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No Time to Wait? Get Started With Our Online 5 Day Mini-Course Conversational Mastery Lab

Confidently have that difficult conversation as an empowered woman who follows the principles of leadership. Create a career that is enriched and gives you a sense of achievement every day.

Have you ever been in a situation where you try to put forward your ideas,

 And you are either spoken over or your ideas immediately dismissed?

Or perhaps you have other colleagues or team members who are unwilling to listen to your direction or instructions.

And it gets worse when you may be faced with those sexist comments thrown your way, just because you are a woman.

If these conversations are not spoken you will ...

Lose confidence and doubt your capabilities

You no longer trust your decision-making processes anymore, and you sit back, fading into the background, while you observe others who seem to have more confidence.

you miss out again, on that special project or promotion

You know that you are highly skilled, yet you hold yourself back from putting yourself forward. As you secretly watch others celebrating their achievements, you have that fake smile congratulating them. You wish it could be you!

you are not respected within your role

A disempowered leader will never gain respect from others within the company. And you start to lose your respect as well. Now you think that you would rather be somewhere else and start to dread going into the office. What happened to the excitement that you used to have.

It Breaks my heart when I see Women who are dismissed so easily, and I have certainly experienced this myself

But would you prefer ...

Imagine standing by your principles and speaking up with authenticity, poise and confidence

  • Confidently prepare and guide any difficult conversation with poise and authenticity
  • Know precisely how to adapt and identify that complex behavioral style that previously you dreaded speaking to.
  •  Feeling confident with a sense of conviction and certainty as you know and recognize your self-worth.




I proudly present to you : 

The 5 Day Mini-Couse - Conversational Mastery - Having one conversation at a time

Day 01.

Pick & Identify the problematic person you want to have that critical conversation with.
Understand the different behavior styles and how to approach this conversation

Day 02.

Strengthen your mindset and explore your beliefs around having this conversation

Complete the activity sheets and recognize any self-limiting beliefs that stop you previously from taking action

Day 03.

Day 3: Conduct a personal integrity scan - Explore the importance of aligning your actions with your internal drivers. Enabling you to embrace your power

Day 04.

 Using your scripts and conversational framework, start to prepare your conversation. Work through the template and take control over the discussion within the first 1 minute.

Day 05.

 Commit to having the conversation. Emotionally associate the importance of having the conversation.  Complete the powerful coaching questions and watch the inspirational videos to tap into your internal motivational drivers. Make the commitment and set the date.


Group Coaching Mastermind Session

Come along to the group coaching mastermind session conducted live with Lee at the end of the month. Bring along your questions around having difficult conversations and explore different perspectives enabling you to move forward. 

Value $150.00

Usually, this 5 Day Minim-Course - Conversational Mastery is a $95 Investment.

Special Price while you are on this page only: $47.00

Once you leave this page, this offer is removed.

Grab you Spot 

About Lee Stemm

Qualified as a Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, and Community Builder.

 Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? To confidently speak up and be heard, recognized, respected, and admired as the Graceful Authentic Leader. 

My Clients worked with me personally and everything changed! Would you like that as well? 

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