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How would you like to have the Confidence that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to? To be able to jump out of bed in the morning motivated and inspired as you are on your own personal path towards Empowerment.

We are all leaders, we lead our communities within business, within our career and in our personal lives with our families.

Leadership is about who you are .....

Leadership is not about being in the position as a Leader, where someone waves a magic wand and calls you a leader. It is about what kind of person you are. How you interact with others, your intention when you communicate, your passion that you demonstrate and your wisdom that you share freely.

One of the most difficult leadership roles is to lead you. To lead from within. To gain your own insights which comes from self-awareness. In the corporate world this is referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Have you heard the saying that First you need to Understand before being understood?   

This morning it was so cold, and I was nice in warm in my bed, I just did not want to get out. You know I wanted to remain snuggled up under my blankets, and the thought of stepping into the cold air was not inviting. I am from Brisbane and being in a state that is the sunny state and only having short winters, sometimes we do not prepare for the cold. I was thinking I will need to go to the shopping center and buy something that was warm to put on, perhaps a coat so to overcome this issue.

I laid there for a few more minutes, then I released – Hang on – I have a great coat seating in my wardrobe that I could wear. Why did I not think of this before? You see I had associated the coat as the coat that I wear when I go into corporate offices, not the real purpose of the coat which is to keep me warm.

Tap into your own resources

We all have resources that can be tapped into. These resources seat deep in our unconscious mind – We simply have to tap into our own brilliance and use our lifelong resources that we have collected. What resources do you have that will drive more opportunities to you?

Take a moment next time when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and ask yourself  

The saying goes, there are no resourceful people, there are resourceful ways of thinking.

I have a Question for you

Scroll down and leave a comment below – What are the best ways to support yourself now, and to tap into those resources.

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About the author 

Lee Stemm

I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out.

My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback,

I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

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