Video Series - Handling Difficult Behavioral Styles Bonus

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Difficult Conversations

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About "Video Series - Handling Difficult Behavioral Styles Bonus"

Leading Gracefully as an Authentic Woman in Leadership focuses on Igniting your Purpose, Passion, and Impact whilst c onfidently voicing your ideas and perspectives. Be seen and recognized as an authentic impactful leader.

How to Deliver  Critical Conversations with ease, whilst mentoring and inspiring teams

We cover these topics in this program.

Week 1: Start with the WHY in mind

Week 2: Achieving Success with One Conversation at a Time

Week 3: Week 3:  Control your Emotions & Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Week 4: Discover the 4 Different Leadership Styles & When to Adapt.

Week 5: Bring it all together – Your Plan, Role Plays and take action

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Video Series - Handling Difficult Behavioral Styles Bonus

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This Personality Style is known as the tank. 

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The sniper hides and operates covertly.   When you are in front of others, they will throw out disarming remarks, sarcastic humor, and rolling of the eyes, ​Their aim is to make you look foolish and incompetent in front of others.They are controlling and attention seekers.Goal -  Is to expose the Sniper - Bring them out of Hiding

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When Grenade's Pin is Pulled – Do you Hide and Duck for Cover?Or do you come home at night, wanting to relax, And yes you are greeted by the Grenade's explosion?Does this sound familiar?The Grenade is simply after appreciation. When they do not gain attention, then they will demand attention, and when they don't get it, they blow up whilst completely losing emotional control.

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What are the signs of a Know It All?Rigid Mindset, Don’t Yield, Like to be right, hate correction, Perfectionist, Controlling, Knowledgeable, Outspoken, Like things done in their way, Challenged by new ideas and concepts, Being wrong is humiliation, Dominate and can use manipulation -  they like to noticed for their brillianceWhen Dealing with a Know It AllRemain patientBe Flexible and very clever in the way that you present your ideas. Remember that your leadership and personal growth comes from adversity.

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The Think I know it all personality type knows enough to fool people who are not familiar with the subject, however, they can’t fool those who know that they are simply wanting to gain appreciation.Having compassion and patience are two important traits, required when handling the think, I know it all personality type.When they are not getting the attention; that they desire, then they will keep on trying until they receive it. Often pushing themselves into your conversation, without being invited, putting across their point of view assertively with complete confidence.

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About the Teacher

Lee Stemm

Lee coaches Women within Leadership to embrace their own personal power. To step forward and to be heard. She has worked with her clients for over 15,500+ coaching conversations, leading to their own transformation. If you are seeking for a transformational coach, that will inspire, encourage, and gently challenge you then you are in the perfect place. Lee has many different skills to help you move forward and overcome any limiting beliefs. She achieves this by selecting the right tool that will advance you on your own path towards your goals.She works with you at all levels, using her qualifications as a Counselor, Master Coach, NLP Master Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Business Strategist.If you are looking for career advancement, opportunities within other companies, or transitioning into your own business then have a chat with Lee, and fast track your results. 

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