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Your Boost Emotional Resilience Coaching Package Includes:

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you find this program not the right fit for you, then  let us know and your money will be refunded in full within the 14 days money back guarantee.

  • 5 Weekly Training Videos, Downloadable audios, activity sheets & Resources. Work through at your own pace to go through the training material. Bring your activity sheets to the weekly group coaching sessions.
  • 5 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions & Replays on the sessions: Join the coaching sessions lead personally by Lee. Ask your questions, gain new insights and go deeper into each week's topic.  
  •  24/7 Membership Site Access - Review your training material and replays up to 6 months - Even after the 5 week program is completed you can still review all of the training material for 6 months, to gain deeper understanding and new learnings.
  • Private closed Community Group  - Connect with others for encouragement and support. You  are not alone, and being able to connect with other women who are on their same path of emotional resilience certainly is a game-changer. Get more support and encouragement through your community.
  • Unlimited Email support for 5 weeks: Perhaps you are having a challenging day and need to gain a new perceptive from someone outside of the organization. We are here for you and we care. Shoot across your email and Lee will personally respond back.
  • Bonus 1: Optimized LinkedIn Profile  and feedback: Take the proactive approach and get your LinkedIn Profile optimized so you can  quickly reach out to recruiters to explore new opportunities outside of the company or start to build your social media presence for your new business.   Valued at : $700.00
  •  Bonus 2: Difficult Behavioral Styles 6 Video Series - Identify the difficult behavioral styles and know who to adapt to each style. Follow the step by step formulas and scripts so you can prepare with confidence.   Valued at : $750.00t
  • Bonus 3: 2 Tickets - 1/2 day Online Live Workshop - Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome and embrace your strengths, talents and new opportunities  Valued at $950.00
  • Bonus  4:  Conversational Debrief Video Bundle with Feedback. Send through your video after you have a difficult conversation. Gain some feedback from Lee and develop the resilient mindset that you will not be silenced.   Valued at : $500.00

Lee Stemm was my Professional Coach in 2010 when I was based in Brisbane. I voluntarily sought Lee out as a Coach after witnessing her success with one of my direct reports and the subsequent success of several other leaders reporting to me when I contracted Lee to the hotel's Leadership Coaching program.
As a coach, Lees program was in-depth and had an easy to follow a framework that drew out root causes of issues that were managed through the program, such that my overall leadership performance excelled. She applied her expertise in NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming). She was able to help develop, with the ownership of the coachee, behavioral changes that created long term improvements in leadership skills. I would recommend Lee as a Professional Coach. Her involvement in our business and my own development was and remain invaluable.

Raymond Faulkner, General Manager Holiday Inn Brisbane


I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and looked for direction, clarity, and confidence. I now can work more effectively and think completely differently about how I manage and implement my activities. She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phase of growing my business. 

 also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.

Natalie Forder, Business Owner Kiwi Designs.

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