Hire the right Virtual Assistant Even if you have little or no money 

Move away from being OVERWHELMED and STUCK in your business

Outsource and focus on your zone of genius to gain more momentum and grow your business  

Wednesday 25th  August 9.00 AM AEST 

Attend Live - Grab your Roles, Competencies and Job Description Template Bundle

  • Prepare yourself mentally and  get your business ready for your team member. 
  • Discover 5 strategies that you can use to  have a virtual assistant even if you have no or little money to invest
  • Use the onboarding checklist ensure that your virtual assistant stays highly engaged and productive.
  • Have the confidence that you have selected the right team member by using the test and evaluate framework immediately
  •  Bonus: Attend Live and receive your roles, competencies and job description template bundle.  

Wednesday 25th August 9.00 AM AEST

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