you feeling unsupported and uncertain.

Being supported by  Launch, Grow and Scale online business  community is a healthy way to share common, real-world challenges and develop your business skills. You will be interacting with existing business leaders who are supportive and who are on the same pathway. 

Reach your full potential by embracing your personality, build your business skills, get clear on your strategic business strategies, bring in your dream team, and plot out your pathway that creates progress.

lee stemm life coaching

Mindset Coach | Corporate Trainer | Business Strategist

Hi I'm Lee

 I guide and coach women entrepreneurs who seek to launch, grow and scale their online courses and memberships. To gain more clarity, direction, and confidence making the right decisions, and to quickly move through any self-imposed limiting barriers. To build thriving businesses that ultimately create their desired lifestyles.

Follow the Success Pathway: Have more Clarity, Direction, and Focus. 

This Membership is about providing Course Creators and Membership hosts, a supportive environment that drives success by taking focused action for high-converting online businesses
Did you know that CONFIDENCE, DIRECTION and  CLARITY drives ACTION?

Success Pathway Characteristics:  Success Mindset Unlocked

Does this sound like you? Wanting to start up a business or pivot an existing business and you have lots of ideas that can become overwhelming. You may be working in a corporate job and have decided that it is time to ditch the rat race and start up your own business. You are seeking guidance and mentoring to reduce the overwhelm and confusion. Having a thriving business is something that you have been secretly thinking about for a long time, and you have finally decided to step across the line and fully commit to your entrepreneurial journey. You are excited and feeling a little doubtful as to whether this is for you. Maybe you have mixed feelings and would like to have some support. You are courageous, bold and your journey starts today.


Success Pathway Characteristics: Be the Amazing Strategic Marketer

You now have more clarity around your business idea, and who you want to serve. With this renewed clarity you are inspired to take action and unleash your brilliance and be seen and known. You engage with your beloved audience and quickly stand out from the online noise. You have refined your messaging which is attracting your audience. You are focused on adding value and being of service. You are building a reputation as a trusted business leader. 


Success Pathway Characteristics:  Deliver your Tactical Marketing that Converts

You have your strategic and tactical marketing dialed in and you are getting more clients. Every day you focus on something that will move the needle to create more momentum in your business. You have your marketing plan outlined and you follow it reaching all the milestones. You are focused and not distracted by new shiny objects, and as ideas come into your mind, you record them, knowing the importance of staying focused on your next important step. You are excited as you start to watch your business thrive, giving you the lifestyle of your choice.


Success Pathway Characteristics:  Systems and Automations - Streamlining your Processes

You are business savvy and you know the importance of having great systems in place in your business. You have automation in place that will guide your customers through your sales funnels, into your programs and memberships. As you wake up in the morning automatically you have more paid members and course participants who have signed up for your services. You can work smarter instead of harder in your business. You spend more time with your family and have a fulfilled life that allows you to enjoy your hobbies along with having financial freedom and a monthly recurring income


Success Pathway Characteristics: Build your Dream Team - Scaling your Business.

Time to bring you in your dream team, that is aligned with your business purpose, vision, and values. You now need support and have the finances to attract the right people into your business. Your business is ready to expand and move away from relying compellingly on you. This allows you to move faster and you get excited as you celebrate with your team your business successes. You can now work on more projects and branch out to seek new business opportunities. You have created the launch life of a successful online entrepreneur

join our Launch, Grow and Scale Community Membership

Develop success mindset

Many aspiring entrepreneurs don't realize running a business requires many sacrifices and changes in expectations. For example, an employee expects to get paid for work that was completed. Entrepreneurs know that payday for work they do today could be weeks or months away. A change in mindset is critical for success as an entrepreneur.

Having a community will encourage you to keep going, and not to give up. They understand you and as you step out of your comfort zone into your next stage within your business doubts will creep in. This is normal and  the secret is knowing how to manage those doubts when they appear. And they will!

We have your back

Emerge yourself into a community that is behind you. This is a safe place to let down your guard, and open up with your business challenges. You are listened to, understood and supported to move towards finding the right  business solution and to overcome any challenges that appear. The discussion groups will give you new insights and ideas to take back to your business that will enable you to rapidly bring in new clients.  And you will make some strong connections with other women who have your back.

You will gain faster momentum in your business when you stop and focus on your business, instead of putting out bush fires in your business. Increase productivity and work smarter in your business and not harder.

MAKE IT STICK challenges

Take part in the monthly short challenges around business development , self-mastery, emotional intelligence and increased productivity. Celebrate your wins with your community. MAKE IT STICK CHALLENGES enable you to develop your business  skills and gain new insights through working with you clients. Use these challenges to engage with your communities, increase your productivity, and position yourself for future business growth and scale. Build a reputation of a trusted leader that is respected and attracts the high performers who are aligned with your purpose, vision and values.

move from leaning to doing

Action plans will be completed as we are not about overwhelming you with lots of information.

Our focus is on you working at your own pace and apply existing  knowledge along with new insights. This membership is focusing on you  creating new habits and business strategies that drive results rapidly. It is  designed for action takers who ae not afraid of making mistakes or trying to be perfect before they take action.  Our focus is on what you do and your approach that will make you an extraordinary business leader who stands by your principles that ultimately empowers your dream team. 

Learning and Doing with our Support

What is Included in the BASIC Package Membership?

Monthly Live Mastermind Coaching Session

We will be masterminding topics such as marketing, personal development and productivity each month. Take away action plays and MAKE IT STICK challenges each month that will be embedded into your business. These sessions will be recorded enabling you to review material and ideas to gain more insights leading to more clients and business growth.

Submit your Questions Monthly 

Each month you can submit your  business and team questions, which will be addressed by Lee. These will be recorded and uploaded to your membership area so that you can view them at a time that works for you!

LET IT STICK - Monthly Challenge

You will get a bite-sized small challenge each month to complete. We are not trying to overload you with knowledge, we are wanting to see you take ACTION and gain new insights as a Confident Online Course Creator and Membership Leader.

Community Support giving you Clarity, Direction and Focus

Never feel like you are alone again. Having a supportive safe community will empower you to smash through any self-imposed barriers, build your high-converting online business and  how to lead your dream team. We will hold  you accountable to achieve more, and to overcome any self-doubts. You will build some great connections and relationships and network with others who are on the same page as you.  



You missed out!

Membership Monthly Investment 

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Basic  package

Clarity, direction and Focused Action 





About the Lee Stemm

Mindset Coach | Trainer | Online Business Strategist 

Lee is a International Coach and holds the following qualifications: Qualified as a Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Online Business Strategist, and Membership Community Builder.

She started her first coaching business in 2001 and supports her clients at many different levels, ranging from developing the success mindset, building successful online businesses and leading teams. Over the past 20 years she has coached women to ditch the corporate job and transition into their own business. She still coaches women in the workplace to strive in their leadership roles.   

 Are you ready to launch, grow and scale your business? To confidently lead your dream team as empowered business leader!

Our Clients

Natalie Forder

I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and was looking for direction, clarity and confidence. I now am able to work more effectively and to think completely differently how I manage and implement my activities.

She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phrase of growing my business. I also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.

Kelly Boderick

We were having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching.

She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction..

Dianne Re-gained her Confidence as a Leader with a challenging environment and is now preparing to transition into another role

Dianne S - Senior Leader - Public Service Sector

Karen was struggling with sales team members who were not following her direction. She has just gained a new role in another company and it is perfectly aligned to her values. She knew what she was searching for, and had the confidence to put herself forward

Karen G - Team Leader - New Zealand

Renata avoided those tough conversations, and the team simply were not acknowledging or respecting her. She started to have those difficult conversations in just 4 weeks. Renata was a newly appointed leader and is enjoying her role again. 

Renata L - Team Leader - Community Services - NEw Zealand

Download Our Business Growth Model

We will be following this model throughout the masterminding sessions. You will work through the milestones and action plans at your own pace before advancing to the next stage.

Frequently asked questions

When are the masterminding sessions conducted?

Once we shut the doors on the enrolments you will be invited into an onboarding session, where as a group the dates will be determined. I envisage that the sessions will be during working hours or in the evenings. The majority vote from the group will determine the outcome.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and uploaded into the membership area within 24 hours. This will enable you to watch the replays and preview the sessions at a time that is convenient. 

This there a guarantee?

Yes there is a 14 day guarantee after you purchase your membership. IF you find this mastermind membership is not right for you, then simply let us know and your investment will be refunded in full, and you will be removed from the membership area.  

How do I get my questions answered ? 

You will submit your questions using our question submission form. This session is recorded, your question will be addressed and you will be able to watch binge watch them at a time that works for you!

Are there locked in contracts?

No locked in contracts. You simply pay per month and if you wish to cancel, then one month's notice is required. This enables us to complete an exit strategy, ensuring you have a plan in place to move forward

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