Get it Done Today! Reduce Stress, Overwhelm & Procrastination 

Productivity Inner Circle Coaching Cohorts

My  approach turns traditional time management training on its head. Less learning and more doing!

Time is not your most precious resource: what you focus on is. 

I help you manage your priorities and focus, projects and actions, as well as choices and habits.

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Increased productivity  with Accountability

Overwhelmed? Feeling under pressure with constant distractions, information overload, doubting yourself and a rapidly changing business environment? Struggling to juggle productivity and wellbeing? Need help managing expectations? Challenging time ahead? I’m here to help.

Do you want to meet all of your deadlines, and walk away at the end of the day feeling a sense of accomplishment as you fast-track your progress? To be the confident action taker who has direction, clarity and inspiration. 

Imagine being able to fast-track your progress everyday!

  • Set goals that are aligned with your values and give your life or business more meaning, so you wake up every morning feeling inspired to take action
  • Have a success path roadmap to follow, giving you more direction and certainty as you fast-track your progress 
  • Have your finger on the pulse, as you track and monitor your milestones with your online tracking system 
  •  Be connected in a coaching co-hort who encourage and challenge you to keep going, even on those days that you doubt yourself.
  •  Walk away from every session with actionable plans, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Get it Done! These are working sessions not gathering more information. Bring your projects to the table, ask your questions and get it done! 

I help you manage your priorities and focus, projects and actions, as well as choices and habits.

Create Good Habits

Discover new productivity booster ideas and create daily habits that leave you feeling energized everyday, as you know exactly what to focus on.

The right habits help you reach your goals and a more meaningful life.

Feel Connected & A Sense of Belonging

Having a support group holding your feet to the fire is the key to fast-track your progress. Tapping into the perspectives of others and building strong relationships that open doors for new opportunities.

Fast-Track Progress - GET IT DONE!

Attend the weekly Productivity Power up Sessions and walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment with actionable action steps  These are working sessions and you bring your projects to the table. More doing!

Overcome Any Barriers

Need some encouragement or inspirational ideas to overcome any challenges. Your coaching co-hort members are there for you. They understand you and will never leave you behind.

We all have doubts, the key is to effectively manage them!

Get your Questions Answered

You will have time allocated to each session to ask your questions and tap into the experience and wisdom of others within the coaching cohorts. 

Note: You can also submit your questions prior to the weekly sessions, or post them into the closed private community. 

Monthly Live Community Connection Call 

Bring your glass of wine along to the social monthly community connection calls. These calls will deepen your connection with others so you can find your go-to people. Great opportunity to network and form alliances with other business owners. 

Note: Givers always gain. Give support and inspiration to others as a leader within your field. 

Introducing the Productivity Inner Circle Coaching Cohorts 

Looking to ditch procrastination, overwhelm or simply putting things off and to achieve more as a confident action-taker? Then these coaching cohorts are perfect for you to GET IT DONE!

Come along to the working sessions with your projects, complete the tracking online templates, roll up your sleeves and make progress as you gain new productivity booster ideas, and connect with others who are serious about taking action.

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Hi, I'm Lee Stemm

I started my Coaching and Training Business in 2001. Gosh as I am writing this  I am realizing that I have been in business for over 21 years. And I have had some amazing experiences working with CEO'S and Senior Team Leaders of large companies, Solo Business Owners, and Individuals from all different walks of life. They all had one thing in common, they wanted more and were ready for CHANGE. 

I have the unique ability to quickly help you to break down your thoughts until it exposes how they drive your behavior.  Some other strengths that I have are:  I am a good problem solver, resilient, great listener, action taker, disciplined and care for all of my clients, with a willingness to go the extra mile. You will always feel heard, supported, and inspired to take action/

Having the Qualifications Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, Facilitating Women's personal development retreats and Community Builder.

What I learned from Lee

I joined the circle because productivity, focused action, is something I knew I could get better with. I value my time and wanted to find tools and methods which might help me to maximize my use of it.

I received many benefits from being in the Inner Circle. Lee's productivity sessions kept me accountable to really focusing on tasks which would move my brand, my business forward, and furthermore, stating what I was going to be working on followed by checking in gave me permission to tackle a single task with laser focus for a set period of time, which in fact improved my productivity. Lee also gave me information about tools which helped me consolidate my tips, tasks, and lessons learned in readable, easily accessible formats so that I got more organized and on track. And perhaps my greatest takeaway, as a task oriented person, was to give myself permission to strategically plan my work, my vision, and my message and have it easily accessible for both reference and modification as needs and situations changed.

Honestly, if you are a person with great ideas and a great work ethic who struggles with feeling scattered and disorganized, Lee can truly help you. She has years of experience, she's done the legwork finding tools that work at many different price points, and makes herself available to help you chart your business course in a way that gives you time back and let's you do your work around your life, and not the other way around.

What I needed

I joined the Maximizer Productivity Inner Circle to have someone 'look over my shoulder' so I would do what I set out to do

The benefits were the discipline and also the inspiration I gained from the information shared.

I would say join as Lee shares real information that can be implemented there and then. Just within one week I was inspired to start a couple of useful projects that daunted me previously. Thank you Lee

Anne Hilarius-Ford Owner

Really Got Me Focused

Productivity Maximiser Inner Circle

I wanted to improve my productivity, and learn to stay focused on certain tasks

I gained valuable insights form Lee in how to stay on task, and how to break down my goals into manageable steps

Join - Lee has a wealth of knowledge and experience and even by just talking to her briefly, I guarantee you will learn something new!

Director - Cloud Staffing Global

I have been part of Lee;s Inner Circle Mastermind Group and it has been an incredible experience. The productivity maximizer sessions combined with the Think Tank Clinic Mastermind sessions are adding tens of thousands of dollars to my producity increase. I highly recommend Lee's programs and is a must for any entreprenuer who is serious about growing and scaling their business

Brenton Butler Director and Author

Founding Member Pricing

Take advantage of the founding member monthly membership investment of only $66. This is the lowest price that this membership will ever be offered, and you will never have a price increase, as long as you stay a member. You will also get more attention and personal coaching from Lee as this is a new membership. Thee is a scheduled price increase once the coaching cohorts have been formed in the following months.

What makes us different

You will never be put into large groups where you have to fight for attention. All of the coaching cohorts are limited to 15 members, so you don't get lost in the crowd. The sessions are working sessions so you implement immediately and walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment. You will also have access to international master coach Lee Stemm with 21 years of coaching experience  to uplift and support you to achieve more and to build your confidence as an action taker. 

Choose your Pricing Plan

14 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you find these sessions are not the right fit for you, then simply let us know and you will receive 100% REFUND of your investment, without any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About the productivity Inner Circle Coaching cohorts

This is just for Entrepreneurs?

No, you can bring any project to the sessions that you are wanting to work on. I encourage  everyone to always look at personal goals along with business or career goals as well. The Productivity booster principles are transferrable to all areas of your life. 

Are there locked-in contacts?

No, locked in contracts. You simply need to give us 1 month's notice and  you will be removed from the community and the membership area. However your price may be higher if you decide to re-join at a later time. 

When will the sessions be conducted?

This sessions will be held weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7.00 pm AEST - Brisbane Australia time zone. They will go for 1 1/2 hours where you will work on your project for 1 hour and the reminder of the time will be open for Q + A and open discussions. 

How do the sessions work?

You will go through a goal and value alignment exercise to help you to gain clarity around your goal. Then you will map out your online milestone plan and track your progress each week. During the session you will select a actionable step from your plan and work on it, to get it done. Then during the discussion time you can work on your actionable step so we can hold you accountable. 

What happens if I can't make it to a session?

We always encourage you to commit to your weekly implementation sessions, however if you can't make one, than just come along to the next session. Remember this is about doing not about learning. 

Are there any training involved?

You will get a 15 minute training video per month around these topics: productivity, mindset, entrepreneurship and leadership. These will be uploaded to your membership private area for access. I do hold courses that you can attend, however they are not included in this package. 

Tell me a bit more about the monthly connection call?

This is a relaxed session where you bring your favorite drink and snacks and simply connect with others. It is always good to connect with others and chat about our wins, celebrations and struggles. I think this is my favorite session as you deepen your relationships with others, walking away with a sense of belonging and gathering your go-to people together. 

It is time to decide now! Do you want to work with a coach and fast-track your goals that give you more meaning personally and professionally? 

You're in good company

Lee has over 15,000 hours of coaching over 21 years working with corporate leaders, entreprenuers and personal clients who were looking to smash through any barriers, and achieve the goals that give them the lifestyle that they love. You are in good hands as you forge ahead with more confidence, clarity and certainity.

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