Intent vs Impact – 4 Step Approach to Engaging Team Members during Meetings

Intent vs Impact – 4 Step Approach to Engaging Team Members during Meetings

Have you heard of the intent vs impact gap? This is referring to that what you ask to be delivered, is misread by others. The actions that your teams take are not aligned with your intention. This causes confusion, frustration and can tun into unnecessary conflict.  Let’s explore how the Intent vs Impact Gap can create ineffective disengaged meetings, when you as the team leader do not set up expectations up front. 

Running effective meetings is the result that Women in Leadership are aspiring to achieve. Having your team eagerly contributing, putting forward their ideas, completely engaged whilst coming up with the right solutions. You move your glace to one of your team members, who in the past would withdraw and hide in the shadows, and you notice that they are stepping up whist voicing their opinion openly with confidence.  You have a small smile as you reflect and on how you played a small part in their development.  It is so much easier to lead an engaged team that is empowered.

In the past you have stepped into your team meetings where absolutely nobody contributed. You would ask a question and there was dead silence. It was hard work as you would jump through hoops trying to engage your team. Left feeling frustrated and exhausted. In fact, you had allowed your team to act like this. Through the actions that you have not taken. Things are different now, as you set up the expectations up front. You have taken a stance as a Leader and it has paid off.

The phone rings and you have a meeting the General Manager of the Company. You calmly collect your iPad to take any necessary notes, call out to your team that you are off to a meeting with the General Manager, whilst the team have a healthy banter back, Ohhhhhh you must have been naughty being summoned  to the office.

You laugh back and think to yourself, what an amazing team that completely trusts me.  Then you enter the General Manager’s office and take a seat opposite him. In the past you used to be a bit timid when you had to speak to him. Not today, today, something had changed within you. Feeling confident and relaxed staying calm whilst remaining focused, fully present to listen to the message that is about  to be delivered.

Suddenly a smile comes over your General Manager’s face, he leans back, and says to you “What did you do to get your team working together?” You see in the past your team was not aligned, they used to get caught up with gossip, withhold information, not taking any accountability, and  get anyone’s opinion during a meeting was like getting blood out of stone.

It is so different now. You say to him “T closed the intent and Impact Gap” . He looks at you and says “Tell me more, how you achieved this?”

 Well I simply decided to expect more from my team. To stop being the leader who was doing all the work. I changed my approach and through developing my skills as a leader, and having the confidence to push back, I was able to get the result that I was looking for. Here are the steps that I go through now whenever I hold a meeting.

4 Step Approach to Engaging Team Members during Meetings


 I got clear on my intention first – Exactly what I want to achieve during the meeting. How I want the team to engage and how I was going to lead with confidence during the meeting


 Stated my Intention out Loud – I took control immediately of the meeting. I stated out loud what the purpose and attention of the meeting.  This got everyone’s attention immediately


I asked my team for their perspective first. How can we achieve the result that we are looking for in this meeting, and I waited until they responded? At first it was quiet, and I just said nothing, then they started to put forward their ideas. In the past I used to put my ideas first, now it was different.


 I then asked all the team members how we were going to achieve this result more effectively than in the past. By this time, they were all engaged and actively brainstorming their ideas. I simply expected more from my team and they stepped up.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

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