Discover the Sneaky Habits that Sabotage you in the Workplace

 Perform at your Peak Professionally 

Be at your Best Personally. 

I empower women to realize their full potential while overcoming any self-limiting beliefs so they can reach their peak performance in all areas of your life.

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Discover the process to release you from what is holding you back. From the life you secretly want and helping you to achieve success.

  • Find out the signs of  those sneaky self-sabotaging behaviors that you are currently doing  in the workplace  
  • Grab your checklist and guide  to eliminate any self-sabotaging behaviors so you can create new habits to support your goals and aspirations.
  • Work through the coaching questions in the guide to gain your own insights so you can excel within your current role
  • Receive resources  regularly to support you to perform at your peak professionally and also be at your best personally. 

Lee Stemm

Mindset Coach | Trainer | Business Strategist

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All of these amazing women below  had a dream to chase. The dream of having more meaning in their lives, and they decided that it was time to stop self-sabotaging  and playing small. They took a stance for their principles and challenged the status quo.

As a coach, I have gratitude every day to support my amazing clients and be part of their journey towards their aspirations. Some gained recognition within their company, like Letitia, who lost her confidence as a new leader and now is a Partner. Kelly, who now owns a multi-million company, decided that culture would be the cornerstone of their business. Others have gained the courage and confidence to seek opportunities in other companies, and others have transitioned into their own business. 

What are your dreams? And do you have the courage to chase them?

What my Clients Say ..... they decided to stop sabotaging themselves -    Will You?


“I have gained the following results from coaching with Lee
1.Created a vision and purpose for myself
2.More Focused toward the development of my team members
3.Team have become more and more empowered to take on things that only I ever used to do. This has cut down on my having to take work home on the weekend.
4.My bosses have acknowledged that I definitely am a stronger personal and really do stand up for myself
5.I will be commencing my CPA Public Practice certificate study this coming July”

Letitia Van De Berg

/ Partner DKM Accounting


The main benefit that I feel that has come from my coaching are from the comments made from my colleagues and the changes they see in my management style.

 Additionally, I feel that previously to my coaching I was unclear when communicating the type of leader,

 I wanted to be. Lee has assisted me with this and I am crystal clear on the type of leader I want to be which is directly aligned to my values and the company’s values.“

Kylie Mitchell

/Senior HR Talent Manager - Holiday Inn Brisbane


I was having doubts about my ability as a team leader. There was a bit of hesitation going onto the coaching program, thinking that I haven't enough time or can afford to invest in myself.

I was so glad when I jumped into the program. The program provided me with some great tools, insights, and a conversation that I had been putting off with a team member.
Lee's hands-on approach gave me the support that I needed, and her program is about taking action, not just providing information. I would highly recommend this program to others who are wanting to be a unique leader who can speak with confidence, conviction, and clarity

Renata Lubbe

/ Manager Community Services - New Zealand

Don't settle staying for playing small

You deserve  more

Be the authentic empowered woman in leadership

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