Entrepreneurs Setting Client Expectations (avoid these mistakes)

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Entrepreneurs Setting Client Expectations

Have you worked with a client, and resented doing the session? Yet you love doing what you do!

In today’s article,  I will be talking about a huge mistake that I made with my new membership, and how I didn't set expectations up front. 

Being an entrepreneur is not always smooth sailing and it does take time to gain momentum in your business. In fact, 20% fail in their first year and a further 60% of businesses stop operating within the first 3 years. 

I have certainly had my lows and highs in my business. It is like being on a roller coaster. And the thing that keeps me going is my passion, vision, and resilience. I don’t know how many times over the 21 years that I have received an email letting me know of a quick rich money-making opportunity.

The Problem

Entrepreneurs love doing what we do, and sometimes this can become a double edged sword, if boundaries and expectations are not set with our communities & clients 

Has this happened to you?

And to be honest with you, if you are in business just for the money you will not stay motivated when times are tough. As you will find the tasks that you are doing are boring and meaningless. You just won't have the drive to keep pushing forward.

Heart-centered Entrepreneurs love serving people and guiding their clients and communities towards their goals. It lights them up and often they walk away from their conversations feeling even more energized. 

However this desire to help people can also be a double-edged sword. And in this podcast today I am talking about how we can sabotage ourselves by not setting expectations upfront with our clients and communities.

Let me tell you one valuable lesson that I learned around not having expectations set

I decided to start up a new membership for entrepreneurs who are wanting to create and launch online courses. The purpose of this membership was to provide a safe environment to connect with others and network together. Plus live sessions for masterminding and open discussions, so they can bounce ideas off each other, gently hold each other accountable and encourage each other to keep focused and moving forward in their business.

Having just pivoted into this new business idea, I really didn’t have a large list to market to, and I was so excited when I got one person to raise their hand. After all, everyone starts with one person, right.
Now I want you to know that I love coaching and helping entrepreneurs to develop a winning mindset, plus sharing a lot of marketing ideas so they can quickly move forward.

Here are the common mistakes that unfolded in my business

Mistake 1

i didnt stick to the process
 I set up the onboarding session for this one person and the intention was to give a tour of their membership area, communicate the success pathway, and ensure all tech login details were working properly.

The onboarding session was scheduled for 15 minutes. And when I held the session I wanted to help this new member so much that it lasted 1 hour. There was my first mistake. I didn't set any boundaries and I didn’t hold back, and i certainly did not stick to the process. I was doing what I loved to do, being of service. The  session went for 1 hour and followed her agenda and not mine, which was the onboarding process

Take control over the session?

I informed her since she was the first person in the membership, the bad news was, there is no community to engage with at the moment, however, the good news was that she will be getting one-on-one attention from me in the live sessions until others joined the membership.

She was delighted and agreed that was a good idea.  Then I received a long email from her after the onboarding session, wanting me to review her copywriting for a landing page, and website even before our first membership session.

I was taken back, and obviously, I didn’t set expectations, as nowhere in the membership promotions did I mention sending me through all of your work for me to preview before each session. I had to sit back and look at how did this happen, how did I miscommunicate expectations.

Other Mistakes that I made

mistake 1

Gave away freely too much of my time

Because I had spent so much time with her prior to starting the membership, I had set up expectations that I will continue to give my time and go the extra mile

Mistake 2

Never start a Membership with only one person

Never start a membership off with 1 person - Send them to a waitlist until you have more people wanting to join your membership

mistake 3

Listen to your Intuition

Listen to the warning signals of those clients that you don’t want to work with - And if you see them then refund their money and let them go

mistake 4

Never undervalue yourself

Know your self-worth and maintain your composure - I still can't believe that I was willing to personally coach someone for $25 a session. Gosh what happened to me

mistake 5

Belong to a Supportive Community 

Be in a supportive environment that understands you and are there for you. Reach out to them, and gain their perspectives in those tough days

Now you would think that I know better, as I have run so many corporate workshops around leadership and setting expectations.

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Your 6 tips: Setting expectation conversations


  • Write down your promises and rethink them before you communicate them
  • Keep your word and follow your own guidelines
  • Don’t take on clients who are not a good fit
  • Set your boundaries  clearly and concisely
  • Remember who you are and how much you have invested into yourself and business to be where you are at today.
  • Put everything in writing


Now you would think that I know better, as I have run so many corporate workshops around leadership and setting expectations. I guess I was just feeling vulnerable at the time, and never thought that my generosity would lead to being taken advantage of, And yes I take responsibility for allowing this to happen to me. I forgot who I am and to always remember that people will treat you based on what you will tolerate. We are all human and we do make mistakes.

The secret is to self-reflect and learn from our mistakes

If you enjoyed this podcast & article  today - 

Please share it with someone that needs a bit of encouragement and support in their business.

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