Learn  & Apply the Secrets to Pre-Sell your course without wasting time and money in the development mode

The Craft and Market Online Programs and Events is a power-packed workshop series.

. Combining Training and Coaching that will dramatically

shortcut your path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT Online Program or Event!

Next Program Commencing Soon - 25th May - On Demand Training with One-on-One Coaching Support

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Ready to get into the multi-billion dollar education industry

but don’t know how to start?

Don't make the same mistakes as others

The biggest error people make when starting out with hosting virtual events and building online programs,  is to not commit to learning how to do it WELL first. 
To run a successful online event requires a strong grasp of the platform you're using, good strategic steps to keep your audience engaged, and the know-how to resolve any tech issues. Fist you need to approach this strategically, not tactically.
 Don't leave your event or programs to chance, this training with  one-on-one coaching support,  will give you the confidence to know you're running the best online events and programs  out there!

Combining Coaching and Training increases Productivity up to 85%

OR  You can Simply work it out for yourself...........

Which will cost you time, energy and wasted investments, whilst you make the normal learning mistakes!
Learn the proven blueprints to build and launch your programs  and Events to fast track your Results.
Remember everyone will be online, and you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Still wondering whether or not you need this training?


  • Under the Radar Secrets that Makes It Easy To Design and test  Your Courses in Your Market
  • Learn how to market and launch your courses that sell so you're able to gain more clients and increased revenue which means have a thriving businessStrategy #3: Makes It Easy To Design Your Courses Around Your Market
  • Learn how to build a list of engaged prospects which lets you Have a audience waiting for you to release your next course ... Stand out as a top online entrepreneur
  • Create Your Outline and delivery methods which helps you to deliver a clear marketing message and that means Stand out among all the online noise
  •  Unpack your course and create irresistible course offers so you're able to Improve conversion and lead attraction rates so you can Charge Higher Prices through adding extra value
  • Design your Marketing and Launch Systems which lets you Easy Automate Your  Sales Process and that means Work smarter and free up your time

Develop your Business Online Assets and Skills

 Become Actively Uncomfortable instead of being Passively Uncomfortable

 and "hoping " Things will work out?

It is all about your Approach in uncertain situations;

that will determine if your Business will Continue to Thrive!



Here are your Course Modules 

Understand What Your Audience Wants

Test Out before you spent hours in development

Find out their pain points. How you will solve these with your course?

Build Your Email List

Turning Visitors into Leads

Create a Warm List of Prospects Waiting to hear from you

Create Your Course Outline

Know your delivery styles and Discover the Dynamic Naming System for your Course Title

Then get it out thee . Start the marketing Plan

Create Irresistible Offers

Stop competing on price. Unpack and show your Audience the extra perceived value 

Use your business assets to create high value. Add your bonuses and charge higher prices 

Design your Sales and Marketing Funnels

Automate - Have your own build in sales person who never gets sick or asks for a pay rise

launch your Course with your Complete Launch Plan and Blueprint

Know how to quickly demonstrate your expertise  using the under the radar launching marketing system that works

I Also Understand that When
I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

Bonus 1
Master your Time Effectively and Boost your Productivity 

 As an online entrepreneur being ablet to
self manage your  time is one important key
 to remain focused and to  gain maximum
momentum in your  business

Grab your Workbook to apply these 6 simple 
strategies  to master  your time and boost
your productivity
Bonus 2
Create the Entrepreneur Mindset

Mindset is everything. If we believe that we can not achieve something that we are right. 

Surround yourself with the right people, put yourself in the right environment and protect your mindset


Grab your copy of  Self Sabotage - How to banish self destructive behaviors checklist 

Bonus 3
Tech Stack - Knowing What Software to Choose

This is the complete list of all the software required to build and launch with automation your online courses.

Lee explains the post time and cost effective  chooses to consider when selecting your software.

Ensuring that you have ongoing support and everything integrates smoothly. 

This Video will give the ability to make better inform decisions around your selection of the right software that will work in your business

Work at your own pace, you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to achieve.

And you’ll have my support every step of the way.

Walk Through Videos

These videos show you the exact process to implement the marketing strategies into your business. Not Tech Savvy..... We have that handled for you

Weekly Q + A Sessions

Dial into your weekly sessions and ask your questions. Lee personally runs all of these sessions ( 3 weeks support)

Membership Site Access

Work at your own pace . You will have 12 weeks access to all of the course material to review. 

Personal Sessions with Lee

Your package includes  2 x 1/2 hour one-on-one sessions with Lee. Yes, we include that personal touch to help you overcome any barriers and to fast track your results

Closed Community Group

Be part of the community, and connect with others on the course. Great way to gain extra support and build strong relationships

Buddy Assignment

Optional Buddy Assignment - Accountability and Encouragement from a peer member 

Overall rating :  5 / 5

We go further than simply ticking the boxes. You are supported throughout the whole course. Our focus on implementation and getting results

Discover How To Market and Launch your  Courses..

 even if you Don't  Know Where To Start!

Your Course Bundle Includes

  • Videos, Audio, Workbooks, Checklists and Blueprints  ($995 Value ) 
  • Membership Access up to 12 weeks  ( $1,200 Value)
  • Walk Through Videos ( $497 Value)
  • 6 X Weekly Q + A Sessions for Platinum Members ($600 Value)
  • 2 x Private Session with Lee for Platinum Members($300 Value)
  • Maser Your Time Effectively and Boost Productivity ($297 Value)
  • Create the Entrepreneur Mindset ($297 Value)
  • Tech Stack - Know what Software to Choose ( $297 Value)

TOTAL VALUE : $4,483.00

YOURS TODAY :  $500.00 AUD




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Great introduction to get your online business started

Lee contacted me directly

The program gave good advice on how to get your online business started, explaining fully what is involved.

Insight into marketing strategies and processes; how to increase your sales funnel; social media plarforms to promote your business; good tips on software options.

Lee has a wealth of knowledge she shares openly and in a very practical manner.

Next Program Commencing Soon

25th May 2020


Grab your Spot Today 

Have your courses completely SOLD out prior to spending hours on developing them, and finding out that you have no-one enrolled into them.

About The Course Teacher,
Lee Stemm 

Lee Stemm has led an impressive career as a Coach and Trainer in Leadership and business growth for over 19 years working with her Corporate Clients and Online Entrepreneurs.  

In 2016 she commenced her transition from being a corporate coach/trainer into an online entrepreneur.  She is still invited to work within the corporate arenas, however her focus today is assisting online Entrepreneurs with building and launching their courses online.

Everything Lee teaches she implements into her own business. These proven strategic strategies, are not theory based, it  the latest strategies that the most successful online entrepreneurs are using, along with her 19 years experience in the trenches as a business owner. 

She even goes one step further, crafting high-profit automated funnels, to lead the potential client through the buyer’s journey; whilst keeping in front of existing clients.

Lee Stemm, an experienced online entrepreneur, is known for helping, educating and supporting clients as they develop their strategic strategies around creating a successful online business that gets results

Welcome to Our Programs

I personally welcome and encourage you to continue your journey as an online entrepreneur. Continuous learning and development is the foundation of any successful business. 

These programs are designed to support you through the complete process of implementation. I believe in the power of taking action, and reaping the rewards of your committed effects to  stand out as a leader within your industry.

All the principles that I teach, I actually follow as well.  I am always upgrading and learning new skills from the top online entrepreneurs within their fields of expertise.

I bring to my programs over 18 years business experience, along with the latest proven strategies that get results.

I am looking forward to connecting with you in our community and developing a strong professional relationship based on inspiration , integrity and empowerment. 

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