Addressing the Difficult Behavior of the Person who throws out a remark that derails you during your next conversation

Talking Points

point 1

The Sniper Hides

This Personality style hides aims and fires their remark exactly when you are pointing forward your ideas or an important point that could challenge them.
Their purpose is to make you look incompetent in front of others or to humiliate you so that you lose your train of thought.

point 2

Bring them out of hiding

Ask a probing question to bring the attention to the sniper, which allows you time to gain your own composure and gather your thoughts to respond appropriately. Use probing questions or clarification questions which will shine the spotlight onto them  and take a deep breath.

point 3

As a Leader you need to address this behavior

Make a stance for your principles and lead as an empowered, authentic woman. Gain respect and lead your teams with passion, purpose, and impact

Step up and gain the confidence to confidently address any difficult conversation with grace, composure, and clarity

I was having doubts about my ability as a team leader. There was a bit of hesitation going onto the coaching program, thinking that I haven't enough time or can afford to invest in myself.
I was so glad when I jumped into the program. The program provided me with some great tools, insights, and a conversation that I had been putting off with a team member.
Lee's hands-on approach gave me the support that I needed, and her program is about taking action, not just providing information. I would highly recommend this program to others who are wanting to be a unique leader who can speak with confidence, conviction, and clarity

Renata Lubbe, Team Leader Community  Services New Zealand

The main benefit that I feel that has come from my coaching are from the comments made from my colleagues and the changes they see in my management style. Additionally, I feel that previously to my coaching I was unclear when communicating the type of leader, I wanted to be. Lee has assisted me with this and I am crystal clear on the type of leader I want to be which is directly aligned to my values and the company’s values.“

Kylie Mitchell, HR Talent Manager and Trainer - Holiday Inn Brisbane.

Lee Stemm


Qualified as a Counselor, Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, REACH Consulting Practitioner, Extended Disc Facilitator, Key Note Speaker, Business Strategist, and Community Builder.

 Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? To confidently speak up and be heard, recognized, respected, and admired as the Graceful Authentic Leader.

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