Increase Productivity through Habit Stacking

Increase Productivity through Habit Stacking

Do you find that you may have thoughts of starting a new habit, that will move you closer to the your next goal and never seem to stay on track? You have great intentions and you get really motivated, then things just go pear shaped.

Imagine what it would be like to be excited every day to work on your business. To throw away the ‘to do list ‘and start to create the “no to do list”.  As you start up your computer, you know exactly what to focus on every day. You go through your morning rituals and look through your calendar, to see what you have scheduled for the day. 

You use all the time mastery techniques and know that you cannot manager time, that you have to manage yourself. That is right, managing yourself.  At the end of the day you seat back and reflect on how productive you were. Now this is becoming normal as you have put in place great mental habits that work for you.

Here is today's tip – Habit Stacking

What is Habit Stacking and how does it work?

Fist let us focus on the fact to achieve success takes consistency and focus. This can be achieved by developing good productive habits.

Developing great habits that support your vision and values will give you energy and stimulate excitement within . This all comes to your ability to have a powerful mindset. I call it your mental game.

Everything you do depends on your mental game. Especially being an entrepreneur. You will always have those highs and lows being in business. Therefore, to be successful work is needed on maintaining the right mental approach.

Now stop for a moment and think about your current habits or structure that you do every day. What is your routine. For example my routine is in the morning I wake up, go to the toilet, have a shower followed by dental hygiene then cleansing and monitoring my face.  Now I have already created this habit unconsciously, and always follow in that order.

Then I would grab a coffee, throw a quick breakfast and head on up to the office and open my emails. My emails were dictating how I was going to feel for the day. It could be that I am running an Ad program and not getting the results that I am looking for, maybe waiting for an important email around a new contract, and it hasn’t come through. This of course would start to create doubts, am I good enough, what is wrong with me, this is not working to work etc. etc etc.

Can you see by opening my emails first thing in the morning can set my tone for the day.

Change is required and now we need to install a new habit. Let’s say that we want to start to meditate in the morning and haven’t been able to achieve it.

So, lets insert that habit and stack it on top of our existing habits. Now my routine stays the same, except after breakfast, I come upstairs to meditate before I even decide to look at my computer emails. I seat quietly for 20 minutes visualizing what I need to achieve for the day, gain emotional attachment to my big purpose so now I am in a heightened state of empowerment.

I have stacked a new habit upon an existing habit. That is called habit stacking

Give it a try and see how it works for you

Comment below and let me know a habit that you would like to stack .

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