Handling Difficult Conversations

Change your Approach & Control your Emotions before and during those conversations


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Control your Communication & Emotions during Difficult Conversations

  • Leverage these powerful secrets to have the influence, recognition and impact you deserve
  • Discover the 3 step proven process that enables you to control your emotions  before and during the conversation & speak with conviction, clarity and poise
  • Special Bonus: Attend the live Webinar and get your cheat-sheet on the proven steps to handle the strong dominating person in the office  and how to learn more  

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Wednesday 14th April  2021

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm AEST  

Hosted by Lee Stemm Master Class Starts  


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Thursday 25th March  6.00 pm -  7.00 pm (AEST)

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Your Webinar  Presenter & Host

 Lee Stemm

 With over 15,000+ Coaching Conversations I am  a highly recognized international coach, trainer and business strategist.

Qualified as a Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist  and Community Builder.

My cause  that is close to my heart is to empower women to confidently voice their ideas and opinions as an unique  confident woman. To challenge the status quo and to elevate your  presence within your  workplace or  business.

Empowering Women 

lee stemm life coaching

I coach Women in Leadership by using a transformational approach, developing their awareness, capacity, and a growth mindset to handle difficult conversations with Confidence, Clarity and Ease.

Some of My Successful Clients

Lee’s style is very welcoming and inclusive and she has a massive amount of tools in her tool belt and was able to adapt and change sessions according to the need of the class. Lee was able to capture some employees who were struggling and provide a safe and secure place for them to communicate as part of the sessions.

Lee's flexible and agile approach to learning. Lee is a wealth of knowledge.

Leanne Lorena HR Senior Manager QLeave

As a coach, Lees program was in-depth and had an easy to follow framework, that drew out root causes of issues that were managed through the program, such that my overall leadership performance excelled.


She applied her expertise in NLP (Neurolinguistics programming), and she was able to help develop, with the ownership and behavioral changes, which created long term improvements in myself and our team's leadership skills. Her involvement in our business and in my own development was and still remains, invaluable.

Raymond Faulkner GM Holiday Inn Brisbane

I was having issues with some team members and I called in Lee to assist us in handling the team conflict. Lee was able to get the members involved to work more effectively together by developing the company values and running team training and coaching.

She also worked directly with myself and my business partner Katie Eckford around our business goals and our leadership direction.

Kelly Broderick Director Cleanworks

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