Sometimes you just have to say “NO”

As you glance up at the clock, you start to get excited, thinking about attending your Child’s event. You have prioritized everything today, along with arranging an early finish. It is not unusual for you to work back, but not today. Everything is going to clockwork as you start to turn off your computer.

Before you left home today, you heard the joyful squeal of your child, as she exciting yelled, “Mum it is tonight, you will be seeing me in the play!” You respond to her, calm down now and eat up your breakfast, and yes, I will be there. I would not miss it for anything.

Just as you are about to hit the shutdown button, Mary looking flushed comes over to your desk, holding a document in her hand. You take a deep breath as you stop and glance up, knowing that Mary has not organized herself for the day. She softly and timidly says to you “I need help, this is so important, and it has to be out today, and I simply don’t know what to do?” She pushes the document in front of you and waits with that look of desperation across her face.

You see Mary’s expression whilst you sit back and engage in the conversation of coming to the solution. You glance up at the clock and know that you will be running late for your Child’s event, and you start to become anxious.

Finally, you get out of the office and frantically arrive at the event, just in time to see your child going on the stage. You would have liked to have given her encouragement before she started, but heck you made it just in time.

What would have happened if you …

Were able to say NO using the YES Method instead. Here is the formula and it works all the time.

Y yield – show empathy whilst displaying that you care for the other person

E explain - How now you are unable to help them out.

S suggest - How they can gain support from another team member (example) or find the solution themselves

You will be surprised at the results you will achieve by using this method. Stop overloading yourself, and empower others to come up with the solutions.

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