Entrepreneurs – Overcome the Imposter Syndrome ( simple tips)

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Ditch the Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome can leave you paralyzed. And we all have experienced this as entrepreneurs.  It is normal to doubt yourself when you are working in unfamiliar territory within your business.  After all it is a steep learning curve, when you have to do it all yourself, until you build your team.

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The Problem

Entrepreneurs often self-doubt themselves when they are in unfamiliar territory.

And this is absolutely normal, when you venture out into unknown waters. 

The secret is to quickly recognize your doubts, and manage them effectively, so you keep moving forward within your business.   

Has this happened to you?

Have you ever struggled with the imposter syndrome, when it is time to launch your online courses or memberships? You have purchased the training material, completed all the work, and hesitate to hit the launch button, and get enrolments. I see this all the time in the communities that I support, and I want you to know that this is normal.

Everyone has started out where you are today. 

Would you like to know some ways to banish your self-imposed limiting barriers, that keep you from achieving your aspirations?

It can become quiet stressful when you are continually self-doubting yourself, thinking about your  inability to perform a task to expectations?

Maybe you think that you don't know enough, that you should not be leading others, or who can successfully run an online business.  

Yes these are signs of the self-doubting Imposter Syndrome.   Simply starting, and through taking action, you will gain the confidence to run a thriving online business. 

Impostor Syndrome occurs when you get out of your Comfort Zone

Here is where it gets interesting, the Impostor Syndrome strikes hardest when you are within unfamiliar territory, then this inner voice known as the impostor Syndrome” will come out to see if you are really serious and to test your resilience.

It doesn’t occur when you do the same thing every day, and you can do that task in your sleep; therefore if you are experiencing the Impostor Syndrome, than celebrate because you are a high achiever and you are on your  path of personal and professional growth.

Continual Growth is your Foundational Pillar...

As a women in business  it is important to lead with confidence, and continue your own growth is a foundational pillar that is necessary for you to reach high levels of achievement. Be a Women that others will admire and respect, simply by who you have become. Having the resilience that you show when overcoming unexpected setbacks and challenges, allows others to step up and follow your example.

Not only will you feel more fulfilled at work, it will also flow into your personal life. Feeling more connected to your family with that quiet presence that others are drawn to.

The Key is to Disrupt the Imposter Syndrome  .....

Along the way you will learn new lessons, develop your skills, create a strong mental mindset, and come out feeling a sense of achievement. This is your journey, and it all starts with taking a risk, and embracing your inner strength as a Women in Leadership

How painful would that be, just think about it, everyday you need to numb out, doing the same thing all day long.  Being in mediocrity for your whole working life?

Smile Confidently - You are about to Embark on an Exciting Journey...

Confidence is a big factor  on how you approach your business. My 5 Actions to build self confidence article will give you some tips to move your forward. Access the article - Click Here 

When these feelings creep in, instead of allowing them to take over, you stop and smile confidently, catch your breath, as you know you are going to be starting another exciting adventure that will lead to personal and professional growth. When you feel the anxiety and butterflies, tell yourself another story, embrace the opportunity in front of you, seize it immediately, as you have decided to play a bigger role in life.

Here are you tips that will help you banish the Impostor Syndrome forever

Your Take-away Tips - Banishing the Impostor Syndrome Forever

Tip 1

Self- Awareness and Self -Reflection: Note when these feelings come up to the surface. Find out more:  What stage your business is in and the emotions that you may be feeling in that specific stage - CLICK HERE 

Journaling is an amazing tool to get this out of your head onto paper.

What activity was it around? Who else is involved in the issue, is it just you or someone else? What brings these feeling on? Tap into your emotions along with your thoughts.

Tip 2

 Reframe the issue

Now that it is on paper, how can you remove the frame and put a positive spin on it. Reframing is a powerful tool, and it will completely change your perspective.

 E.g. I was attending a networking function and could not find a car park nearby, eventually I found one however it was quite a distance for me to walk.

Reframing the situation allowed me to look at it as at least I got some exercise in which I had been avoiding, instead of feeling anxious and frustrated about being late.

Tip 3

Talk about your feelings without holding back:

Find someone who you trust. Put yourself in a safe environment to remove all the masks that you wear and to talk from your heart.

Allow yourself to acknowledge the feelings and set up your support person to simply listen and not try to fix you. You are not broken.

Tip 4

Consider the Context:

For example, if you are not feeling confident about dong ………., then ask yourself where you feel confident in a different area. Remember if you are confident in other areas, it simply is because this is new to you.

Think of that confidence you have had previously, and reflect how it felt when you had overcome the barriers before you gained achievement in that area? Find supportive evidence to prove to you that you are a confident person.

Tip 5

Reframe mistakes and failure

ou will make mistakes along the way, that is how we learn.

There will be times that you do not achieve the outcome immediately. Reframe Failure to “Simply Not Yet ……

“Everyone makes mistakes this is part of learning and growing

Tip 6

Be kind to yourself

Celebrate your wins and give yourself the grace of kindness. Treat yourself as though you were speaking to a child, who looks up at you with tears in her eyes, and you comfort her, letting her know that it will be okay.

Treat yourself with kindness,  and simply learn from your mistakes and move on quickly with courage and passion.

We change all the time, and having the ability to adapt to change is your greatest asset.

Take a minute to really think about the way you approach your work and your interests. Do you really believe you can grow? Or are you stuck in a fixed mentality?

Our businesses like our lives, are always changing, evolving, and growing. And we need to keep up with them if we do not want to be left behind.

Approach your business  with a growth mindset?

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Your Summary - 6 tips to overcome the imposter syndrome


  • Increse your self awareness through self reflection
  •  Reframe the issue
  •  Talk about your feelings without holding back
  •  Consider the context
  •  Turn mistakes into learnings
  • Be kind to yourself

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