Improve Your Creativity Skills and Tap into Your Imagination

Increasing your Creativity Skills

Have you ever been in a position in your business or workplace where you spend hours staring mindlessly at a blank screen or out the window? 

Trying to develop the next idea or solution to an existing problem, and nothing comes to mind? And maybe you completely abandon this and switch to an easier task. 

It is much easier to do familiar things; however, growth only occurs when you do things differently. 

Or you are in a team meeting, and nobody is putting forward any ideas, and all you hear is the sound of crickets. You know that it is crucial to get your team members involved, but they sit back and wait until you do all the work?

I certainly have been in this position with my team, and many of my clients have experienced this. I will share with you some creative skills that I teach my coaching clients in this article. Being a coach for over 20 years and having my business certainty has required me to tap into my creativity.

Once you understand these principles and can apply them yourself, you will confidently use them within your next team meeting. 

So let’s get started! Are you ready to step into creative thinking now?

Did you know that you are already creative, even if you’ve failed to realize it? You can’t fail to create. You created everything in your life you’re living right now, even if you don’t appreciate it very much! 

However, unless you’ve tried to maximize your creativity, you’ve only been operating at half-throttle. It’s possible to be much more creative than you have been in the past.

Accessing your imagination and then using it to find creative solutions will make life easier, more enjoyable, and bring you greater fulfillment

Is this happening to you?

You are a team leader, and you find it hard to come up with creative ideas, and you remain silent in your weekly meetings?

Or your team relies on you to do all the work, and they sit back, remaining silent.

Are you a woman who has your own business, and you go blank looking at a blank screen, not knowing where to start? So you move onto the next task and never complete that one thing that could advance your business?

It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and felt feeling a sense of hopelessness. You have sleepless nights trying to work it out, and it shouldn't be this difficult. Right?

I have had moments like this as well, and so have my coaching clients. What I am sharing with you will completely change your approach to exploring new methods to engage your teams and move your business forward.

The best way to create change is to take action and schedule some of these activities into your calendar.

Ways to Enhance your ability to access your imagination with these strategies:

Point 1

Practice without distractions

Turn off the TV and dim the lights. Have a seat and close your eyes. Allow your mind to wander, but don’t fall asleep. Instead of trying to steer your thoughts, let them run wild. Practice being an observer instead of a director. Do this daily for 15-20 minutes.

  • Use all of your senses. You can do more than just see. You have the ability to hear, feel, smell, and touch. Use all of these senses when you’re utilizing your imagination.
  • Your imagination will feel stronger if you use it daily. Try not to skip a day
Point 2

Read something outrageous (for you)

Try reading a fictional book about aliens, fire-breathing dragons, or time travel. Expose yourself to new ideas and concepts. The more you experience, the more your imagination will have to work.

  • The same goes for movies. Branch out. You can only watch so many action movies or romantic comedies!
Point 3

Take up a creative hobby

 Learn to paint, take up sculpture, or play the accordion. Try writing a screenplay or drawing a monster. Use the creative part of your brain.

point 4

Explore your passions

Do something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet. New mental states can increase your level of creativity.

Now it is time to take Action - Use your imagination to find creative solutions 

Set an intention


Think of an intention as a short-term goal for an activity. What are you trying to accomplish with your imagination?

 Find a solution for your relationship challenge? Figure out a way to earn more money? Invent a gadget that will change the world?

It’s important to have an objective for your imagination to focus on.

Choose a method of addressing your imagination


You can turn off the lights and focus on your intention

You can sleep on it. 

You could sit at a clean table with a pad of paper and write whatever comes to mind. Keep going for at least 30 minutes.

You could ask yourself questions and listen for the answers.

Take part in an activity that engages your mind, but not completely. 

This can include activities like cleaning the house, taking a shower, mowing the lawn, or listening to classical music. These activities occupy part of your mind, but leave the remainder to create ideas.

Act on what you discover


Act on what you discover. Creative solutions are worthless unless you act upon them.

Reward yourself for being creative by putting your ideas into action. Sort your ideas and choose the best one.

Try and see if your imagination was correct! You’ll get better with practice.


Your great creativity is one of the things that separates you from other forms of life. Using your creativity effectively can help you to find better solutions to the challenges in your life.

Creativity can fade with age, but that’s just because you fail to use it regularly. 

Your ability to imagine is one way to address your creativity. Instead of mindlessly staring out the window and daydreaming, you can direct your imagination to address specific issues in your life.

Picture yourself at the next meeting and you can come up with new creative ideas that instantly grab attention from others. As an empowered woman, you confidently put across your ideas with conviction, confidence, and poise. Others simply start to value your contribution to the company because you can think outside the box. 

Now that you have some ways of tapping into your creativity would you like to know of 25 Different ways that you can boost your own creativity? 

Do you have a friend or colleague that would like to increase their Creativity?

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About the Author

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My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

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