What type of Entrepreneur Characteristics Do you have?

Have you ever thought about what type of Entrepreneur you want to become? What is the question that you wished you could have asked when you first started your business?

Reflecting to when I first started

I remember being completely confused when I first started out as an entrepreneur back in 2001. I had completely no business sense at all, and it took me a long time to understand what type of entrepreneur I wanted to become. I didn't know what type of entrepreneur characters that I needed to be successful within my business.  I knew what type of person I wanted to be, however I never thought about using this approach as I commenced my online entrepreneurship. 

Those type of conversations as a new entrepreneur are not discussed. In fact just because you are a business owner, it doesn’t necessary mean that you are an entrepreneur. So what exactly being an entrepreneur mean..

Do you know what type of Entrepreneur Characters that you display? 

I believe it is much more than just being a business owner. My spin on this topic, is it is how the business owner thinks and acts. I found this quote and it completely seems it up for me.

What does an entrepreneur Mean?

An entrepreneur is someone who has made a conscious decision to choose freedom. This freedom doesn't come easy because being an entrepreneur isn't easy, but it will change your life in every way. Many of us spend years of our lives building someone else's dream and following someone else's rules. As entrepreneurs, we get to choose to work on the things that light us up, that motivate us, and that make a big impact for those around us. As entrepreneurs, we get to spend time with our family when we choose to, go on vacation when we choose to and surround ourselves with the people we choose to.”

  • John Lee Dumas

  • When I read John’s definition of an entrepreneur it lights up the fire inside my soul. It puts meaning to why I have chosen to let go of security and working in a job that I hated. It gives me purpose and inspiration to strive towards being a true entrepreneur. I believe that confusion is normal, and after confusion comes clarity. 

    Being Confused is Normal

    I went through a stage where I was completely confused. I was trying desperately to find my entrepreneur characteristics and identity . I relate this to a teenager growing up. You know they change their mind all the time. This in my opinion is the same as a new entrepreneur. We simply need time to grow into our role, and that is called experience.

     Often, we hear that as an entrepreneur we need to have a purpose around impacting the world. You know that big vision.  I started to ask myself the question, does everyone have this vision? Is this the only way to be a successful entrepreneur There must be more than one type of entrepreneur.  After all we are not all the same, are we? 

    I waned to know what entrepreneur characteristics  are needed to be successful.

    Here are the 4 type of Entrepreneurs and what they represent.  

    4 Types of Entrepreneurs


    The Mission Based Entrepreneur

    This mission-based entrepreneur characters  is based on a mission that is dear to your  heart. It is something that drives you  from pain. For example have you heard the movement called ‘ME TO”? That  movement  was started due to the way that woman were treated with the power of authority.

    This is a pain driven formula. Stop and have have a think, are you a mission driven entrepreneur, and want to fix a wrongdoing? Then this is your base as an entrepreneur.


     The Passion Driven entrepreneur

    The passion driven entrepreneur characteristics  is driven by what you  love doing. It is your passion, so it is a ' move to'' driver.

    For example,  a passion driven entrepreneurs are often artists. They have intense levels of creativity. These entrepreneurs are designers, poets, publishers, dancers and many more. If this is your driver, then we see the passion in your eyes and that  lights up your spirits. As an  entrepreneur you have a big vision  and think more in the abstract world.


    The Opportunity Based entrepreneur

    The opportunity-based entrepreneur characteristics looks for gaps in the markets and fulfills them. You often have new opportunities that you  are exploring and implementing. For example, Richard Branson is an opportunity entrepreneur. He has huge initiative and high levels of innovation.  He has had many different types of businesses such as when he first started as a school news writer. Through to Virgin Airlines and his innovation around space travel. He sees the gaps and fills them. Do you find the gaps and seize the opportunity within your business. Then you are an opportunity based entrepreneur.



    The Undecided entrepreneur

    This is the new entrepreneur,characteristics trying to find out their identity. This is something that we all go through at least once as an entrepreneur. It may not be when you first started out, it could occur when you are pivoting in your business or moving to yet another level. This is something that as an entrepreneur to become aware of. Personally, I found myself in this category after 18 years in business.  I was changing my mind all the time and felt completely confused.

    This will pass and you may need to spend some time reflecting on what you really want. We become the undecided entrepreneur when we start to question ourselves. Our ability or purpose our confidence.

    Often the indecisiveness is occurring when you are moving to the next level within your business. 

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    Worst Place is Indecisiveness

    Now the worst place to be in is indecisiveness. This is where you  are playing safe and hesitate in taking a risk or stepping out of your  comfort zone.

    Once you decide to act and stop sitting on the fence then you gain more clarity.

    Remember that when we you  act, you become closer to success. You  can not lose, Whatever you  do will indicate if you  are on the right track all not.

     If it is the wrong choose, then you  gain clarity, whilst learning  from your  chooses, and adjust. This learning will drive you  to the next step toward success.

    When you  do nothing, you will become completely stuck, and wondering why your business is not growing.

    About the Author

    I coach women, online business owners, to take consistent action to get their online courses launched and sold out.

    My primary focus is on unlocking limiting beliefs that hold them back, list building, and live launching of their courses, primarily via webinars and easy-to-follow blueprints that step them through the complete process.

    I lead the way by being in the trenches, studying with the top online course creators in the world, implementing all the latest proven strategies in my own business, experimenting, measuring, teaching from experience that truly works.

    Through a mix of coaching, hand-holding, and honest feedback,

    I hold my client's aspirations close to my heart, never leaving them behind feeling isolated or disillusioned

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