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January Edition 2020

It only takes two seconds of courage

Online Entrepreneurs Having Real Conversations

Just One Moment of Courage

Have you ever walked away from a conversation, feeling that could have gone better? Perhaps you have just received a promotion within the workplace, and part of your new role is to overcome negative resistance? 

February Edition  2020


Through Vulnerability Lies Strength

Have you ever heard of the saying that The Truth Lies Within Their Eyes?​

Being raised in a family that simply didn’t invest any time in emotional intelligence, we never had real conversations. We sat around the dinning table, the conversations would go like “Well how was your Day?”, or perhaps “Is your car running okay?”, or even “How is work going?”. 

These were the normal discussions that we had, responding Great, or Couldn’t be better. This wasn’t my parents’ fault, as they were brought up like this, and they had a belief that vulnerability was a sign of weakness, never expose yourself to others, you will only be taken advantage of. I carried those beliefs whilst I was grown up, which made me extremely independent.

March Edition  2020

Trust worthy Relationships


How to Deepen Trustworthy Relationships

Have you ever heard of the saying that people must know, like and trust you first, before they will buy into your idea? This goes for business, corporate and personal relationships. Trust is the corner stone of very conversation and relationship. What does Trust really mean, and how do we develop and deepen Trust?

Often, we hear these words being thrown around, without looking at the HOW. I was reading an inspirational book based on trust, which inspired me to look and research this topic further. Having Trust as a successful entrepreneur is crucial, as our reputation is based upon our results. Trust is essential in your personal life, which enables you to build the family culture that supports your values.

There are 4 elements that are essential when we are looking at becoming more trustworthy. These elements are your integrity, intention, capabilities and results. All 4 elements are required to create a trustworthy reputation.

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