Women in Leadership Coaching

Leadership from the Inside First

Our coaching programs will help you to recognize any self-limiting beliefs that could be holding you back.  Having a high level of emotional intelligence and self awareness is the solid foundation  that great leaders  process. Adapting your approach with the right skillsets will expand your ability to lead with authenticity as an  empowered woman in leadership.  

Your Success Path

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs

Increased Performance and Confidence

Authentic Communication 

Are you experiencing overwhelm, frustration and heading towards burnout? Do you find it tough to have those critical conversations that need to be spoken?  Perhaps you are looking for new opportunities and are holding yourself back!

A holistic program that deeply explores factors which affect your personal and professional performance. Uncover  your blind spots and gain new strategies to level up.

Are you seeking to improve your communication skills to lead with authenticity?
Are you looking to increase your ability to adapt and build deeper relationships?
This is an intensive program designed using models of communication excellence for you to expand your communication skills in a short period of time.

Would you like to ....

Increase your self awareness and overcome any limiting barriers that previously held you back.

To expand on your behavioral flexibility

Deal with difficult situations and people with ease. Being able to control and handle your approach during any critical conversation

To speak up and grab the attention

Transition into your new role with ease and having support from your own personal coach

Having a coach to guide you  as you develop new leadership skills

Have your own personal and professional plan mapped out for you.

Gaining clarity around how to embrace your uniqueness as an authentic woman in leadership

Gain more confidence and speak up and be heard. Stop avoiding or walking away from those conversations that need to be spoken.

Building your leadership presence. So you can seize new opportunities that are presented to you.  Whether it is a career promotion or transitioning into your own business

Become the Master of your Own Emotions

We provide a highly personalized coaching experience for senior and middle management leaders.

Here is a new approach for enhancing your leadership effectiveness by leveraging your natural strengths and raising your emotional intelligence.

Increased emotional intelligence is a powerful inner resource to build resilience to stress and pressure, and ensures you have clarity of vision when navigating the direction of your business in turbulent environments.

Leadership Coaching fast tracks the attainment of these skills and allows you to be more and do more.

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Your outcomes from our coaching are ...

Safe place to express yourself freely

Have a safe environment to express yourself freely without the fear of internal politics and ramifications. Having objective open transparent  conversations  about what you are thinking and feeling with your coach   

Gain more Clarity and Confidence

During difficult times you may feel that you have a lack of focus. Explore your inner-game and approach to what is happening that will help you to gain your own insights around the real issue. 

Create new skills that will stay with you forever. Focusing on long term change

Your insights that you gain within your coaching sessions will create a whole new way of looking at your current challenges. This transformational approach will strengthen your inner game  which will impact your  career and personal life. 

Face difficult situations with poise, grace and calmness

Gain emotional resilience for when you're facing difficult people and difficult choices with techniques that will have you feeling grounded and congruent to your core personal values. Have one conversation at a time.

Be more productive with your time and your focus

Make your time more effective with the new ability to tap into your innate motivations and natural drive through increased self-awareness. Know your purpose vision and values and remove everyday distractions.

You no longer worry about the small stuff.

Seize new opportunities and new perspectives

Focus on what you have control over and what you don't is the key for success.  This is the ability to respond to the situation without reacting. Create a strong mind-set that will instantly put in you a good state and center you so that you can guide the conversation towards your set intentions.  

Is Coaching Right for You?

Coaching immediately increases your conscious awareness of the habitual habits that you may be doing automatically. Therefore it increases your  conscious awareness. 

To achieve fast-results you will need to have a growth mindset and a wiliness to do things differently. .

 To be able to take the insights that you have gained through the coaching and apply them into your daily activities.  Take action and  embrace your own Personal power. 

  • Gain more clarity around your personal success and sabotaging patterns so you can manage them  with emotional intelligence and self awareness
  • Leverage your personal strengths and innate resources. Tapping into your internal motivational drivers that lead to  profound results
  • Facilitate Personal Long Term Change which leads to personal and professional growth  resulting from the coaching conversations. Strengthen your mindset and apply the new skills around communication and leadership excellence, 

What my Clients Say

Your Inner Game will Determine your Success

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