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Build Your Email Subscriber List

Attract your ideal clients who will buy your online courses

Simple Tips on How to Craft  Captivating Content in just 10 minutes & Irresistible Offers that resonate  & connect  with your audience. Get your online courses pre-sold ! 
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Attn Online Course Creators

Before you even start to develop your online programs, you need to attract the right clients, who are likely to enroll into your online courses.

This MasterClass will show you how to easily build 8 weeks of content ideas in just 10 minutes, and irresistible offers so you have an engaged subscriber email list waiting for your next course release.

We will be Covering

  • The reasons why having a subscriber list is x4 times more effective than social media platforms. Smart Online Course Creators build an audience prior to developing their courses to get their courses pre-sold
  • How you can create 8 weeks of captivating content in just 10 minutes, that will resonate with your audience, who will buy your upcoming courses. 
  • Every online course creator, needs to know the strategy behind creating your irresistible free offers, that add value to your audience, which will position yourself as the authority within your industry
  •  LIVE ATTENDANCE BONUS 1:  Get Access to your Workbooks: 28 Irresistible Free Offer Delivery Formats & Your 3 Step 10 minute Content Creation Strategy giving you 8 weeks of publishing content ideas ( keep it simple)
  •  LIVE ATTENDANCE BONUS 2: Stay on the call after the MasterClass and get your questions answered to help you navigate through any online course creating challenges. 

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