Increased Confidence as a Team Leader 

"Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.”


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Success Story - Renata Lubbe

Renata is the leader of her Facebook community as well as working within the community services industry. She was struggling as a team leader, had her own self-doubts, “do I know enough?’. She was losing confidence when confronted with strong personality types. But she knew that personal development was the key to moving forward and growing. 

Attended the 5 Week Coaching Program

Handling Difficult conversations


  • Recognized and Identified the different behavior styles of her team members.
  • Strengthened her mental game and smashed through some barriers that were stopping Renata from having those difficult conversations
  • Increased Confidence Levels and within 4 weeks Renata had a difficult conversation that she had been avoiding with a team member.

Renate took action and invested in herself.

She had that important Conversation that previously she avoided

empowered women's inner circle

Step  1

Renata Enrolled into the 5 Week Coaching and took action.

Once Renata joined the 5 week program she felt an instant boost of confidence in herself. She dedicated time in her calendar each week to ensure all activities were completed before each coaching call

Step  2

Gained tools and insights to enhance her leadership skills

As Renata progressed through the 5 Week Coaching Program she had learnt skills that she was ready to use with confidence and implement into her everyday activities.

 Her fears didn’t feel so scary anymore and she was able to stand up in conversations that once would’ve crippled  her.  

As a team leader Renata knew that she wanted to lead her teams more effectively and also to be able to understand &  address strong personality types   within the team .

Step  3

Gained Feedback through taking action

 Part of the program was for Renata to have the conversation and to send through a debrief video around that difficult conversation.

This allowed me to encourage Renata and also to provide some feedback to help her to embed the tools and be seen as an Empowered Woman in Leadership.

The more conversations Renata has the easier it will become. This program was about taking action not simply gathering information.

Renata was successful by just having the conversation. As she continues to develop this skill, she will position herself in the company as a Leader who speaks with Confidence, Conviction and Poise.

Ï was having doubts around my ability as a team leader. There was a bit of hesitation going onto the coaching program thinking that I haven't enough time or can I afford to invest into myself.

I was so glad when I jumped into the program. I gained some great tools, insights and had a conversation that I had been putting off with a team member.

Lee was so supportive, and her program is about taking action, not just providing information.  I would highly recommend this program to others who are wanting to be a unique leader who can speak with confidence, conviction and clarity

- Renata Lubbe- Team Leader - community services new zealand

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Renata Lubbe Interview video

Listen to interview with Renata Lubbe experience from the 5 week Coaching Program

The Art of Handling Difficult Conversations

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