Glad to see that you have decided to stay!

So excited to see that you are still wanting to receive some resources and emails around Launching your Online Courses & Memberships.

Being an entrepreneur I am always re-evaluating who I want to serve and what I want to focus on. It is that freedom which comes with being a business owner. Gosh it has now been 20 years since I first stepped away from the corporate world into my coaching and training business. 

And throughout those years I have had the pleasure to coach and support some heart-centered clients within their  business, workplace and personal life. 

Before I go I would like to share with you my new mission. And to keep you informed as to the direction that I will be leading my communities.

To  coach women course creators to feel energized

as they follow the simple frameworks in my launching programs

& communities that  quickly move your business  forward with clarity, direction, and focus.

Providing  personal support, caring, and guidance so you can

 confidently GET YOUR COURSES PRE-SOLD & LAUNCHED in 90 Days


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