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Confidently voice your ideas and perspectives. Be seen and recognized as an authentic impactful leader with grace.

8 - Week Coaching Program.

Delivering Critical Conversations with ease, whilst mentoring and inspiring teams

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If, for any reason, you don't feel this program is not a good fit , you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after the program commences. If you have any issues, just get in touch with us and we'll either help you out or give you a full refund.

Training Modules

Week 1

Week 1: Start with the WHY in mind

Without a why you can find yourself drifting from one opportunity to the next, with nothing more than fleeting excitement for a new idea. Or you may find yourself in a situation that you have lost your motivation and drive. Knowing the WHY behind what you do and how it aligns with your own core values is like having that compass, the true north. It will bring you back on track with more focus and renewed determination when challenged, and you need to gather the motivation to keep taking action.

Week 2

Achieving Success with One Conversation at a Time

Understand different communication and behavioral styles. How to adapt and guide the conversation based on respect and assertiveness, using your strengths as an authentic woman in leadership. Explore the hidden obstacles and past conditioning that stop you from having those critical conversations. Develop your conversational scripts with our templates to guide the conversation without losing your personal power. Commit to having that critical conversation that you have been avoiding and that needs to be spoken.

week 3

Control your Emotions & Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Make no mistake, EI is a lifelong skill and if you take the time to learn and understand how your emotions impact everything that you do  then you will be the leader who stands out in the crowd. Gaining more respect and validation as you lead with empathy, compassion and humility.  The  session will bring up some thought provoking questions and a clear, meaningful message that inspires you to learn more about yourself, your values, mission and how to apply them to yourself and your teams.  Learning to control your emotions and lifting others emotions is a real game changer as a leader!

Week 4: Discover the 4 Different Leadership Styles & When to Adapt.

Determine what your professional leadership style is and how that affects the people around you. Explore 4 Different Leadership Styles and know which one to use with your team member. Reflect on the leaders who have inspired you in the past? This will give you some clarity to model the characteristics that inspired you whilst continuing on your leadership path.

step 3

Week 5: Bring it all together - Your Plan, Role Plays and Implementation

This is the session where you will bring your critical conversational scripts, conduct role plays, gain insights, and ask any question about having that important conversation. You will prepare and commit to having the conversation that you have been avoiding or how to approach it. You will also plan out how you will integrate the lessons and insights you have learned throughout the coaching program. You will walk away with your next 30-day action plan to continue your professional & personal growth.

Additional Bonuses to the Program

In addition to the Training and Coaching valued at $997 above,

you’ll also get $1,794 in free BONUSES…

Bonus 1

Bonus 1: Video Package - Turning Conflict into Co-Operation

Video Series enabling you to identify and understand 6 difficult personality types behaviors when under stress. Understand their hidden agendas whilst moving into honest real conversations.
Discover how to deal with people when they are at their worst whilst building a professional relationship. You learn what to do to get people to stop whining, attacking, blowing up, and breaking promises.

($497 value)

bonus 2

Bonus 2: Your Debrief Feedback Package

Gain personalized feedback & insights on how your important conversation played out. Complete your self-evaluation and send in your debrief 5-minute video to Lee. Once your video has been received, it will be reviewed by Lee, who will respond, giving you some valuable insights and feedback.

Your feedback package entitles you to send through 4 debrief Videos over a period of 4 months.


($700 value)

step 3

Bonus 3: Keeping Future Conversations Alive

This is one of the most popular modules from our Conflict Bootcamp 101 course.  You will go through the benefits and importance of setting expectations and boundaries. Understand the impact that occurs when expectations are not set and close the gap between expectations and results. Finishing off with how to handle emotionally disappoints when your expectations are not reached within your role as an authentic leader.

Lee’s style is very welcoming and inclusive and she has a massive amount of tools in her tool belt and was able to adapt and change sessions according to the need of the class. 

Lee was able to capture some employees who were struggling and provide a safe and secure place for them to communicate as part of the sessions.

Lee's flexible and agile approach to learning. Lee is a wealth of knowledge.

Leanne Lorena

HR Senior Manager QLeave

The main benefit that I feel that has come from my coaching are from the comments made from my colleagues and the changes they see in my management style. Additionally, I feel that previously to my coaching I was unclear when communicating the type of leader, I wanted to be. Lee has assisted me with this and I am crystal clear on the type of leader I want to be which is directly aligned to my values and the company’s values.“

Kylie Mitchell

HR Talent Manager and Trainer – Holiday Inn Brisbane

Are You Ready to Join the Coaching Program that teaches You how to step into your own personal power with the right tools to speak up and be heard as an authentic woman in leadership - Trailblazing your Future?

  • 5 Weeks Training Videos, downloadable audios, activity sheets and resources
  • 5 Weekly 60 Minute Group Coaching Call
  • 3 Support & Connection Calls  - Breakout Masterminding Rooms
  • 24 /7 Membership Site - Access to Training Videos & Coaching Replay Calls
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 3 Bonuses valued at $1,794

Total Value Of Trainings, Coaching & Bonuses:


Yours for $2,791 $997

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