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3 Step Exercise - Create Captivating Content in 10 minutes


Bonus - 5 tips to Create Captivating Content that Resonates with your Audience

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Creating Captivating Content  is easy when you know the formulas to follow. In this article I will show you how to create captivating content that resonates with your audience, which can be used on social media and your email list.  Dialing in your message so it grabs your audience's attention, will immediately enable you to stand out of the online noise.

 Discover the 5 Steps to Creating captivating content that resonates with your audience.

Having your message dialed in is the first step to creating captivating content that connects you with your dream clients, so they start to seek you out. It is easy to focus on the wrong thing if you are a new online entrepreneur. And getting momentum within your business is certainly not an overnight success.

It can feel overwhelming, frustrating and at times, you may think it is taking forever. Those who gain success online have dedicated themselves to others and have the patience to learn from their mistakes through consistent action... 

There is a lot to learn when you first start an online business

When you start, you may think that you have to do everything

  • Creating captivating content 
  • Posting every day on all the social media platforms
  • Responding to everyone who has shown an interest in your content
  • Getting all of your Tech together, building automation, emails, etc
  • Learning how to use Tech 
  • And the list goes on

The secret is creating captivating content  

The secret is to focus on the right thing at the right time. Otherwise, you are left feeling drained and trapped in thinking you are doing everything and nothing is working. And this will undoubtedly exhaust you emotionally. 

Beware of the shiny object syndrome that distracts you from staying on task. Jumping from one idea to another will slow your progress down, as you will constantly be restarting from the beginning each time. 

Getting your messaging dialed in once you have identified the person you want to serve is your next step. And it is so much easier when you have a few steps to give you a process to follow when it comes to creating captivating content. Access your Dream Client Worksheets and go deeper into understanding your dream client

As promised here are your

 5 Steps to Creating captivating content

that resonates with your audience.

Step 1   Listen in to the conversations of your Dream Clients - Makes creating Captivating content so easy 

 Listen in to the conversations that your dream clients are having. This information is part of your market research and can be found on the social media platforms that they hang out.

For example: Do they hang out on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and many more social media platforms. 

Notice what topics they respond to and create captivating content that will quickly grab their attention.

Don't worry if you don't have an engaged community on social media yet. Find someone who is an influencer and watch what topics they are posting. Of course, you will model from them and make the content your own.

It is important not to copy their work or steal their work but to use it as inspiration.

Knowing some questions that will help you better understand your dream client will give you more clarity and connection.   

Access here: Create captivating content that resonates with your audience in 10 minutes worksheet

Step 2     Use statistics to give you clarity - So you know what is change when you are creating captivating content

Set up tracking codes such as Google Analytics onto all of your web pages and opt-in pages. Remember: If you can't track what is happening in your business, you can't measure the results. Which means you don't know what is working.

Your email service provider (ESP) will also provide you with essential statistics giving you an idea of engagement. It is not how extensive your list is. It is your engagement level that counts. 

Look for open email rates and click-through rates. If your available rates are low, then look at changing your subject lines. If your click-through rates are low, look at your messaging, formatting, and where the placement of your links is in your email. 

Notice you're unsubscribe rates as well and if there is a high percentage, look carefully at that content. You are looking for a pattern change that could be going off-topic, how often you are promoting, and how you built your list.

Step 3   Creating Captivating Content : Use the language of your dream client

Using industry language instead of your audience's language will not resonate with your dream clients. Remember the beginner mindset and keep it simple. 

For example:

Marketers' language for attracting new clients may be "driving traffic to your lead magnet."

A beginner mindset will use language such as "gaining more visitors to my gift."

 Can you see the difference here? Take your time creating content, and it is far better to have good quality instead of quantity.

Step 4   Ensure your emails get delivered to their inbox

 You can spend hours crafting great content, and your audience may not ever see them in their inbox. Your efforts may be in vain. It can be frustrating when your emails end up in their spam, junk, or other folders, where they will miss your information. 

I like to create my content first, and then once I have completed it, I start to explore some ideas of a good subject line.

 There are some free tools available that are excellent for analyzing your headlines. Such as this blog post headline generator. 

Active Campaign also goes into this topic for you to read on the best practices for email delivery

As you can see, some great tools are freely available, enabling you to make better-informed decisions as you increase your knowledge.  

Step 5     Let them know what content is coming up

I like to get my audience curious about what will be coming up in the following weekly email. Have you watched your favorite Netflix series, and you say to your friend, "just one episode? And right at the end of the episode, you are left wanting to know what will happen next. So you grab your popcorn and blanket and binge-watch for the next 5 hours.  

Watch how the movie industry uses its trailers as a teaser. 

Finishing a series with a teaser is known as an open-loop, and when you apply this idea to your emails, you will see your engagement rates skyrocket. 

Here is an example:

Suppose you are letting people know about building an engaged email list. You may mention the five common mistakes made around email list engagement. And you may speak about 3 of them in that email. And at the end of the email, you mention that you will be covering the following two mistakes in the next week's email. 


There you have it. The five simple steps to create dynamic, captivating content to attract clients will energize you and wait for your next course release. 

This foundation work is so important, and it does take time to truly understand who you want to serve and dial in your messaging. Over the past three years as an online entrepreneur, I revisited my ideal client avatar work ( getting to know my audience ) at least four times each year. And every time I put time aside to do this work, I get a deeper understanding of my dream clients. 

It takes time to build an online business, and when you explore the highly successful online entrepreneurs, you will notice that it took them decades to get to the place they are in today. So roll up your sleeves and focus on impact, and become obsessed with wanting to know more about your audience. And then you will stand out from the noise on social media. 

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