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Connecting | Inspiration  | Business Growth

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Networking & Connecting

Make those important connections with other online business owners, who are on the same path of entrepreneurship.  Form friendships & Create Business Opportunities


Having a tough day. Well this is the place to be to be inspired and encouraged by your peers, and to be reminded of the possibilities & your business focus.

It is too darn hard to go alone. Find your go-to people.  

Business Growth

Get involved in our live discussion and masterminding sessions. Bring your questions to the table, discuss your challenges, and tap into the collective experience and knowledge from others, as you bounce ideas around & gain new perspectives

Transformation & Belonging

Walk away from you sessions feeling inspirited and ready to take action. We will gently challenge you and hold you accountable, or just listen to what you have to say. Let us know what you need, and you will be heard.

Hi I'm Lee

Let me tell you a little about this Membership

Firstly thank you for taking time to read this page. I have a strong mission to help online business owners to become more business savvy, and  gain clarity into their next step to move their business forward. I stand against the BS marketing that promises you quick fixes. And the false expectations that leave new entrepreneurs, feeling disillusioned and lacking confidence.

 It does take resilience to be successful in business, and it can also be very lonely if you are doing it alone. Being  in a supportive positive environment that cares about you, will make a huge difference in your progress within your business, and also your mental health.

Yes it can be disheartening at times, but I know that I would never change anything.  You will not become just a number in the masses leaving you behind. We care and you will always feel supported as you celebrate with us,  those accomplishments  that you take through inspired action    

The purpose of the group is to firstly get you connected with others, and through building strong relationships, new business opportunities will flourish. Not only will you belong to a powerful community, you will also be invited to actively participate in our regular fortnightly discussion and masterminding online round table groups.

During those interactive sessions, you will gain new ideas, as you listen into the conversations, and put forward your questions. Walking  away with some action steps, to implement into your business immediately.

You will have access to your membership portal, where  you can watch the replays of the live sessions to gain further insights at a time that works for you. You will also be invited to upcoming events and programs with your VIP membership rewards card  for those discounts and extra bonuses.

Each month we will set a small challenge for you to complete that will increase your productivity, list building, scaling & growing your business and to deepen your connections within this community 

Can you relate to this ...

You have been thinking about starting up an online business but .... 

  • You have no idea where to start ( hat you should do first, so you do nothing) 
  • You are so OVERWHELMED and you just want someone else to do the marketing for you, as you don't feel capable of doing it yourself. 
  • You are trying out new ideas, and jumping around, after all you want to know everything before you start. And you doubt yourself, as you compare yourself with others. 

You are feeling Disillusioned & Exhausted, as you have been trying  to go at it alone ..

1. You have joined 100's of groups, asking questions, and getting so many different opinions, that you are feeling so confused. So you do nothing.

2. You follow the top industry experts, download their free stuff, and try to reverse engineer the process. Not having a step by step plan to follow or having access to the hidden formulas, that drive success.

3. Get really BUSY doing the wrong things, like building websites, looking for JV partners, learning things like 'clubhouse' or looking for that 'instant magic pill'', that doesn't exist. There are no-short cuts. Work is required to have success.

4. You often doubt yourself and don't always follow through on your projects. In fact, you may be caught up in the 'shiny object syndrome'. Where you are jumping from one idea to the next, desperately trying to get your business moving forward. 

Just Imagine

Knowing exactly what to focus on everyday in your business, and catching up with community members that leave you feeling excited, motivated and inspired from every meeting. You bring your questions and ideas to the table, and listen to all of the different perspectives of others who are further along the path than yourself. As you leave the zoom call, you reflect on the notes that you have taken doing the masterminding session, and you feel motivated in taking inspired action immediately. You connect again in the following session and you share your results feeling a sense of accomplishment and  confidence as you see your online business growing. You speak with confidence and clarity at the networking special events as you develop professional relationships with others that turn into business opportunities.

What is included in the Membership?

Peer Masteminding

Once a month you will actively be involved in your peer masterminding round table meeting. Explore new ideas, test them out and gain feedback. Walk away with some actionable steps to keep your business moving forward.

AMA - Live Calls

Once a month you will hook up for our Ask Me Anything (AMA) calls. Bring your questions, listen into the conversations and get your answers. Explore some proven strategic strategies to take your business to the next level. 

Community engagement

Be active in our community that are for members only. Find your go-to people, network and build those relationships that have your back, on those tough days. It is so much easier when you have people to bounce ideas off and to gain valuable feedback. 

Membership portal

Missed a session or wanting to review a previous session. Then jump in your membership area and watch the replays. Access your business growth resources and ask your questions. Follow your step by step roadmap for business growth and take the monthly challenge that will build your confidence & business growth

VIP Member's Reward Card

Attend our courses and events for business growth and receive 20% off with your VIP Members Reward Card. You will also receive your members bonuses and attend our VIP online Networking Events held every 3 months

VIP Member Resources 

Receive a short 15 minute Training monthly around topics such as confidence, productivity, business growth, entrepreneurial leadership and maintaining a wining mindset

No Locked in Contracts

Your membership will automatically renew, however if at anytime you wise to stop your membership than just let us know and we will immediately stop your payments. No refunds are offered for yearly  membership plans. Remember if you leave and return your monthly fee will be the investment that is currently offered at that time.  

No locked in contracts

Join Monthly or get two Months FREE by taking the yearly membership


Monthly Plan 

Twelve  Installments Per Year

Need something more flexible? We offer monthly  payments to fit your business needs. Upgrade to annual at any time.

$47 USD per Month


Annual Plan 

One Payment per Year

Get a 17% discount (that's two months free) when you make an annual commitment to the community.

$490 Per Year

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live sessions held?

You will have two live sessions per month which are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday. These sessions will be conducted at 6.00 pm AEST via zoom 

What happens if I can't make a session?

All live sessions are edited and recorded. Sensitive information will be removed from the replays, and then uploaded into your membership area to watch the replays and review the points that were discussed. 

What happens if I decide it is not right for me?

If you have chosen monthly payments, your next and further payments will be stopped immediately. You will have access to the membership until the end of the month, than be removed from the membership area and the community. If you have chosen yearly plan than after the year has completed your membership will discontinue. No refunds are offered.

How does the Masterminding Sessions Work?

You will be put into small peer masterminding groups and together you will bring to the table your challenges, and gain support as they direct you towards some new ideas and solutions. At the end of the mastermind session you will complete some actionable steps, that will keep your business moving forward. Listen into the conversations, and gain your insights on how to move through any existing challenges and celebrate your achievements

What are the AMA Calls

These calls are lead by Lee Stemm in a live zoom session. Members can submit their questions prior to the session to get their answers. Or bring the questions and attend live, to gain specific guidance and direction.  These sessions are recorded, and uploaded into your membership portal.

How does the VIP Membership Card Work?

I run intense 6 week courses for scaling and business growth. You will receive a 20% discount off all of my courses and services by being a member of our academy. I also offer private sessions and your card can be used for them as well. 

What platform do you use for the community support?

At the moment we are using Facebook, however once the membership grows, I will be using a platform that is not located on social media. This will enhance your experience  within the community. The purpose of the community is to  connect, inspire, show up and uplift others who may need some encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward.

We are Australian Based

This  is a new Membership and you will become a founding member

In just one session in the Live  Masterminding Coaching Cohorts

Before the Session Erin was confused as to which audience to serve

Listen to what she has to say

Enter your text here...

This  is a new Membership and you will become a founding member

Listen to this interview  from my Lead with Confidence Membership 

 Dianne speaks about her Transformation from my membership

She Struggled in an environment that as difficult and

now has transitioned into a new career that she loves

Enter your text here...

Before the Session David was Vague and lacked Clarity -

 After just one session he gained more clarity and direction

Listen to what he has to say



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