Feeling Stressed and Anxious or Disconnected 
 Around the Pandamic & Its Challenges in the Workplace

Lead with Confidence Club

Preparing Tomorrow's Workplace Starts Today

Belong To A  Supportive Community And Express Yourself Freely

Move Away From Worry, Doubt, Overwhelm To The Confident Connected Leader 

Step 01

Be Connected and Supported in a Community of Like Minded Women

Step 02

Embrace your personal power as you gain more confidence 

Step 03

Be the Leader who inspires others to take action, and Champion your Teams 

Do you feel disconnected? Looking for a Community for Support & Express Yourself Freely?

It is tough to lead  when you may be feeling a sense of uncertainty. 

Yet you have a strong desire to lead others without losing yourself along the way

You don't have to do it by yourself - It is so much easier when you are in a community

That understands you and believes in you  

Our  LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE CLUB community is a healthy way to share common, real-world current challenges and develop your confidence. It will give you the knowledge that “You not the only one who feels this way.” You are not alone.

Reach your full potential by embracing your authencity, ask questions and gain new insights as you confidently connect with other workplace leaders


lee stemm life coaching

Mindset Coach | Corporate Trainer | Business Strategist

Hi I'm Lee

 I empower quietly spoken leaders who  hold back when faced with strong personalities or difficult situations. Who may be feeling disconnected or isolated with the current pandemic challenges.

This community will help you feel connected and a sense of belonging as you lead with confidence and composure. When you are energized, excited and take time for self care, then it is easy to champion your high performing teams.    

What you will gain from being a club member:

  • Support and Connection with Like Minded Women
    Find your go-to people who are there for you and understand you. Join your private community group and reach out to them for encouragement, support and inspiration.
  • Have Fun and Relax - Book Club Connection Calls
    Bring your wine and snacks to our open book club discussion connection session. Laugh and have heart-centered real conversations. It is nice to stop pretending everything is okay all the time. Gain insights from the top authors of personal development and leadership
  • Continual Growth and Leadership Development
    This is our monthly mastermind session - Have open discussions around real-life workplace situations and overcome any current setbacks. Bring your Questions to the table and through collaboration of the group discover new insights and approaches that makes your day easy and more simplified. 
  • Gain more Clarity, Direction and Focus
    Ditch the overwhelm, worry and anxiousness and move into being relaxed, centered and gain more confidence so you can lead through example as an empowered woman who follows the leadership principles within the workplace  Simply follow your success pathway and self-identify what you need to focus on

Get involved in open discussions with your heart-centered community

Your Monthly Mastermind  Conversations follow your Success Pathway

Follow the Success Path: Have more Clarity, Direction, and Focus. 

This Club is about providing leaders within the workplace, a supportive environment that focuses on connection 
Do you have the  CONFIDENCE, and  COURAGE to take ACTION?

Coaching & Mentoring is a Breath of Fresh Air

Most Importantly we Inspire Each Other

Here's What you Look Forward To Each Month

Monthly Mastermind Live Zoom Breakout Sessions

These sessions are Focused on you making progress

These Breakout Brainstorm sessions are your chance to connect with other women in leadership, ask questions, and get feedback from your talented peers on your toughest challenges, in real-time.

Your fellow community members bring expertise from their own experiences and will give you a different perceptive. And when it comes to getting clarity and bouncing ideas off of others who "get it" and "understand it," you'll never feel lost or left behind.

These are the types of things that make us better together. So, come meet your fellow members, share ideas and insights, keep the momentum moving and make even more progress together!

Weekly Q + A Questions answered by Lee 

Get mentored and guided personally by Lee and tap into her 20 years of experience as a transformational coach, corporate trainer, counselor  and business strategist. Submit your questions and get them answered as Lee goes deeper into your leadership and personal development  topic. Sometimes taking a step back for self-reflection help you to move forward with more progress.

Lee will pinpoint those important shifts that will help you in gaining your next step. Whether it is business, or personal submit your questions.

These sessions are recorded and uploaded to your private membership site, giving you the convenience  to review at a time that works in with your busy schedule.

Book Club Discussion & Connection Calls

Grab your wine and snacks and review the book of the month 

Every month  we will be discussing a personal development book by the top-selling authors in this field. You simply work through the book at your own time, and monthly we come together to discuss the principles and your thoughts and insights.

This is a way to connect with others in the community and to explore how you can apply some of the principles that the authors are disclosing.

This is an informal session and always FUN. Even if you didn't have time to red the book, come along anyway and connect with your community members. 

Your FB Private Community

Having Heart-Centered Conversations  

Staying connected and feeling like you belong is one of the basic human needs, and you will certainly have this in our community.

This is a community of leaders who are committed to achieving more and being more. To step into their power and drive success through personal change. There will be community discussions around all areas of your life, and you will meet the go-to core people that will be there for you on that tough day.

Get involved, support others and never feel alone again. Even if you are having a bad day, reach out and the community will respond to you. With understanding, support, grace, and poise.

Our Clients

Dianne Re-gained her Confidence as a Leader with a challenging environment and is now preparing to transition into another role

Dianne S - Senior Leader - Public Service Sector

Karen was struggling with sales team members who were not following her direction. She has just gained a new role in another company and it is perfectly aligned to her values. She knew what she was searching for, and had the confidence to put herself forward

Karen G - Team Leader - New Zealand

Renata avoided those tough conversations, and the team simply were not acknowledging or respecting her. She started to have those difficult conversations in just 4 weeks. Renata was a newly appointed leader and is enjoying her role again. 

Renata L - Team Leader - Community Services - NEw Zealand

Your Investment ( Price Increase Scheduled for Next Year)

No Contracts - Month by Month Membership

Cancelation Conditions: 1 months notice and no questions asked.
You will never have a price increase as long as your membership is current
Basic Membership


57.00 USD  


  • Monthly Live Zoom Mastermind Session
  • Monthly live Zoom Book Club & Connection Call
  • Weekly Q & A Recordings Uploaded to Membership Area
  • Private Community to connect with other women in leadership
  • Membership site 24 /7 Access to review all replays and recordings
  • Monthly Bonuses - Bite Sized Training 10 minute Video and Infographic cheat sheet
  •   15% Member Reward Card  - Attend upcoming courses & events


297.00 USD


  • Monthly Live Zoom Mastermind Session
  • Monthly Live Zoom Book Club & Connection Call
  • Weekly Q & A recordings uploaded to Members Area
  • Private Community to connect with other women in leadership
  • Membership site 24/7 Access to review all replays and recordings
  • Monthly Bonuses- Bite Sized Training 10 minute Video and infographic cheat sheet
  • 25% Member Reward Card - Atte4nd upcoming courses & events
  • Monthly private coaching with Lee Stemm
  • Unlimited Email Support during office hours




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen
  • 1 free meeting room




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Growth, Connecting and Belonging is a Human Necessity 

Frequently asked questions

When are the masterminding sessions conducted?

Once we shut the doors on the enrolments you will be invited into an onboarding session. The monthly mastermind session is currently running every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6.00 pm AEST. I envisage that as the community grows there will be a session added that will be conducted in the mornings around 9.00 AEST. This will cater to the different time zones and work commitments

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and uploaded into the membership area within 24 hours. This will enable you to watch the replays and preview the sessions at a time that is convenient. 

This there a guarantee?

Yes there is a 14 day guarantee after you purchase your membership. IF you find this mastermind membership is not right for you, then simply let us know and your investment will be refunded in full, and you will be removed from the membership area.  

How do I get my questions answered ? 

You will submit your questions using our question submission form. This session is recorded, your question will be addressed and you will be able to watch binge watch them at a time that works for you!

Do you have corporate memberships?

Yes we do. Simply give us a call on +61 414 86 3355 or send us through an email to lee@leestemmcoaching.com and we will set up a time to discuss further. 

Are there locked in contracts?

No locked in contracts. You simply pay per month and if you wish to cancel, then one month's notice is required. This enables us to complete an exit strategy, ensuring you have a plan in place to move forward

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