Create & Launch Online Courses Made Easy Membership  

Mastermind your Business Ideas & Leverage Proven Marketing Strategies

Feeling connected and a sense of belonging with others on the same entrepreneurial journey

Embrace your own personal transformation as you move into being the confident action taker knowing exactly what to focus on next in your business

Are you feeling STUCK as an Online Course Creator?

Many online course creators experience overwhelm, frustration and stress, having so much free information on the internet, confused with selecting the right business strategy that moves their business forward.
Our Aspiring Course Creators Academy Membership guides you through a simple step-by- step roadmap, that gives you certainty, clarity and more progress, with coaching and  community support. 
Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback, I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

Can you Relate to This?

Does this sound like you?

Imagine If you Could

  • You have purchased courses before, but never complete them, or left feeling left behind and completely overwhelmed trying to work it out yourself. 
  • You have always wanted to turn a side hustle into a business, and eventually replace your current income and eventually ditch the 9 - 5 job
  • You are already in business, and your are feeling disconnected and isolated from others, and want to make more progress in your business 
  • As a business owner, you are trying everything and nothing seems like it is working. You are jumping from one idea to another, feeling hopeless and disillusioned  yet again
  • Waking up everyday not really knowing what to focus on, so you become the artful procrastinator.
  • You finish your courses and implement the information  along the way, in your business with an easy step by step roadmap to follow. You move away from overwhelm, frustration to be the confident action taker who has direction.
  • You have set time aside to work on your online business, feeling energized doing what is fulfilling knowing what to focus on next.
  • Being connected and supported in a community, that gently challenges you to keep moving forward in your business
  • By actively participating in the open discussions you will bounce ideas of others, and gain new perspectives so you can get UNSTUCK.  
  • To have a sense of belonging when you hang out with others who are on the same entrepreneurship journey

Your Aspiring Course Creators Membership Bundle

Be in a Community that Cares

It is so much easier to achieve success when you are in a positive environment, that expects more from you, and believes in what you are doing. You simply have to show up| Take action | Uplift Others, and find your go-to people.  Have a feeling of belonging as you connect with others on the same journey as yourself.

Gain new Perspectives

Tap into the decades of experience from Lee and other community members. Move quickly through your challenges, as you put forward your questions and get them answered.

Never feel isolated and stuck again, spinning your wheels in your business. Sometimes we are too close to the problem and need others to guide us. 

Test out New Ideas 

Work through any Business Challenges and Celebrate your Wins by Referencing the hundreds of years of experience from a community to gain faster results without reinventing the wheel

Bring along to the mastermind session something that you are currently working on. Create more progress with direction, focus, and action.

Continuous Learning

Take part in our book club, and join the open discussions by top authors in the business world.

Each month we select a book, and then jump on our community connection call with snacks and wine. 

Deepen your connection with others, as we explore our insights from the book of the month, and continue our own and business growth.  

We are Australian Based

This  is a new Membership and you will become a founding member

In just one session in the Live  Masterminding Coaching Cohorts

Before the Session David was Vague and lacked Clarity - After just one session he gained more clarity and direction

Listen to what he has to say

We are Australian Based

This  is a new Membership and you will become a founding member

In just one session in the Live  Masterminding Coaching Cohorts

Before the Session Erin was confused as to which audience to serve

Listen to what she has to say

Here's what You look forward to every month 

Monthly Peer to Peer Mastermind Live Zoom Breakout Sessions

These sessions are about you making progress

These Breakout Brainstorm sessions are your chance to connect with other course creators, ask questions, and get feedback from your talented peers on your toughest challenges, in real-time.
Your fellow community members bring expertise from their own experiences and will give you a different perceptive. And when it comes to getting clarity and bouncing ideas off of others who "get it" and "understand it," you'll never feel lost or left behind.
These are the types of things that make us better together. So, come meet your fellow members, share ideas and insights, keep the momentum moving and make even more progress together!

Monthly short training video & activity sheet

Keep on top of the latest proven online marketing strategies that work!

Each month, you will receive a short 15-minute training video & activity sheet in your membership training area to step you through the training, keeping it simple. The topics will include email marketing, list building, online course launches, productivity, entrepreneur mindset, and personal development.

Monthly Q & A Recordings

Get mentored and guided personally by Lee and tap into her 21 years of experience as a transformational coach and business strategist. Submit your questions and get them answered as Lee goes deeper into your business topic. Sometimes taking a step back for self-reflection help you to move forward with more progress.
Lee will pinpoint those important shifts that will help you in gaining your next step. Whether it is business, or personal submit your questions.
These sessions are recorded and uploaded to your private membership site, giving you the convenience  to review at a time that works in with your busy schedule.

AMA Monthly Discussion Session ( ask me anything )

Bring to the session your business challenges where you need guidance to move forward 

Come along to the live AMA session lead by Lee, who will give you guidance so you can quickly smash through any current challenges within your business, or look at a different approach that will grow your business. Listen to the questions, that perhaps you didn't even know to ask, to gain the latest proven strategies that are currently working online.

Membership 24/7 Access & Review Recordings

Wanting to review a Master Mind Session? 

All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your private membership area to watch the replays. You will also receive a monthly short video training and workbook on how to create and launch your online courses.  And many more surprises to come!

Follow your success path, and know exactly your next step towards success so you can gain more clarity, direction, and focus

Receive regular hints, tips, and short videos that will inspire and uplift you to keep moving forward on your success pathway towards success and change

Here's what I know to be true ...

There's nothing more powerful than being immersed in a supportive environment of other COURSE CREATORS, who are on the same pathway because...


  • Simply by being in a supportive environment you will gain more BUSINESS SUCCESS and PROGRESS than going alone
  • You will gain feedback and new ideas from others, that will help you gain a new perceptive if you are feeling STUCK.
  • If you are serious about creating and launching, and gaining more SUCCESS, than this is the perfect place to be
  • This is about investing into yourself and celebrating your personal and business achievements as you step out of your comfort zone, into unlimited possibilities. You are worthwhile, and INVESTING into yourself will  lead to CHANGE

Become a Founding Member

Take advantage of the  founding membership is you will get the membership at the lowest price that it will ever be offered.  AND… you’ll be locked into that founding member price for as long as you remain a member. So even when we roll this out to the general public at a higher price, your price will always be the founding member price. And you can put forward your best ideas that will shape the direction of this membership. We also have some surprises lined up for our founding members as well.

Natalie Forder 

Business Owner - Kwiwi Designs

I needed clarity and guideance with my new business 

"I have been working with Lee as my business coach now for a few months. Being a startup business, I started with nothing and was looking for direction, clarity and confidence. I now am able to work more effectively and to think completely differently how I manage and implement my activities. She is always willing to sit with me and help me through the next phrase of growing my business. I also have access to her E-Learning marketing system provides education and the exploration of new ideas. Of thinking outside the box. I would really recommend Lee to any business owner who is wanting to grow their business quickly.

Brendan buler 

Business Owner - cloud staffing global

I needed more direction & focus in my business 

" I have been part of Lee's Inner Circle Mastermind Group and it has been an incredible experience. The productivity maximizer sessions combined with the Think Tank Clinic Mastermind sessions are adding tens of thousands of dollars to my productivity increase. I highly recommend Lee's programs and is a must for any entrepreneur who is serious about growing and scaling their business

What Makes Us Different?

We keep it Simple!

We are an Australian based business, which means our live monthly sessions, may be in the perfect time zone for you to attend. Especially if you are located in Australia, New Zealand or Asia. After all who can think at 3.00 am in the morning to get the most out of their sessions..

Lee experienced this herself for a year and it left her  feeling exhausted and de-motivated.

Lee Brings to the table 21 years experience as a counselor, NLP Master Coach & Trainer, Online Business Strategist  who has the ability to break down thoughts until it exposes how they drive your behavior, along with the latest online strategic strategies that work!

Lee has the scope and experience,  to support you at many different levels smashing through any doubts, and taking massive action with accountability. 

Become a Founding Member

Take advantage of the  founding membership is you will get the membership at the lowest price that it will ever be offered.  AND… you’ll be locked into that founding member price for as long as you remain a member. So even when we roll this out to the general public at a higher price, your price will always be the founding member price. And you can put forward your best ideas that will shape the direction of this membership. We also have some surprises lined up for our founding members as well.

Our Pricing Options

Founding Membership Price
 (limited to 10)



Month by Month no Locked in Contracts

First 10 members only 

Month by Month Membership 



No locked in Contracts - Cancelation Policy 1 months Notice


Yearly Membership 




Savings of 2 months - $94.00

About Lee

I started my Coaching and Training Business in 2001. Gosh as I am writing this  I am realizing that I have been in business for over 21 years. And I have had some amazing experiences working with CEO'S and Senior Team Leaders of large companies, Solo Business Owners, and Individuals from all different walks of life. They all had one thing in common, they wanted more and were ready for CHANGE. 

I have the unique ability to quickly help you to break down your thoughts until it exposes how they drive your behavior.  Some other strengths that I have are:  I am a good problem solver, resilient, great listener, action taker, disciplined and care for all of my clients, with a willingness to go the extra mile. You will always feel heard, supported, and inspired to take action

Having the Qualifications Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, Facilitating Women's personal development retreats and Community Builder.


When will the live sessions be run

We are kicking off this membership in February 2022

The sessions will be scheduled for 6.00pm AEST on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

I have also added 9.00 am AEST sessions on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, for our international members in America & Canada

Once you join you will make your selection as to which time slot suits you.

More sessions may be added to suit time zones as the membership grows. 

Will the live sessons be recorded

Yes the live sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the your private membership area for you to access. 

Great to review the session or to watch it if you were unable to attend a session.

How does the founding membership work

The advantage of being in the founding membership is that your membership price will never increase, and it will never be offered that low again. 

There is a limit of 10 membership only, so ensure you jump in quickly to secure yours. 

Will the Membership always be open to join

At the moment it will remain open and as it grows it will be shut down and then only be available at  specific times of the year.

If the membership is not right for you just now, make sure you reach out to us, so we can keep you informed and give you some resources.

Will you be a training and  content library

You will receive once a month a short 15 minute training session and a workbook to help you create and launch your courses

We do offer intensive training courses for those who are looking for training and coaching, which will speed up your progress

This focus on the membership is transformation not just information. Connecting with other community members,&  gaining new perspectives through the live masterminding sessions. And of course getting your questions answered by showing up to the live sessions, or submitting them through the membership portal

Can I cancel at anytime

If you have chosen the month by month option YES you can. However you will need to give us 1 months notice

If you have joined up for the yearly option, you will have access for the year, and then your membership will be cancelled.

Yearly memberships have no refunds for early cancellation

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