Losing confidence and feeling overwhelmed as you try to speak up and be heard




Banish the Dinosaur thinking that Women are not Equal to Men in the Workplace FOREVER




Are you Ready to Lead as a Woman that is Unique, Empowered, Calm Whilst remaining Relaxed having a quiet sense of certainty & embracing your full potential?


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Due to my Hands on approach, I will  personally  guide you through my signature coaching program

Having the ability to have those important Conversations as an Empowered Woman

Therefore Places are strictly Limited

Picture Yourself ..................

As an  Empowered Woman who has built a Reputation based on the Leadership Principles and Personal Empowerment

A Woman who elevates your own  performance and others . You put forward your ideas and perspectives without hesitation with confidence during those important meetings, and difficult situations. 

Having the ability to have those important conversations, knowing exactly what to say, to be heard and seen, so you speak with Confidence, Grace, Poise and Conviction. 

Making  successful choices whilst overcoming any past conditioning that may have hindered your progress & motivation. You act on your personal values and integrity whilst being respected by others. 

As you start to prepare for future career or business opportunities , you pause, then take a deep breath, remembering  it all started with altering your approach, habits and behaviors. 

I have figured out how to create long term change, to strengthen your ability to have those important conversations.

And once you develop these skills, then you will have them forever.........

Are you Ready to step into your own Personal Power?

Donna was struggling in her leadership role, feeling excluded, bullied, talked over and disrespected. Quiet often she would have to leave her office, and find a quiet coffee shop to simply release her emotions that she was trying to suppress all day.

She had attended many training programs within the company to prepare herself for her role. And things were getting worse instead of improving. She was losing confidence and was becoming so sensitive, that if anyone spoke to her she would burst into tears.  Not only was it affecting her work, it was also having a negative effect on her personal live. 

And then Donna found me. I worked with Donna as her coach, and within six months, the General Manager Raymond Faulkner of Holiday Inn  pulled her aside and asked her about what has happening. He was observing how much more confident and productive she had become. 

She told him about me, and that is how I transitioned into the Corporate world as the coach that creates long term change within leadership teams. I use my proven signature system that creates transformation.

And the exciting thing is ..............

The Changes will stay with you forever. Once you step into your own personal power with the right tools, things will never be the same again.  Not only will you excel within your career, you will also gain a more fulfilled personal life whilst regaining hope, certainty and empowerment. 

Listen to Raymond Faulkner - GM Holiday Inn

Renatte  Just Completed this Program .... Have a Listen 

Are You Ready To Do Things Differently?  You Yes You  .............

  • Having the ability to have those important conversations 
  • Have Confidence overcoming the Imposer Syndrome, and push back when necessary
  •  Overcome Your Self Limitations, that currently stop you from seizing new opportunities
  •  Put Forward your Ideas and Be Heard, instead of fading into the background
  • Have Value Based conversations Engaging Team Leaders and Members, whilst speaking with authenticity
  • Keeping the conversation alive afterwards and strengthen your professional relationships.
  • Renewed sense of Hope, Direction, Support and Accountability as you start your new path towards success

The Outcome of this course is to :

 Actually having those difficult conversations

Taking Action

Or Tell me If this Sound Like You ..............

You have stopped believing in yourself

Are you.......

  • Avoiding  those important conversations and missing out on opportunities? 
  • Feeling that you always have to prove yourself and are not being taken seriously?
  • Suffering from the Imposer Syndrome, allowing those doubts to stop you?
  • Lacking confidence and self-belief in your capabilities?
  • Missing opportunities being overlooked and taken for granted?
  • Dealing with strong personality types that resist being lead my a Woman?
  • Fading into the background and feeling at times that you are invisible?
  • Dealing with the misconception that strong leadership is only for men?
  • Feeling stressed and now it is affecting your personal life ?
  • Wanting to go into the office, shut the door and be left alone?

Some Women simply are so scared of the unknown.

 They  remain doing the same thing ! 




"There is an element within all of us, that respond  deeply with People who level with us - Unleash your Confident Voice  - Lets get started!  "

My Name is Lee Stemm

This is my personal invite for you to join my Master the Art of Handling Difficult Conversations as a Woman in Leadership Coaching Program.

Because you have answered "YES" to the any of the questions above, then I know something about you already  ........


The main Benefit I gained from working with Lee, was that my colleagues   saw the changes in my management style. My communication was more clear and confident. I gained a clear picture as to what type of leader that I aspire to become. I was able to put my values into action within the company. 

Kylie Mitchell - HR Talent Manager

Lee’s style is very welcoming and inclusive and she has a massive amount of tools in her tool belt and was able to adapt and change sessions according to the need of the class. Lee was able to capture some employees who were struggling and provide a safe and secure place for them to communicate as part of the sessions.

Leanne Lorena HR Senior Manager QLeave

Enter your text here...

Now you have to choose...

Do you stay where you are or do you move forward?


Empowering Women in the Workplace

The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations

A Complete Program 

My Proven Signature System  that guides you through the exact steps 

to have the ability to handle difficult personality types with Confidence.

Controlling your emotions & speaking with inner strength and conviction

 Using  Leadership and Empowerment Principles

What is included in the Program?

Weekly Resources

Weekly Videos and audio files. Download the  audio files to your
phone with your , activity sheets, PDF files, and assignments

Membership Site Access

Your membership access to the training site 24 /7 365, enabling
you to revisit the material for 1 year and work at your own pace

Scripts / Templates and More]

Scripts, templates, and a step by step blueprint and role-plays  to prepare you for your
difficult conversations

Live Group Coaching Sessions

5 x 90 Minute Weekly Interactive Support Coaching Sessions 

Private Closed Community

Closed Community for support and to gain further insights and
different perspectives

Welcome Group Call

Get to know everyone in your group - Set the
intentions and connect with other Women who also value the
principles of Leadership and Personal Development

Your Follow Up Support Package

One you have completed the 5 week program, you are supported for a further 3 months. Therefore you will have a total of  4 months support 

Your Support Package which is included in your initial investment consists of:

  • Submit your Debrief Video after you have your different conversations directly to Lee. Total of  4 within the 4 months
  • 3 Month FREE Membership to Empowering Women Inner Circle Club. Attend monthly live Q + A calls, receive resources and short videos. Be in a community that will encourage, support and gently challenge you to step up and tap into your courageous spirit. 
  • Access to your Membership site to review past lessons and videos up to 12 months

“I have gained the following results from coaching with Lee
1 Created a vision and purpose for myself
2. More Focused toward the development of my team members
3. Team have become more and more empowered to take on things that only I ever used to do. This has cut down on my having to take work home on the weekend.
4. My bosses have acknowledged that I definitely am a stronger personal and really do stand up for myself

Letitia Van De Berg - Principle DKM Accounting

I  was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching. She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

Kelly Boderick - Director Clean works Australia

What is Covered in Each Session

Watch the recorded videos, complete the activity sheets and assignments, and bring your questions to the Live Coaching Calls 



  • Secrets of How to Deal with Specific Types of Difficult People 
  • Identify the person who you will have the important conversation with
  • Group Discussion & Coaching Support
  • Assignment set



  •  Identify the Behavior styles difficult people and how to halt them in their tracks
  •  Complete your selected person profile, gaining clarity on your approach
  •  Group discussion & Coaching Support
  • Assignment set


  •  Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  •  How to Control Your Emotions & Come from A Place of Strength & Power
  •  Group Discussion & Coaching Support
  • Assignment Set


  •  Self-reflection on your own behavior and thinking patterns and how they impact you and others
  •  Gain Commitment to new actions to move forward
  •  Group Discussion & Coaching Support
  • Assignment Set

Rehearse & Prepare

  • Prepare for your important conversation
  •  Script out your conversations using the templates provided
  •  Role Plays and Rehearse
  • Feedback Group Discussion & Coaching
  •  Date set to have the difficult conversation

Your Bonuses that are included in the next upcoming program

Bonus#1 Assignment Having Difficult Conversations Debrief Support

Gain valuable feedback and support  personally from Lee.  After you have completed the 5 Week coaching program, you will still be supported by Lee. Submit your self-reflection debrief video after each conversation and get feedback from Lee.  This bonus allows you to submit 4 recordings directly to Lee.  

Bonus#2 Access to Empowering Women Inner Circle Club ( 3 Months Access)

The Empowering Women's Inner Circle Club is an exclusive community to further support Women within Career and Business. Once a month you will be invited to a Live Group Coaching Session for Q + A and Follow up support.

You will also receive valuable resources throughout the month around Leadership, Business and Personal Development.   

Bonus#3 Keeping your Conversations Alive and Setting Expectations

One of the  most popular modules from my Conflict Boot-camp 101 Course. This ensures that after you have those difficult conversations that you still engage and continue to strengthen relationships within the company or business. Building a culture based on inclusiveness, trust and high productivity.  

Extra Bonus Fast Action Takers  Limited to 10 only 

Bring along your most pressing issue to this private session

Lee will work with you and to develop  a 90 day Plan to Move Forward

Enroll today and be one of the 10 Women to have a Private Transformation Session with Lee

Priority will be given to those who make the FULL Payment upfront


Bonus Total - $1,640.00 waiting for you to pick up

Are you Wanting Transformation or simply Information?


This is not going to be  

Simply Ticking the boxes  & gathering more information Approach. 

Like  other courses out there teaching you how to handle conflict …

Instead, I'm going to focus  on my #1 secret (which is transformation), and you are  going to be follow my  PROVEN signature formula that creates transformation.

Phrase 1


Gain Clarity and Understanding

Self Awareness and Impact.

Phrase 2.

Growth & Reflection


Ownership & Insights

Phrase 3.



Thriving &  Achieving


If, for any reason, you are not  satisfied with  this program, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out or give you a swift refund.

lee stemm life coaching

  Master the Art of Handling Difficult Conversations as  an Empowered Woman

What happens if I miss a Live Coaching Session?

All of the live coaching sessions will be saved and loaded up to your membership access site, to preview at a time that works for you. Of course I encourage you to put aside the time to jump on Live, as this will give you the fastest results.

This program is about transformation, and is not just about gathering information.

How much time per week , do I need to put aside?

That is entirely up to you. The more time you commit the faster results you will gain. Watching the videos, attending the live weekly sessions and doing your assignments, should add up to around 3 hours per week for the first 5 weeks.

Then you will need around 1 hour per week to set aside for the reminder 12 weeks. Really it is about working at your own pace.

I recommend that you set some time on a daily or weekly basis to commit to your own development. Just get organized .

How do I get feedback on my weekly assignments?

You will email me your completed activity sheets, along with your debrief videos of how the conversation went. You will have up to 4 videos to submit to me for feedback within the 4 months.

You will also gain feedback and support  during the Live Coaching calls as you bring to the session your questions and challenges that you are having within your role, around handling difficult conversations.  

How many Women are on the live weekly coaching sessions?

I like to keep the weekly calls to 15 Women maximum in each group. Sometimes the groups are smaller, as if these numbers are exceeded, then i break up the participants into different  even groups. This enables me to give personal attention to everyone, so no-body gets left behind.

How is your Program different from others online?

This program is focused on long term change not just watching recorded videos. You will have access to the recorded videos around the topics that relate to the transformation of having difficult conversations, along with scripts, templates and role plays. 

You will gain the most transformation, when you actually apply the skills in real everyday life. Therefore having assignments, set that are around taking action is the key to success.

It is here you will get your feedback, personally from me. Along with encouragement, support, accountability and hope.

It is too easy to read a book or do an online course with no support, and just put the information into your draw, taking no action.  Yes I will be holding you accountable to having those conversations, with kindness and compassion. You can not hide!

Do you offer Personal Sessions as well for fast tracking?
How long do I have access to the Membership site?

You will have access to the membership site 24 /7 365 days. So you can re-visit the material anytime for a period of 12 months


I have had  over 15,420 Coaching Conversations  and still counting.

The Coaching Transformation is consistent with all of my clients, who  made the right choice, to work with me & invest in themselves

Are you Ready To Take Action Today?

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