Talking Points


Don't let your External Factors Talk Control 

There will always be a certain amount of uncertainty in the world.  Make a decision today that you will control your life and not wait until everything is perfect. This will never happen and you will lose time that you can never gain back. 


Not everyone will support your Dreams

Beware of dream stealers. Some families may not even support your decisions. Know your values and make a decision that your decisions will follow your values and move forward on your own path


Surround yourself with a Supportive Community

It is hard to try to do everything  by yourself. And it can certainly be lonely when you are stepping into your growth zone of genus. Put yourself in a supportive community that will have you back, and never leave you behind. A safe place that you can speak from the heart and have real conversations that will keep you focused on what is important for you 

Join the next FREE Live Masterclass Including Q + A Segment

Discover how to guide the conversation when you are confronted by the strong person in the office. This live Masterclass will go deeper into this topic and give you some templates and scripts to help you to speak with confidence, conviction and Clarity during these difficult conversations.

Ask you questions and gain insights from others on the call. 

About the Author

I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out.

My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback,

I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

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