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Are you wanting to gain more clarity, direction and focus?
Less Learning - More Doing !

Lead with Confidence Membership 

Stop Doubting Yourself - Quiet Leaders CAN Lead

Supporting Emerging Women Leaders wtihin the workplace

Be in an environment that supports you in implementation of the knowledge that you already have. Move away from an information collector to a woman who takes action that leads to results

Step 01

Increased Confidence and Enhanced Leadership skills

Step 02

Supportive Community.

Step 03

Increased Clarity, Direction and Focus

Do you shy away from the spotlight? You have lots of knowledge but you don't implement!

As a quietly spoken woman in leadership at times you may start to doubt your own ability to lead. Or find that others don't perceive you as their leader.  You have attended many workshops, and you know what to do, but you hold back without taking action. Does that sound like you?

Being supported by  LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE community is a healthy way to share common, real-world challenges and develop your skills. It will give you the knowledge that “You not the only one who feels this way.”

Reach your full potential by embracing your personality, build your leadership skills, and plot out a new course that creates progress.

lee stemm life coaching

Mindset Coach | Corporate Trainer | Business Strategist

Hi I'm Lee

 I empower quietly spoken women in leadership who feel like they hold back when faced with strong personalities. They will discover their hidden strengths and regain confidence while honing their skills. Then they can confidently lead high performing, engaged teams, ensuring superior results.

Gain More Clarity, Direction and Focus - Follow your  Lead with Confidence Success Path

Follow the Success Path: Have more Clarity, Direction, and Focus. 

This Membership is about providing leaders within the workplace, a supportive environment that focuses on the implementation of your existing knowledge that leads to building a high-performing engaged team.
Did you know that CONFIDENCE, and  COURAGE to take ACTION,
 is achieved by DOING, and LESS LEARNING which drives RESULTS.

Characteristics:  Strengthen your Leadership  Foundation

Does this sound like you? Are you in a new leadership role and feeling a little unsure about yourself. At times do you doubt your capabilities feeling that you don't know enough? I want you to remember that everyone starts out like this. You are normal and you have been placed in this role as others see your capabilities already. 

 Let's set your own personal foundation in place. It's time to do some self-awareness internal work. After all, these will assist you when you are making decisions that will fulfill the kind of leader that you want to become.


Characteristics: Your Personal Power Unlocked

You are ready to go a little deeper around what are your emotional triggers, and how to manage them. At times you take things personally, and often have sleepless nights with negative thought patterns from the day continually playing over in your mind. 

You are experiencing stress and worrying about not being perfect, or how you can handle your emotions when you are placed in a difficult situation. At times you simply want to be left alone and focus on your tasks. You secretly feel that you would like to be the extravert in the office, that grabs attention. You want to avoid addressing underperformance and dread giving feedback to a team member. You have difficulty in trusting your own decisions, and often put things off.


Characteristics: Be the Master of Influence

How well do you know your team members or your audience? In this stage, you will start to understand what drives and motivates each team member or your audience. You will also quickly build trust, rapport and recognize what motives you and others. 

When you start to lose motivation, know your go-to activities that will refuel your spirit. How will you show up every day when things get tough? 

 Understanding powerful relationship-building skills will position you as a trusted leader that engages and cares while showing authority, empathy, and approachability.  


Characteristics:  Purposeful Communicater

Do you communicate with clarity, inspiration, and authority? You are seeking to communicate in a way that engages and inspires others. You know the importance of maintaining high team morale or engaging with your communities. After all engagement drives change.

 At times you avoid having those tough conversations or communicating during difficult situations. It is time to set expectations, intentions and conveying your message in the most effective way that is clear and concise. Be seen as a fair and approachable leader that shows creditability, empathy, and authority.


Characteristics: Champion Team Success

You know that a good leader is thinking about how to empower and develop their teams. If you are an entrepreneur then as you scale you will need to know how to develop and select the right team members. If you are a leader within the workplace, you have been given the opportunity to create a highly engaged high performing team.

 You recognize that this is aligned with your WHY you want to become a better leader. It is time to move away from telling to empowering. You are wanting to develop the capacity to guide, mentor, coach, and empower team members so they accept responsibility, accountability for their own actions. You are wanting to create a progressive culture that values personal development and continuous improvement. 

You now have the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and to stand by your principles, while leading by example.

Less learning More Doing

Gaining Clarity and Direction

Be a lead with confidence member

bridge the gap

Many times knowledge is not the issue, and perhaps you have been caught up in continually seeking more information. One sign of the Imposter Syndrome is the person who never feels that they know enough. Our focus is to help you to implement your existing knowledge into your every day activities and to understand that confidence is something that comes from taking action while feeling a sense of accomplishment

Develop self-awareness

Knowing your leadership strengths will give you confidence, and facing up to your development needs will help you determine what you need to focus on to get better. Feedback from the community will give you realistic self-awareness. Plus, when  you  ask for feedback you know exactly what to work on from other's perspectives.  Which uncovers blind spots. 

We have your back

Emerge yourself into a community that is behind you. This is a safe place to let down your guard, and open up with your challenges. You are listened to, understood and supported to move towards finding the right solutions. The discussion groups will give you new insights and ideas to take back to your workplace that work. And you will make some strong connections with other women who have your back.

development with a twist

You will attend the monthly live mastermind session. Think outside of the box, and  find answers faster than you would on your own. Mix with highly motivated women who are committed to their personal and professional growth. Leveraging the power of many minds that drive results, and realize the attainment of your goals through accountability.

 Anyone who owns a business or leads a team should be in this membership.”

MAKE IT STICK challenges

Take part in the monthly short challenges around leadership, self-mastery, emotional intelligence and increased productivity. Celebrate your wins with your community. MAKE IT STICK CHALLENGES enable you to develop your leadership skills within your working environment. Use them to engage with your teams, increase your productivity, and position yourself for future opportunities. Build a reputation of a trusted leader that is respected and held in high regard.

move from leaning to doing

Action plans will be completed as we are not about overwhelming you with lots of information.

Our focus is on you implementing your existing knowledge . And to gain new insights and perspectives so you do things differently.  This membership is focusing on you embedding the knowledge and creating new habits that drive results into your  workplace or business. It  is designed for action takers who ae not afraid of making mistakes or trying to be perfect before they take action.  Our focus is on what you do and your approach that will make you an extraordinary leader who stands by your principles and who you want to become.

What is Included in the Membership?

Monthly Live Mastermind Coaching Session

We will be masterminding topics such as leadership, personal development and productivity each month. Take away action plays and MAKE IT STICK challenges each month that will be embedded into your workplace. These sessions will be recorded enabling you to review material and ideas to gain more insights leading to professional and personal growth.

Submit your Questions Monthly 

Each month you can submit your questions, which will be addressed by Lee. These will be recorded and uploaded to your membership area so that you can view them at a time that works for you!

MAKE IT STICK - Monthly Challenge

You will get a bite-sized small challenge each month to complete. We are not trying to overload you with knowledge, we are wanting to see you take ACTION and gain new insights as a Confident Leader. 

Community Support giving you Clarity, Direction and Focus

Never feel like you are alone again. Having a supportive safe community will empower you to speak up and be heard. We will hold  you accountable to achieve more, and to overcome any self-doubts. You will build some great connections and relationships and network with others who are on the same page as you.  

Our Clients

Dianne Re-gained her Confidence as a Leader with a challenging environment and is now preparing to transition into another role

Dianne S - Senior Leader - Public Service Sector

Karen was struggling with sales team members who were not following her direction. She has just gained a new role in another company and it is perfectly aligned to her values. She knew what she was searching for, and had the confidence to put herself forward

Karen G - Team Leader - New Zealand

Renata avoided those tough conversations, and the team simply were not acknowledging or respecting her. She started to have those difficult conversations in just 4 weeks. Renata was a newly appointed leader and is enjoying her role again. 

Renata L - Team Leader - Community Services - NEw Zealand

How do I enroll into this Mastermind Membership? 

It is simple and easy. You will go into the wait list and first in will get preference. Remember we only have an opening for  members until the end of June 2021. Then the doors close for 3 months. This allows me to step away from promoting to delivering you the MASTERMIND EXPERIENCE that will blow your mind!

  • Step 1: Make sure you enter your details in the form and hit the GO ON WAIT LIST button on the form below.
  • Step 2: You will receive a email notifying you that you have gone onto the wait list. Hit REPLY to safelist my email address lee@leestemmcoaching.com - This ensures you get all the IMPORTANT  updates and messages from us.
  • Step 3: Let others know about the Lead with Confidence Foundation Membership and  send them to this page. It is always great to work with people that you know already have your back. 

Enrolments Open Now   


You missed out!

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Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't find this membership a good fit, then you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund. No explanations required !

Learning and Doing with our Support

We don't believe in just Ticking the Boxes

This membership is focused on you taking action and learning less. To embed the knowledge and skills that you already have and the right habits that drive success.  Our Success Path will walk you through the 5 stages moving from self-doubting yourself to a confident women in leadership who excels within your role, who can handle any difficult situation, while building high performing engaged teams.

If you are an existing leader or a emerging leader and want to gain more confidence while developing your leadership skills, then this membership is perfect for you. It is focused on action by completing your activity monthly assignments, attending your monthly mastermind live session, and getting your questions answered. The community will support, encourage, inspire you while providing a safe place, to express yourself freely.

 Join the membership and feel understood, connected and part of a community that uplifts you to have it all! 

Download Our Transformational Leadership Model

We will be following this model throughout the masterminding sessions. You will work through the milestones and action plans at your own pace before advancing to the next stage.

Frequently asked questions

When are the masterminding sessions conducted?

Once we shut the doors on the enrolments you will be invited into an onboarding session. The monthly mastermind session is currently running every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6.00 pm AEST. I envisage that as the community grows there will be a session added that will be conducted in the mornings around 9.00 AEST. This will cater to the different time zones and work commitments

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and uploaded into the membership area within 24 hours. This will enable you to watch the replays and preview the sessions at a time that is convenient. 

This there a guarantee?

Yes there is a 14 day guarantee after you purchase your membership. IF you find this mastermind membership is not right for you, then simply let us know and your investment will be refunded in full, and you will be removed from the membership area.  

How do I get my questions answered ? 

You will submit your questions using our question submission form. This session is recorded, your question will be addressed and you will be able to watch binge watch them at a time that works for you!

Do you have corporate memberships?

Yes we do. Simply give us a call on +61 414 86 3355 or send us through an email to lee@leestemmcoaching.com and we will set up a time to discuss further. 

Are there locked in contracts?

No locked in contracts. You simply pay per month and if you wish to cancel, then one month's notice is required. This enables us to complete an exit strategy, ensuring you have a plan in place to move forward