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Join our Business Productivity Maximizer  Inner Circle Mastermind - Membership

Supporting business owners who are wanting to grow and scale in 2020. Even if you are thinking of starting up a business, then this group is perfect for you.  Our focus is on strategic marketing and setting these in place, before going to tactical marketing

Are you currently aware of the fact you need to move your business  online, but you're sitting there thinking, HOW?!

Build Your Online Programs and events  within just 3 Weeks

Market | Build |  Convert | Launch

  • Get Your courses  SOLD out
  • Create an audience waiting to enroll
  • Automate your Sales Funnel
  • Research and Test your Market
  • Build your online assets
  • Ensure your business keeps thriving

Imagine what it would be like, if you had your ultimate clients chasing you Instead of you working so hard

  • Establish an online presence with authority being the leader of a community..
  • Leverage your FB group with automation funnels that will free up your time, so you are not locked to the keyboard...
  • You will attract group members who will become ultimately your clients that will pay for your services...
  • Once your process is performing, then it can be duplicated and automated to run without you...
  • Stop working so hard to find new clients and feeling stressed out…
  • Land much, MUCH more! . ...
  • sell out your online courses

    Creating Irresistible Offers That Fill Out Your Workshops

    This Power Packed Workshop  Series will guide you through the step by step process, that will fast track your Course  Offers that are Irresistible

    • Understand what the Market Wants
    • Customize your market Combination
    • Creating Your Sales Process Funnel
    • Course offer Template
    • Walk through videos

    Team Development Programs

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    Conflict Management for New Leaders 6 Week Boot Camp

     Action is Crucial in Achieving Success
    You are Supported Every Step of the Way
    • Defining and Understanding Conflict
    • Explore the 5 Different Ways to Handle Conflict whilst managing the process
    •  Effective Communication during Conflict
    • Paraphrasing and Artful  Questioning Techniques
    • Setting Expectations and Agreement Frames
    • It is Time to Confront - Have that important conversation

    How to Master your most
     difficult working relationship
    in 5 Days Mini Course

    • Pre-workshop - 'Pick the difficult person you have been avoiding having  that important conversation 
    • Day1 - Learn How to Handle this difficult personality type
    • Day 2 -Gain Courage to have your Conversation
    • Day 3 - Conduct your Personal Integrity Scan
    • Day 4 - Complete your  Scripts and template for that important conversation
    • Day 5 - Live Q + A   Session with Lee
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