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The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations As an Empowered Woman 

Watch the Masterclass Replay

Watch the reply of the Masterclass  Open Discussion  Session around handling the aggressive dominating personality style, along with handling your emotions, whilst speaking with conviction and empowerment.

Video Talking Points:

  • 1.00m - Introduction
  • 6.00m - Signs of Dominating Behavior
  • 12.00m - Interruption Framework
  • 44.00m - Scripts to Handle Meeting Disruption
  • 54.55m - Transformation  occurs when the real issue is addressed
  •  60m -Discover the stages between the comfort zone and Growth zone
  • 1.08m  Overview of Upcoming Program - The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations
  •  1.16m  - Q + A and wrap up of session


What would it be like to have the confidence to put across your ideas and opinions as an empowered Women at work or in business? To be listened to and respected as a Woman that handles difficult conversations, with confidence and ease, knowing exactly what to say, whilst guiding the conversation towards your desired outcome?

It can be soul destroying when you are not listened to or treated with respect. Being interrupted, talked over, your ideas immediately  discarded, leaving you  feeling excluded from the meeting or conversation You may even experience some  strong personality styles that  simply don’t like to listen to a Woman’s point of view. You know there is still the dinosaur thinking that women are not be powerful leaders.

Tap into your courageous spirit and push past your self-doubts and fears with my support and encouragement, whilst applying the principles of my transformational framework. You will gain your own insights and start to believe in yourself again. You can do this as well.

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The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations as an Empowered Woman - Coaching Program

 Gain Confidence To SPEAK UP  and BE HEARD


 Knowing  Exactly What to Do when you

  Encounter Resistance From Difficult Personality Types At Work

 I have figured out how to create long term change, to strengthen your ability to have those important conversations.

And once you develop these skills, then you will have them forever .........

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