5 day mini-course Conversational Mastery Lab

Mastering the courage, having those real conversations, speak up and be heard as an empowered woman.

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What is included

  • Self Paced Mini-course 5 Days - Video's and Activity Sheets
  • Private Closed Safe Group to submit your activity sheets for feedback
  • Unlimited email support during the 5 day Lab
  •  Scripts to Prepare for that important conversation
  • Downloadable 10 Behavior Cheat Sheets - Step by step process on how to adapt and guide the conversation with each behavioral style
  • Bonus #1: Attend  group coaching mastermind session valued at $150
  • Bonus #2: Conversations debrief package  -  valued at $200

Ï was having doubts around my ability as a team leader. There was a bit of hesitation going onto the coaching program thinking that I haven't enough time or can I afford to invest into myself. I was so glad when I jumped into the program. I gained some great tools, insights and had a conversation that I had been putting off with a team member.

Renata Lubb

Team Leader - Community Services New Zealand

It is immediately applicable to your space that you're going to transfer it into.
She uncovers self-limiting beliefs that sit within your psyche that you're going to manage and control. And she also provides the scripts and tools for you to apply during your next conversation.

Dianna Sando

Senior Team Leader - Public Sector - Brisbane

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